Good Vintage Tumblr Themes can really be useful for getting stared building a cool vintage style tumblr space! If you want to blog in a fast and easy manner, the best way to do it is through Tumblr. It is a microblogging platform that makes it effortless to share anything you find or create. You can post texts, photos, quotes, links, dialogues, audio, video, slideshows, and more. As a user you can create private posts or entire private blogs. You can invite friends, family, or co-workers to view or contribute. Of course you can follow other users or choose to make your tumblelog private.

Unlike traditional blogging, Tumblr is very simple and easy use and there are many cute tumblr themes available. Whenever a user sees something interesting online, he can share it in no time by clicking “Share on Tumblr” bookmarklet that then tumbles the snippet directly. The result is a different string of media ranging links, pictures, texts and videos that takes very little time and effort to maintain.

As a microblogging platform, Tumblr can handle updates too large for Twitter, but too small to fit into a full-on WordPress blog post. It comes in a fully customizable themes, bookmarklets, mobile apps, and social networking and photos. Everything is can really be customized from colors, to your theme’s HTML.

If you want to design and create your own theme, you can of course do it according to your own specifications but you need to have basic knowledge of CSS. If you want to save yourself from trouble in doing CSS coding, the best alternative for you is to download a theme of your choice in one of the theme providers. In so doing you can save your time and make your choice from a range of designs and features carefully integrated on the themes by professional tumbler theme designers.

In this article we are showcasing 25 Amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes that you can download for your blog. You can also check these Vintage Tumblr Themes as inspiration for your next design. If you like the feel of seeing anything vintage for one reason or another, adopting one these Vintage Tumblr Themes might be good for you. Happy reading!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.
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1. Elegantem

Elegantem beautifully merges design and function. Emphasizing your latest entry, this theme has a customisable layout and even supports popular social media services. Packaged with this theme is a detailed instructions manual, an extra sliced Photoshop file that didn’t make the final cut (it’s a freebie) and also some free icons you can play around with.

2. Antiquity

Antiquity is a grunge based template packed with incredible detail and CSS trickery that will make a huge impact on visitors to your site.

3. Micro Inkdrop

Mico Inkdrop is the first Premium template of it’s kind to feature a special Image slider to showcase your latest image posts. This  is unique in its layout and design elements.

4. Diana Theme

Diana is a vintage style fully customisable theme. It supports all tumblr post types, recent tweets and flickr photos in a unique postcard layout.

5. Polaroid

Polaroid is designed by Pixel Floss to display your work, your views, and your life in a clean and clear format. It has been designed so that it is easily changed and adapted to how you want it, from the colour of the links, the background and the amazing features in the side bar, you control everything.

6. Domericano

Domericano – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is a clean, minimal and beautiful using the Masonry effect as well as optional Endless scrolling. It is suited for all kinds of blogs and portfolios, easy to install, has a ton of options and is heavily jquery enhanced.

7. Monochrome

Monochrome – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- features graphics and textures with a high level of detail. This is perfect for any professional or portfolio Tumblog. With the Monochrome you will definitely stand out from the rest!

8. Fanfarron

Fanfarron – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is an elegant and very customizable template that supports all features (text posts, photoset posts, quote posts, audio posts, video posts, answer posts, link posts, chat posts, day pages, tag pages, random button for posts, pages, twitter widget, search box, jump pagination, likes, etc) and other caracteristics like support for disqus comments, ad banners, Google Analytics or a Flickr widget.

9. Gothic Dream

GothicDream – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is simple yet powerful Gothic-style with rich capabilities for configuring and customization. You will be able to change it beyond recognition in few minutes, even if you do not have any skills in design and HTML .

10. Cherry

Cherry – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is a cute template that perfectly suits for Personal Tumblogs.

11. Mint Theme

Mint Theme – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is loaded with advanced features like AJAX pagination, Google Analytics reporting, and Disqus comment integration.

12. Time Goes Back V1.2

TGB is a clean and functional portfolio you will surely love. It features Perfect vertical rhythm, 3 custom page (Porfolio, Contact & About), Wufoo contact form integration and Clean semantic codes.

13. Vintage Sky

Vintage sky theme supports all the features and has two content rich sidebar, featuring your likes, latest tweets, description, search box, pages, avatar box and people your following. The theme is very customizable with a few clicks you can change the center image and the slide images of the header animation or hide the fully header, fix the columns and the background image, change background image, add latest tweets and “stuff i like” or change the color of the links

14. Cream

Cream is a clean and simple template using subtle textures and colors for a light and playful feel. Main colors are creamy tones of beige and tan, accented with pinks for links and accent items. The sidebar is easily customizeable and you can easily add in flickr or custom content as each block is set up as a list item of an unordered list.

15. Pixelated

Pixelated is a premium tumblr theme designed by Oscar Barber to display the best way all you want to share on Tumblr. This theme focus on details and supports every single post type Tumblr allows: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, video and finally Ask Me (a very new feature wich allows users to ask you questions you can reply to). Each post type is displayed with it own unique formatting style. All you need to do is select the type you want to publish and Pixelated theme will do the rest.

16. Veen

Veen is a theme for creative writer’s, thinker’s and doer’s. This theme has a quiet boldness, which instantly gives uniqueness to your website, so you can standout.

17. Ziked Theme

Ziked – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is a simple with lots of color and energy. The design was meant to provide a creative and unique feel for your Tumblr site. On top of that you can easily change the entire themes look and feel just by using the Tumblr’s customize interface. View the screenshots to see how easy it is.

18. Squared Web ST1

The ST1 – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is designed for people who want their blog to be a stylish yet usable experience for their visitors. ST1 comes with an optional image slider, optional Twitter Retweet and Facebook Like buttons and a very readable typography.

19. Scribble

Scribble – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is a Premium Obox created, with a hand drawn style similar to our Left Handed WordPress theme, for those who enjoy a relaxed blogging style.

20. Stratocaster

Stratocaster is a simple and clean theme but very flexible and with a little bit of jQuery awesomeness.

21. Gallera

Gallera is a clean and elegant gallery theme with subtle grunge background texture and custom typography. It’s best suited for photographers, artists and designers who want to showcase their work in the best possible way, but can be used as a web gallery or any other site where images take central part.

22. Nuance

Nuance – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is clean, minimal, customizable and unique.

23. Erika Blog

Erika Blog – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is suitable for personal blogs.

24. My Vacation

My Vacation – one of the amazing Vintage Tumblr Themes- is a super-clean vacation-oriented that makes sharing pics and updates with friends extremely easy.


WRKIT is a modern, clean CSS3-packed template with loads of options and customizable logo and colors.

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