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Creative and Conceptual photographic Work

I would like to share with you some of the most amazing conceptual photos with very creative methods to deliver ideas behind the scene of the photo.

How To Land Your First Few Design Clients

Word of mouth is their best source of new clients, but you need to have some clients to get the word of mouth going. How do you land your first few clients to start the ball rolling?

30 Great Free Paper Textures

Free high resolution Paper Textures and Backgrounds

11 Web Application Icon Resources

Here’s 11 hand-picked sets of icons for you to use in your next webproject! They are all free to use, but I recommend reading the specific restrictions in every set.

Interview With Jacob Gube, The Man Behind Six Revisions

I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Jacob from SixRevisions on many occasions through social sites and I recently interviewed him for SpyreStudios. I hope you enjoy this interview with Jacob!

75+ High-Quality Halloween Wallpapers for your Desktop

Halloween almost ahead and we’re sorting some greatest and amazing high-quality Wallpapers about Devilish desktop wallpapers, 31st of October is a holiday that normally associated..

Workflow Tip: How to Use Dropbox and Automator for Automatic Backup of Multiple Folders

A short tutorial on using Dropbox and Automator to have multiple folders backed up automatically.

How to navigate your data minefield

“How much of this data are we using to make timely and actionable decisions to maximize top line revenues?”

How to Set up your Blog on LimeDomains using WordPress?

Setting up your blog using WordPress on LimeDomains won’t take much of your time and effort.

Social Networks And Their Place in Business

This prompts an interesting discussion into whether companies should use social tools to promote their business online, and if so, how exactly they should do it.

Create a Transparent Text Effect with Fresh Grass Texture and Custom Brushset

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this Trasparent Text Effect, mixing with Fresh Grass Texture and Cloud Brushset.

10 Free Clothing Textures

I created Free Clothing Textures that you can download here. They are all unique and you can use them for free for personal and commercial use.

Start Managing Your Finances before It Gets Too Late

Finance is the most crucial aspect of anyone’s life, similarly important is its management. In the absence of a proper financial management.

10 free high-quality script fonts

A nice collection of free script fonts.

This is the collection of best iPhone and iPod touch wallpapers on the Internet. They update wallpapers daily, and their collection contain latest wallpapers.

Black Paint Splatter – Social Media Icons

Updated set of 154 Black Paint Splatter social networking icons

Design Trends for 2009: Current and Future

Keep up with the latest design trends that are currently taking over the Internet by storm!

65 Typography Examples for Inspiration

Typography is an art of collecting and arranging text and characters in three or two dimension view. So here we have collected some stunning examples of typography for design inspiration.

13 of the Most Incredible Text Tutorials Created in October

13 of the best text tutorials in the month of October. From vintage to 3D, you can find some great tutorials here that will definitely improve your skills.

Website Design: 50+ Photographer Portfolios

I have always found that photography websites have been of a different breed of web design. With their use of Flash technology and unique navigational menus.

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps for Bloggers

This showcase highlights some of the most essential iPhone Apps for bloggers, designers, freelancers, and just tech users.

Big Header – The Power of beautiful web design – Showcase of the best 20

Show case of the best 20 websites that using the big header. You will understand why they are the best.

Essential WordPress Tutorials for Beginners

Learn how to install and manage a wordpress blog. This tutorials will help you to understand how wordpress works and also help you to customize it easy.

25 Examples of Clean and Well designed Web Sites

Examples of clean well structured sites

10 Superb Image Effects and Sliders jQuery tutorials

10 Superb Image Effects and Sliders jQuery tutorials

So You Think You Can Write huh?

It’s all about finding the right motivation and being sure about yourself while writing that yields the best results.

INSPIKS Flickr Group Roundup #15

These are just a few of the amazing images that have been pouring into our Flickr Group. This Flickr group is a growing community of christian photographers and graphic designers.

Circles And Drips Vector & Brush Set

An abstract circles and drips Photoshop brush set and also vector set. A set Created for Creative Nerds readers we would love to hear your thoughts and feed back. I hope you enjoy!

50 Original Ads Of Old Times From Famous Companies

I don’t know what to write about this post as an introduction because i’m still thinking of the conditions of those times,the people,the technology etc.

Beginning Flash: Basic Tweening

This tutorial aims to create a basic understanding with the three tweening animation techniques (motion, shape, and classic) in Flash.

50+ Constructive Adobe Air Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Adobe AIR is platform for internet-enabled desktop applications which helping web designers and developers that allows developers to use HTML, ajax, and Flash to develop desktop applications..

Best of High-Dynamic-Range – Fotos, Weblogs, Tutorials, Software, Books

This Article includes some interesting HDR-Fotos and informations to HDR-Weblogs, HDR-Tutorials, HDR-Software and HDR-Books.

Inspiration Dose 4 – Breath Taking Digital Art by Phil McDarby

He has won over 50 international awards, including multiple CG Choice Awards from CGSociety and the Golden Torus Award.

20 Best Social Bookmarking Resources to Promote Design Articles

A good way to keep your favorite design articles, blogs, and inspirations abreast is to bookmark them.

Weekly Inspiration No. 01

If you’re looking for something to inspire yourself then you just have to take a look at our new weekly blog. Enjoy this sensational collection of creative art work and design!

Onebit Icon Set

Onebit free icon set of 50 icons. These icons are free to use in any kind of project unlimited times.

Coffee Stains Brushes

Hit the download button for the .zip archive containing the .abr. 14 brushes. Compatible with PS7 or later versions.

Flash Professional CS5 brings Flash support for iPhone

Finally, it’s happened! Adobe Flash Professional CS5 will now support Flash applications on iPhone and iPod Touch using ActionScript 3.

The Most Notable Automobile Flash Web Designs. All Buckle Up!

The collection of impressive and creative automobiles Flash web designs! Get inspired!

Create a Realistic and Worn-Out Movie Ticket in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to create a real-looking, worn-out movie ticket. It’s a pretty simple Photoshop tutorial involving some basic procedures.

5 fantastic art projects

These are some art projects that I found interesting or amusing in the past months.

The Most Notable Automobile Flash Web Designs. All Buckle Up!

The collection of impressive and creative automobiles Flash web designs! Get inspired!

30 Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Icons

In this article, you’ll find a only highest-quality tutorials on designing professional and detailed icons with brief descriptions. Some of them allows you to download PSD’s.

21 Tactile and Textured Poster Designs

In this post, I have collected 21 really cool poster designs that make use of textures to some degree or other. These represent some of the best designs that I have found across the internet.

11 Amazing Photo Manipulated and Digital Art Wallpapers

Hope you like these 11 Amazing Photo Manipulated and Digital Art Wallpapers for your desktop.

30 Various Types of Exceptional WordPress Themes

In the list, you will get 30 nice and exceptional WordPress themes for various uses.

49 beautiful digital artworks illustrating women

Beautiful artwork but also beautiful women illustrated in 49 digital paintings which impress in different ways, in each of them you can not stop admiring the artists who made them.

AlphaNumeric Worn Cloth Icons

This worn cloth alphanumeric icon set includes almost everything found on a computer keyboard.

Nowadays there is a lot of news about CSS-sprites. However, all resources just crunch the same idea about saving a set of small pictures in the one for increasing total page loading speed.

Perforated Metallic Text Effect Layer Styles

This free text effect combo pack includes editable layered psd, layer styles in an .asl file and seamless patterns in a .pat file.

Templateo Giveaway – Comment and Win 5 memberships

Templateo and CrazyLeaf Design Blog offer you the opportunity to win one of 5 Templateo memberships. Each membership gives you unlimited access to download any template

10 Outstanding Corporate WordPress Themes for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

We selected the most customizable, good looking, sexy, sleek, affordable, and fresh themes on the market.

75 Creative And Unique Business Card Designs For Your Inspiration

Creative and unique business card design will help you gain a better impression from your potential clients. This post share 75 creative and unique business card designs for your inspiration.

A rich password widget for your web forms

A password widget that has a password strength meter, feature to show/mask the password and a password generator.

701+ Halloween Resources and Tutorials

it’s October again which means we are all engaged for creepy mood to celebrate HALLOWEEN,Here is the collection of 701 and more Halloween resources for my fellow readers.

36 Fantasy,Surreal And Science Fiction Arts

I’ve chosen 35 fantasy,surreal and science fiction artworks which most them make me look twice.I admire to all artists who create these.Hope you like them.

55+ Exceptional Logo Design Tutorials

I’m working as UI Expert (Web Designer) mostly logo designing is a part of our every Project and always deeply think about company identity for more successful business which more important..

Post Pic Participate in National Competition of Smethwick Photographic Society

Smethwick Photographic Society is one of the leading photographic societies in Great Britain. Today I’m presenting you the Photographic work of participants for National Competitions.

5 Useful Tips To Choose The Right Photography CMS

Content management system (CMS) is a web application for easy creation, editing and storing of HTML content. Although photographer special needs narrow the circle of possible CMS solutions.

Rusty Brushes

5 Rusty Brushes

Abstract Background Vector

Colorful abstract background with concentric circles, rainbow colors, twinkling stars, dots, arrows and cloud-a-like shapes. Have fun using!

100+ Outstanding Photoshop Actions to Enhance your Photography

It’s a lot of fun to take your shots and experiment with them. Have you ever seen photos in magazines or on the web and wondered how they achieved that look.

Offshore Web Development, Internet Marketing and Business Solutions Company

Offshore Web Business Solutions Company specializing in Web Design, Development, Outsourcing, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for your target Industry

40 Stunning Photo Retouching Tutorials

Collection of 40 Stunning Photo Retouch photoshop tutorials.

Review: Markup Services by

After explaining the conditions and the stake involved in getting a service review very brightly took up the challenge.

Create a Business Card In Photoshop.

In this tutorial i will show you how you can create your own Business Card using photoshop.

Is your CSS reset doing more harm than good?

Find out what problems comprehensive CSS resets can cause and how you can overcome them with a CSS reset that’s custom tailored for each website.

46 Amazing Halloween Brushes, Textures, Icons, Wallpapers & Tutorials

Really useful and amazing Halloween resources for designer like photoshop brushes, textures, Icons, Wallpapers and Tutorials.

Best of the Web for the Week of October 11, 2009

Today we are showcasing “Best of the Web”. We have scoured the internet in search of other design driven blogs and websites to showcase what they have to offer for the week of October 11, 2009.

Bidsketch: Product launch for designers

My name is Ruben and I just launched my first product called Bidsketch. It’s web based proposal software for designers. URL:

7 Areas Of PHP You Might Want To Optimize

We use PHP in our web applications and we need to manage our PHP code so that it runs faster. This article discusses 7 ways to optimize your PHP so that your can increase your website performance.

25 Absolutely Magnificant Landscape Photo Manipulation + 5 Great PS Tutorials Showing How to Make Them

In this post, I will showcase 25 Absolutely Magnificant Landscape Scenary Photo Manipulation + 5 Great PS Tutorials Showing How to Make Them.

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