In some cases, you might realize that you don’t like the default icons of an application, and maybe you wish to change them with something of your own taste. For Android devices, changing desktop icons is actually possible. All you need to do is to use icon replacement apps like LauncherProGO Launcher EXApex LauncherNova Launcher etc. As for the replacement icons, there’s a lot of them available online, but finding the ones best suited for you might not be easy.

In this post, we share a list of Android icon sets which are of high-quality and good-looking. All of these are free so you can get cool Android menu icons on your phone without spending a dime. If you are a developer or designer, on the other hand, I hope you will find this post to be inspiring. We have collected a lot of Android app icons with designs that might spark your creativity and aesthetic sense.

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Aeolus HD – Extension Pack by Raadius


This free Android icons set have 75, 125×125 icons in .PNG format.

Athena HD by Raadius


The pack contains 37 icons, with 24 extra alternates. There will be an MIUI theme, ADW (EX) Launcher and Launcher Pro (Plus) theme as well.

renewSet for Android by cultinium


renewSet icons for Android in 72px consisting of some 46+ icons with original color from Android 2.x/4.x.

Android Mega Pack 2 by Naeki-Design


A beautiful transparent Android icons set.

Android Application Icons Set by bharathp666


An awesome set of different Android icons.

Android Tab Icons by Ikonod


Android Tab Icons contain over a hundred icons for Android developers. Designed to conform to the strictest Android Icon Design Guidelines, the collection of Android icons includes raster and vector images in a variety of formats and resolutions.

Android: Weather Icons by bharathp666


8 Android weather icons in PNG and PSD format.

Android Icons R2 – Honeycomb by wwalczyszyn


18 high resolution Android Honeycomb style icons for Windows and Mac (+PNG). Original icons included in package.

Androidicons by joker2011


This is a nice set of Android icons for your applications.

Icons for Android_By knight by dongbear


Icons for Android in 48×48 pixel size.

Smaller icons for Android by icondoctor


Small Android icons at 48 pixels x 48 pixels.

Android Green Icons by midhunstar


High-quality green icons for Android.

SteelGlass Icons for Android by taczwo


SteelGlass Icon Pack for Android based on the Glasklart Icons.

Android Application Mini-Icons by bharathp666


Android Icon pack at 80 pixels x 80 pixels.

Android icons WIP by arrioch


An assortment of icons for Android phones.

Android Style Icons R1 by wwalczyszyn


15 high resolution Android style icons for Windows and Mac (+PNG).

Android IconPack by gmadzl


An amazing set of monochrome Android icon set.

n’droid icons by kocco


A mix of iPhone inspired Android icons.

Android Icon Pack by Ikonod


Android Icon Pack is a bundle which includes launcher, tab, dialog, status bar, list view, menu icons for Android interface development.

More Codex icons for Android by whiterabbit007


30 icons for apps like: Angry Birds, Layar, Evernote, Settings, Doubletwist, Shazam, Firefox Home, Bookmark, NewsRob, Barcode scanner and more.

Blawb by arrioch


72 icons total, in all formats, for all densities.

Plex for Android by Cornmanthe3rd


This icon set has some of the default applications on Android phones.

Codex Icons for Android by whiterabbit007


There are 26 icons of each version, each 72×72 pixels in size.

Cold Fusion HD Icon Pack by chrisbanks2


708 icons of size 118×120 px.

hyperCons – Android HD Icon Pack by dxDreamX


Android HD Icon Pack for different applications.

whiteout for android by ornis


A sizable collection of whiteout icons for Android.

Faenza like Icons 96×96 Px PNG by Agamemmnon


Faenza like Icons 96×96 Px PNG.

sticky android icon pack by nanozfun


76 green icon + 74 grey icon in this pack.

Android HD icons by milanioom


A nice collection of Android icons for developers.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Icons v3.1 by DzzR


Here are 147 icons, inspired from the stock app launcher in Android 4 ICS.

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