WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) ever. This open source platform serves millions of website owners and is said to run on than a quarter of all websites. What makes WordPress so special? It is simple to get started and use, has a huge and very loyal user base. Further there is a large community of dedicated developers delivering themes and plugins in any shape and form imaginable.  

10+ Great WordPress Chat Plugins

One of the online business trends these days is to use a website chat solution for effective user support. Webmasters running a WordPress website can use WordPress chat plugins to add a chat system in minutes. Just a few years ago, customers were used to long response...

30+ Retina Ready wordPress Themes

Retina ready WordPress themes have been optimized to support the high quality and crisp graphics on retina screens. Not sure, what this is all about and if you should care then read on? The WordPress community have picked up the challenge from the growing amount of...

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