In typography, a font is traditionally defined as a quantity of sorts composing a complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface. For example, the set of all characters for 9-point Bulmer italic is a font, and the 10-point size would be a separate font, as would the 9-point upright.

After the introduction of computer fonts based on fully scalable outlines, a broader definition evolved. Font is no longer size-specific, but still refers to a single style. Bulmer regular, Bulmer italic, Bulmer bold and Bulmer bold italic are four fonts, but one typeface. However, the term font is also often used as a synonym for typeface.

Choosing the right font is affected with the type of the content such as the serious business design, teens style advertising or horror movie poster. Each of these needs an appropriate font that suite with the content added. Based on this, it is a good idea to keep a library or different fonts that can help you in your design and gives you different options of fonts when needed. In this article, i will share some fresh and amazing free fonts for you to download.

Take Me To The Fonts
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1.Wet Dreamz font

wet dreamz

2. SouthPacific font

south pacific font

3. Ersatz Quality font


4. cuneiform

5. MAWNS’ Graffiti

6. ll Over Again font

Over again

7. Ghost Reverie font

Ghost reverie

8. Europe Underground Worn font

Europe underground

9. Weekend Warrior font

weekend warrior font

10. Same Same But Different

same same

11. Magnificent font


12. Helveticrap font


13. Caffeine Blackout font


14. TYPORM01 Round ans Square


15. BlackCasper Font

Black Casper

16. 18th Century Handwriting Font

18th century

17. BLazteR Tagg

blazter tag

18. Motor Oil 1937 M54

Motor oil

19. LT Oksana


20. Neogrey


21. Serangkaian Pattern Regular

22. ECG saji

23. Sleep of Reason

24. Katy Berry

katy berry

25. Mousou Record


26. Static Buzz

Static Buzz

27. Florentine Amber

Florentine amber

28. Dirty Play

dirty play

29. Advent Font

advent font

30. Just Nate – Handwritten Font

Just nate

31. Laurent HW



32. Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF

amputa bangiz



34. Memories


35. 9 Teen Star Fonts

9teen fonts

36. Suede Font


37. AB Cave

ab cave

38. Staccato.ttf


39. Scout – TTF


40. Contempory – Modern Font


41. Grunge Serifia Font OTF

Grunge serifia

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Author : Dustin Betonio


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