Using the color red for your design can be a great move. If you choose the right shade of red in the perfect spot, it has the power to grab attention.

Red is known to be associated with passion, energy, and sensuality, but remember, it must be used with care. In the wrong shade or used inappropriately, red can be a disaster. Below you will find some amazing examples of how red should be used in design.

Hopefully they will inspire you to greatness in your own use of red hues, whether for posters, business cards, or a website design minimal WordPress theme.

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Elegant Coca Cola

A beautiful woman is always a nice way to accent the color red, but this ad is made even more brilliant by the elegant combination of red swirls on a black background.

Valentine Coca Cola

The pink and lighter red tones in this poster makes for a perfect Valentine ad.

iPod Shuffle

The end result of this tutorial shows just how eye-catching a red product can be when accented well with toned down background.

Kappa Shoes

This dripping effect in the color red is definitely a head-turning object.


An illustration of a woman’s vivid red hair stands out well against an all black background in this simplistic design.

Ads by Mohanad Shuraideh

This collection of ads Shuraideh made for Burjuman shows just how stunning a red dress can be on a beautiful woman set against a dark background.

Sony Vaio

The explosion of red coming from the laptop and sports car make for a very eye-catching advertisement.

Beyonce L’Oreal Lipstick

One of Beyonce’s provocative ads for L’Oreal’s Color Riche lipstick; the way the lipstick matches the dress color perfectly is stunning.

Alexander McQueen

Once again, a red dress on a beautiful woman with a dark background is mysteriously elegant, especially with the incredible use of mirrors in this ad.



The gradient background helps to tone down the red background; no other effect is necessary since the red color alone is enough. The white logo and font stand out nicely against the background.

Jon Wallace Design

This beautiful website design is clearly the work of a pro. The shade of blue contrast nicely with this shade of red.

Motion Extreme

A brilliant flash site, this page displays a red planet, red logo, red meteor, all in various yet complimentary shades of red.

Nuevo Aurich Buenos Dias

The red wine, red peppers, red sauces, red menu, and red headline in combination with the browns and a few whites and greens thrown in are very eye-catching and mouth watering.

Margot Blanche

This beautiful site for this pop artist proves that certain shades of red in combination with black create an ambiance of mystery and elegance.

Stampede Design

The smoky red effect is gorgeous on this site, but the only drawback is that the text is hard to see.

Business cards

Red with White Text

The white design and text stands out well against an all red background.

Old Red Hat Letterpress

The silver letterpress on this red background creates quite the professional look.

Allysson Lee

In a maroon shade of red, these business cards with the swirl designs look quite feminine.

Ninja BTL

The red and black colors accent the ninja star shape of these unique business cards perfectly.

Red Photography

Red Wine

The splashes of the red wine show up vividly against a light background.

Red Parasol

The red color of the parasol can have different meanings in this photograph. Looking at this picture, one wonders if owner of the sexy pair of legs is merely asleep or dead?

Red Balcony

A red balcony with red flowers against a cloudy sky gives this photograph both an ominous and exciting look and feel.

Red Trees

The red leaves contrast well with the black trunks of the trees in this beautiful photo.

Blue Bike and Barn

A striking photo by Joseph Sorrentino, the blue of the bike contrasts nicely with the red barn.

Paint it Red

The model’s red hair, lips, finger nails, and dress contrast beautifully with her white skin tone.

Red Memories

The red of the barn is striking against the white snow, very memorable as the photographer points out.

Model with Beautiful Makeup

The overall red tone of this photograph is brilliantly done and really draws attention to the model’s brown eye makeup.

Go Red!

The best part of the color red is that depending on the shade and use, it can portray a variety of emotions. Try your hand at red designs to see what kind of brilliant look you can create using this distinct color.

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Author : Tara Hornor



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