With 3DS Max tutorials you can learn to master one of the most powerful and professional 3D animation tools. It is used by many movie makers, studios creating TV commercial, architects, digital artists and movie game developers. An example of this is the great effects in the movie Avatar.

Autodesk 3DS Max, is a commercial graphic software that allows artists to create 3D models and animations. It provides really cool features for creating highly realistic 3D visualizations, but with power comes complexity and a lot to learn.

To help you get started, we are sharing a large collection of useful 3DS Max modeling tutorials in this article. They can help you to learn both simple and advanced steps and techniques from experienced 3D artists. If you decide to follow some of the tutorials and render your own 3D art I hope you will share it with us in a comment.

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Model the Ironman Helmet by Bracer Jack


Learn how to make a geometrically simple Ironman helmet that harbors such a high-tech sophisticated look in this tutorial by Bracer Jack.

Making of Bugatti Veyron


Learn how to make realistic model of the Bugatti Veyron, one of the fastest and popular speed car in this tutorial.

Melt crystal vase in 3D Studio MAX by Ivory Morhuld


Learn how to create an awesome illustration of a vase in this tutorial in 3ds max.

Z4 Unleashed


In this tutorial Mohamed Abuyhia of Alexandria Egypt will explain how he formatted the car, the textures, materials and how he rendered it to finish.

Creating Normandy SR1 in 3DS MAX


This tutorial will show you how to model Normandy Space ship from mass effect.

Project Shell – Ferrari by Jomar Machado


Learn how to create a photo realistic Ferrari race car model in this tutorial.

The Making of Lulu by Tauru Jimmy


In this tutorial, the 23 year old French 3D graphic artist, Tauru Jimmy will show you how to create a smoking hot portrait of Lulu inspired from the Final Fantasy series.

Making of cafe by Tiziano Fioriti


If you want to learn how to illustrate the Cafe de Flore of Paris, the famous cafe of French existentialists and artists, or any of that kind, this tutorial by Tiziano Fioriti is a good thing to follow.

Creating a Realistic Grass with V-Ray Proxies


This tutorial will show you how to create a field of grass using VRayProxy objects and the VRayScatter plugin.

Making an Interior Scene by Kuba Dabrowski


In this tutorial the author will show you how to create simple interior scene basing on reference photo. He wanted to make it basic and simple for beginners without any complicated advanced settings.

Creating Grass Land Using Pflow in 3dsmax by Ranjit Menon.K


Learn an easy method to create grass land in 3ds Max using pflow . It is somewhat similar to scatter, but more flexible than scatter and you can create your own variations easily.

Create a 3D Car Rim by Travis Williams


This video tutorial is created by CG Artist Travis Williams who shows how to 3d model a Rim of Car using 3d Studio Max.

Making of Chrome Material by Florence Design Academy


Chrome is one of the most used materials in the Design field. This material needs only a few settings to be rendered in an optimal way. Check this tutorial to learn how to make it in 3ds max.

Create a Windows-Like Logo in 3D Studio Max by Raven


This tutorial will teach you how to create a glossy Windows like logo.

Creating A New World by Henry Pashkov


This tutorial is intended for those artists who are going to place a planet on the foreground of their new artwork.

Clock tutorial by Oellas


In this tutorial the author will show you a few tips to create a clock in 3d max and render it with Fryrender. Then he will also show you how to apply fry materials and how to make the light setup. Finally, he  will demonstrate how to work with the tonemapping and layer blending controls.

Making of Wood/Concrete WC by rip


Learn how to use 3D Max 9 and Vray for rendering, wood and concrete materials of a modern bathroom.

Create a Beautiful Sunset Scene by Cristian Popcreate-a-beautiful-sunset-scene

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful sunset over a calm sea using DreamScape and 3dsmax. DreamScape is sophisticated set of plug-ins for 3dsmax, that allows you to create and render realistic landscapes, seascapes, skies, clouds, outdoor lighting and more.

Creating Realistic Rocks with V-Ray


This tutorial will show you a way to create very realistic looking rocks that can be rendered far away or for very detailed work.

Sofa Modeling by Mahmoud Keshta


This video tutorial is created by artist Mahmoud Keshta in 3ds max 2009. This tutorial is divided in two parts and the total length of this video tutorial (without sound) is 70 minutes. This will explain you how you can model this stylish modern leather sofa inside 3ds max.

Hand Modeling by Hatice Bayramoglu


This tutorial describes how the author modeled a hand from a sketch. The method used here is polygonal modeling.

Texturing a Human Face by Dan Cox


In this 2 hour, multi-part video tutorial, you will follow professional Game artist and teacher, Dan Cox, as he gives insight into his own thought process and workflow of how to go about unwrapping and texturing an existing human face. The techniques and theories that Dan teaches can be used in either video game or film work.

Making Of ‘Self Portrait’ by Kris Kaufman


Kris Kaufman explains the steps that he did to create a self portrait from initial modeling to the final touch ups.

How to create the Beard on a Face by Aziz Khan


In this tutorial you will learn how to create facial hair for our character using 3ds max hair and fur modifier. This modifier gives you the freedom to create realistic hair and fur for your projects which is fantastic. There is few more ways to add hair for your characters but this is more hassle free once you get to understand it.

Illumination Tutorial for Industrial Design by Mario Malagrino


This tutorial explains all steps to illuminate an object with a technique which simulates the illumination techniques of a photo studio.

Skateboard Modeling and Texturing Tutorial by C. Andrei


Learn how to make a 3d model of skateboards in this tutorial by C. Andrei.

Studio Rendering with 3ds Max and Vray by Pratik Gulati


Where 3d product visualization is concerned, one of the most important techniques for achieving realistic high quality images, is your ability to create studio renders. In this detailed 4 part tutorial you will learn every step necessary to create your own high quality studio renders with Vray and 3ds Max.

Realistic Light and Render Interior Scenes by Pratik Gulati


Discover the secrets behind properly lighting and rendering interior scenes with 3ds Max and Vray in this easy to follow, step by step walkthrough. Scene setup, modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering for realistic output will all be discussed, so there is literally something in here for everyone!

Making Of FAUP by Jacinto Monteiro


This tutorial will teach you how to make beautiful 3D interior design using 3ds max.

Making of Mrs. Tulumba Modern House by Sérgio Merêces


Learn how to make a realistic architectural visualization in 3ds max tutorial by Sergio Mereces.

Creating a Next-Gen Video Game Hot Rod by Laurens Corijn


An awesome 3D Studio Max tutorial by Laurens Corijn covering the complete workflow for creating a next gen video game hot rod.

Making of Alfa Romeo Competizione C8 Spyder Studio


The author, Arturo Garcia will show you the procedure on how to make a Spyder model.

Glass apple in Vray and 3D Studio Max Tutorial


Learn how to make a realistic glass 3d model in this tutorial.

Kingdom of Fruits by Anush Tehrani


This tutorial will show you how to make an awesome basket of fruits using 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and render in V-ray.

Making Of ‘Zombie In The Closet’ by Yaroslav Primachenko


Yaroslav Primachenko will tell you his last 3D work called “A zombie in the closet”. The idea for this work came to me after watching some zombie movies and playing the brilliant Plants vs. Zombies game.

The Making of Wonded Ork by dori3


Learn how to render a realistic monster, Wonded Ork in this tutorial.

Making Of ‘Swamp Hunter’ by Amdeewe


Make a 3D illustration of a frog character  in this awesome tutorial by Aleynikov Oleg.

How to model an Iphone 4 with 3ds Max by Alex


This tutorial will show you how to create an Iphone 4 in 3ds Max and VRay.

Create a Realistic Nokia 5800 in 3ds Max by Georgi Zaharie


In this multi-part, hard surface modeling, texturing, and rendering tutorial, you will learn how to quickly create a realistic looking Nokia 5800. The techniques shown in this tutorial can easily be applied to other 3d applications, and the methods of making the phone itself are fast, and very efficient.

Model a Modern Spiral Staircase in 3ds Max by Ben Tate


In this tutorial Ben Tate will demonstrate his approach to modeling a modern style spiral staircase in 3d Studio Max. The main focus will be spline modeling, although Ben will reiterate some of the more common poly modeling techniques too.

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