An admin template can be really useful and a true time saver in nearly any web application project where a powerful and user friendly admin area is needed.

While most web projects often focus primarily on the front-end functions and design, the value of investing time and effort on the admin pages should not be underestimated. The WordPress open source CMS is a good example of a very successful and popular web application that is known for its great usability and quick learning curve. With every major release, the admin area is improved, and it is great for the product.

A custom-made administration user interface usually cost a fortune and can be hard to afford for start-ups. There are some free template available but often the design and code quality is not at the desired quality level. However, you can get a high quality and good-looking admin template at a low cost. This will save you important time and costly designer bills. They usually come with a good range of features and typically multiple color variations. Some of them are responsive admin templates and they will work well for mobile web application projects as well!

In this article, I have collected some of the best admin templates available to get your web application project started.

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Responsive design is a hot trend and for a good reason. If you follow the responive guidelines in your design and code your solution will work and look good on both computer screens and mobile devices. This is the future of web design!

Elite Admin – The Ultimate Dashboard Web App Kit – MORE INFO / DEMO

Elite Admin - The Ultimate Dashboard Web App Kit

This is one of the best admin dashboard kits you can get your hands on. It comes with an amazing set of features and a beautiful responsive design built with Bootstrap 3.3.6 Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. If you use Elite you will have a huge collection of reusable UI components. The template is integrated with latest jQuery plugins and it can be used for all types of Web applications like custom admin panel, app backend, CMS or CRM.

Clean UI Admin Template Classic – MORE INFO / DEMO

Clean UI Admin Template Classic

Clean UI is a high quality and very flexible admin template. It is based on Bootstrap 4
framework and it has more than 600UI features. It is fully responsive and very easy to customize. If you get Clean UI you will also have the Angular Starter Kit. It is a set of useful templates, that will make your developer’s life much easier

Mara | Material Design – Angular Admin Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Mara - Material Design - Angular Admin Theme

Mara is a very popular new Multipurpose Admin Template. It comes with a huge collection of features and material design elements. These elements are built on the Materialize framework. It is fully responsive and it support type of web application from a business website or e-commerce site to a custom admin panel and dashboards

Crown – Premium Responsive Admin Theme – MORE INFO / DEMO

Crown - Premium Responsive Admin Theme

Check out the Crown admin theme. It is a responsive layout for modern admin areas with great support for visual data representation. It is useful for quickly setting up custom administration panels for backend system. With integrated charts and visual statistics, the Crown admin temapltes is a good companion for your next web application project.

uAdmin – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template – MORE INFO / DEMO

uAdmin - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

This is the uAdmin responsive admin dashboard template for setting up a cool admin area. It is built on top of the popular Bootstrap framework for responsive grids. The design in simple and flat.

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Author : Lars Vraa


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