The use of paper as a surface where web designers can draw some vague concept for design inspiration that comes unwittingly like a flash in their minds, is already an acknowledged fact. Whether it is some unique concept of a logo, or a header, or a wireframing idea, web designers often grab the nearest pen and paper to visualize his thoughts before they fade. During one of these creative wanderings perhaps came the use of paper, not as web designers used to know it, but as a texture or background of the design project. Since then, the use of paper texture became increasingly popular.

This popularity is of course not without reason. A web page with a paper background tends to be more friendly or passionate in its approach thus, endearing to its readers. This is true especially if the paper is soft or delicate in its appearance. From this perspective, web designers have learned to use a specific look of paper texture to evoke a certain emotional response from the readers. From a burnt paperback, to a wrinkled or a torn and yellowish scrap, each has its own distinct use that only web designers and artists appreciate. I say only, because only artists and web designers appreciate the beauty of a paper texture which is dirty, or yellowish, stained, burnt, you name it.

But looking for a paper that can best achieve the design concept is not an easy task. That is why, it is best to have a sizeable of collection of these artworks to save you from trouble when the need arises. Luckily, many web designers and photographers are willing to share some of their works as their contribution for the betterment of the whole design community. For our part, we are taking the initiative to bring some of these works forward by publishing 260 plus of them here. These wonderful paper textures won’t cost you a thing because they are free to download.

I know that there are many others that I failed to include here because of one reason or another, but if there is anything you know that can be of help to others, please share them by writing a comment below. After all, sharing is the main purpose of having this article. Sharing this post to your friends therefore is a great idea. Happy viewing!

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Free Parchment Texture by Poe Tatum

Warm Desire #1 by Jinterwas

Brown Paper 10 by SixRevisions

Paper Texture 01 by TuxXtreme

img027 by Rachael Towne

img026 by Rachael Towne

img025 by Rachael Towne

Old Paper Texture by Darren Hester

Brown Paper 04 by SixRevisions

Seamless Brown Bag Texture by Fantasy Stock

Texture 94 by deadcalm-stock

Lantern  by Nick Coombe

Texture: Notebook Paper – 3 by djsoundwav

Vintage Wall Paper Texture by KillxThexScenexStock

clltexture33 by Christie Lacy

Paper pattern by Requiemstock

IMG_3743 by Caleb Kimbrough

Grungy paper texture v.14 by Bashcorpo

Texture – Green Swirls Paper by Enchantedgal-Stock

Colorful Inks Paper Texture by Enchantedgal-Stock

img033 by Rachael Towne

Free dark crumpled paper texture for layers by D. Sharon Pruitt

img032 by Rachael Towne

img031 by Rachael Towne

img012 by Rachael Towne

img011 by Rachael Towne

Assorted Textures Set No. 1 by Pfefferminzchen – 6 Textures Based on Old Paper

Paper Texture Pack by zigabooooo– 9 papers

Flowery Paper by Valkiria-stock – 3 pieces of flowery textures

Natural Paper Texture Pack by Cloaks – 9 pieces in one set

1024×768 Paper Textures by Entrochique – a set of 10 Paper Textures

Yellow Paper Textures by Mary Chan- 8 pieces of textures

6 Paper Textures by Sajja

Retro old dirty paper texture by Berthjan – 4 pieces of textures

High-Res Card and Paper Textures by Tom Ross – Set of 8 stunning high-res card and paper images.

Origami Paper Texture Pack by Andrea Koupal – A collection of 8 origami paper textures

14 High Res Japanese Paper Textures by Caleb Kimbrough

Paper Texture Pack 02 by blammogirl – print paper texture pack with 4 new patterns

5 Fantastically Free High Res Brown Paper Textures by Chris Spooner

Paper Textures 2 by Hibbary – 15 unique paper textures of various sizes

Paper Textures by Dioma – 8 different paper textures

Free Wrinkled Paper Textures by Fuzzimo – 22 High Resolution Textures

5 Grungy Paper Textures by ormanclark

14 High-Res Paper Textures by ormanclark

19 Free Hi-Res Burnt Paper Textures by Max Stanworth

60 Beautiful High Resolution Paper Backgrounds by Photoshop Roadmap

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Author : Sonny Day


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