Online design galleries is one of my favorite ways to get web design inspiration and I think a lot of web designers and graphic designers out there fell the same way.

While some gallery sites are broad in their focus and good for general web design inspiration it is also possible to explore niche-specific galleries to find inspiration in a specific area?

Although there are plenty of niche-specific design galleries on the web today a number of new galleries have been launched early this year that have proven to be a useful source of web design inspiration. Today we’ll feature 15 new and fresh niche-specific galleries that you should check out. I hope that you can find at least a couple of new favourites that you’ll bookmark! Another good source for inspiration is to look at great themes for platforms like WordPress. Skilled designers have create a lot of good themed e.g. WordPress Photography themes with designs that really stand out.

Other interesting articles:

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1. HTML5 Awesome web design inspiration

HTML5 Awesome

Although there has been plenty of HTML5 galleries popping around the web, still this website made it on my bookmarks and never fails to amazed me! Simply because the whole website has a original design for their blog, clear with a touch of minimalistic design. This blog is a gallery of HTML5 awesomeness! They only showcase the best and unique websites is HTML5 markup.

2. Overlapps


Overlapps is a new niche-specific gallery to showcase the best in mobile world, such as greatest apps for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android.

3. Web Banner Gallery web design inspiration

Web Banner Gallery

Web Banner Gallery is one of the unique gallery out there that showcasing different banner ads that we’ve seen all throughout the web. Like HTML5Awesome, they only collected one of the best, effective and most attractive web banners.

4. Theme Design Gallery

Theme Design Gallery

Another addition to the design inspiration galleries is the Theme Gallery, unlike other galleries, this blog only focuses on showcasing the most beautiful designed WordPress and Tumblr Themes. So, if you want to take a look at the best of the best in Themes web design world, you must check this site out! You can also find nice Tumblr themes in these articles: 15+ Custom Tumblr Themes , 40 Excellent and Cool Tumblr Themes  and 21+ Very Useful Tumblr Skins

5. Style Inspiration

Style Inspiration

Maintained and created by the awesome mind behind Speckyboy Design Magazine, Paul Andrew again amazes us with another blog. Styleinspiration is a new web design inspiration gallery to all creative types out there.

6. jQuery Mobile Gallery

jQuery Mobile Gallery

jQuery Mobile Gallery was created mainly because to showcase the rise of mobile web design by the use of  jQuery Mobile.

7. CSS Winner

CSS Winner

CSS Winner is a design gallery for web designers and developers around the world to showcase their excellent websites. They showcase outstanding creative, beautiful and professional looking CSS websites.

8. CSS Religion

CSS Religion

CSS Religion is such as awesome design gallery inspiration. Great resources of inspiration which concerns with all the religious websites and churches web design showcase. If your next project is to make a church or religious websites, try to check this blog for some creative inspirations.

There’s a lot of great church websites and some of them are build with pre-designed WordPress church themes, that give you good functionality and awesome design with less efforts.

9. Banner web design inspiration

Banner Inspiration

The same as the Web Banners Gallery, the website is showcasing the best banners available on the net.

10. HTML Email Gallery

HTML Email Gallery

If your are familiar with Campaign Monitor’s email gallery, well this is another addition to the group. HTML Email Gallery collects and feature different designs of emails and newsletters.

11. The Inspiration Grid

The Inspiration Grid

The Inspiration Grid is a daily-updated gallery, an ever-expanding collection of images to inspire designers, artists and photographers.

12. Landing Page Gallery

Landing Page Gallery

Finally, the first design inspiration gallery dedicated only for landing pages web designs.

13. CSS Menu Samples

CSS Menu Samples

We already knew that CSS Drive has a collection of menu designs, but here is another must see design gallery inspiration the CSS Menu Samples. Showcase only beautiful CSS menu designs.

14. MW Template

MW Template

Mobileawesomeness is one of the first design galleries who collected and showcased the best mobile web designs but here is another addition to mobile world, MW Template is a showcase gallery that features all the best designs in mobile websites.

15. Teespiration


If you are looking for great designs for a t-shirt, you should try visiting this website. Teespiration is a gallery of tees designs gallery of inspiration.


Element Gallery

Element Gallery

Although Element Gallery is still on coming soon phase, we can’t help it to include it on our collection today because we think that this will be an awesome gallery. A gallery of newsletters, sites and element gallery all in one page.

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Author : Hannah Milan


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