When you’re designing a new logo, web template, poster etc., the right font can really make a difference and support a great concept. In my opinion you can never have enough fonts at your disposal and the more choices you have, the better opportunity there is to find the perfect one for your specific situation.

This article provides one of the largest collections of Good Font Resources and Directories and will be your doorway to more than 100.000 Free Fonts!

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When your creating designs it would be nice to have access to all the Professional high quality Font available but that would possibly hurt on your or your clients budget. Using Free Fonts is certainly an alternative as there are many good Fonts available for free download. The main challenge with Free Fonts is to pick out the good ones from the really bad ones that look nice on the websites where you can download but cant be used in serious design work.

Just be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions included with each font whenever acquiring them from such sites, because the included legal docs are often eye openers for anyone intending to use them for client deliverable. And using fonts with no included terms and conditions is really setting yourself up for legal issues, as they were most likely stripped away at some point.

Make sure you maintain records of where fonts were acquired and keep the original archive file with the legal terms to prove permission of use.

If a good Font Resource has been left out by mistake please let me know by posting a comment!


Huge Font Directories

Specialized Font Collections

Designers offering Free Fonts

Not sure if these are worth a visit but you decide…

Huge Font Directories


FontCubes is one of the very best font resources. Mainly high quality fonts that may easily be used in professional designs. The site is simple to use and provides a good overview of the available font there and the weigths and styles available for each font.


dafont is one of the biggest free font resources with literally thousands of fonts available for download. I’m pretty sure you can find what you need here but large does not necessarily mean good and that it is easy to find what you need.Give the smaller ones a chance too 😉


Another simple site which is nice and easy to use. Big previews and nice big download buttons – the way it should be. If you are willing to pay a small amount of money this site will allow you to download 10.000 fonts… hmm why not?


This site is also a huge resource with more than 12.000 free fonts online. The site has a nice ajax powerd interface that makes it nice to work with. Good large previews.

filecart fonts

More than 10.000 free fonts available here and a good site deisgn making it easy to find what you’re looking for. There’s a to50 downloaded and a top rated.



This site is not as large as some of the others mentioned above but the Interface is ok and the fonts available there may be just what you need.


This is a beautifully designed site with a huge collection of free fonts. If you’re not in to browsing and wasting time, head straight for the kill with the top 100 fonts section. (be aware that I experienced an anoying poker pop up window add…)


A huge selection of fonts that is browsable by category or alphabet, or via a tag cloud. DiscoverFonts also offers a selection of tools for working with all of your new fonts that are both free and for purchase.


BetterFonts offers a mixture of thousands of free fonts alongside premium fonts that they sell for $4.99. You can also download their 500 most popular fonts in one go in a file for $2.77. You can enter any text you want and see it previewed in the display area when you click on a font you’re interested in.


Large font resource with many categories and a top fonts filter.


Tens of thousands of free fonts divided into categories, searchable by name. You can check out a list of the most downloaded or viewed fonts, or even dive into the forums where you can discuss the various fonts with others.


FontReactor has a nice selection of fonts with a handy “test area” beneath each font, so you can see how the font looks with text of your choice. Browse by categories, most commented, most voted and so on. The site is also available in Spanish.


Offers thousands of free fonts; some can be downloaded by anyone, while others require that you register first.


FontFreak offers over 5,000 free fonts to choose from both PCs and Macs. You can download them one at a time, or pay a $7.95 fee to download all of them as one huge file.


Offers an assortment of free and paid fonts, with a Font of the Day, Top 25, an archive and more.

Font Garden

Font Leech

This site is not offering Fonts for download directly but points to other sites havint free Fonts available.


Thousands of free fonts for PCs and Macs, with the ability to browse by category or alphabet. They do offer a subscription plan that will allow you to download more fonts in each zip file and also remove the pop-up and pop-under ads.


FontShack isn’t as big as some other font sites, but seems to be a bit more selective in what they post so you only find quality fonts to use. The site is available in multiple languages.


Over 10,000 fonts in a fairly basic layout that is easy to navigate.

Coo Fonts

This site has a really has a ’96 design making you recall how website looked in the 90’ies. There are many free font ready for download here so don’t bother the Look & Feel of the site ;))

Font Squirrel

Another free font site with some quality fonts available for download. Site was only created a few months aho, so it’s not as large as the others but still worth keeping an eye on.


This is site is both a download resource and a really cool font tool for creating your own fonts online. It is in my opinion one of the very interesting sites that you have to visit!


This is a very large collection with more than 10.000 Fonts but it features some of the best free fonts out there on the front page for eady access.


Quite large collection but the site is not that user friendly. Still it is worth a visit!


This site is based on the idea of a community of designers and font addicts, and has around 10,000 fonts divided into over 3,000 categories. All fonts are free to download, and if you sign up for their free membership you can bookmark, rate and comment on the fonts you like.


Large collection of quality, free fonts. As you can see on the frontpage it has quite a few diggs and is popular.


SimplyTheBest Fonts

The name of this site is hard to live up to but the collection is really worth investigating.


SearchFreeFonts offers well over 13,000 fonts that are well categorized, and breaks down the 50 most popular for easy browsing. The site includes articles about the history and use of fonts and a very handy guide to various paid and free tools for designing, organizing and managing your fonts.



A collection of around 1500 Fonts


6500 free fonts you can download to your computer and use for free. Website usability is not brilliant but all fonts have preview and is simple to download.

2200 Free Fonts


Beautiful Fonts

Large collection of true type fonts for Windows.

Eternal Fonts


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Specialized Font Collections


Collection of pixel fonts – handy for flash sites or those with limited space…. and old school retro games fans


This is a very interesting site for anyone who loves comics. There are loads of Fonts here that will fit perfrctly into a comic or comic styles artwork.

ABC WebWorx

Large collection of dingbats.


Fontennium at typOasis is a collection of “historic” fonts that cover periods like Roman, Celtic, Egyptian (if you need hippogryphs) etc.



If you need types that are really art in themselves this is a good place to look… The site covers the following categories.

Blackletter Initials, Roman Initials, Ornaments


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Designers offering Free Fonts

Deviantart Fonts

Deviantart is really one of my favorite website when it comes to finding high quality and good looking design artefacts like icons, Photoshop patterns etc. This is cetainly also true when it comes to Fonts!


Small collection of free fonts – They are generally quite creative and unique. Nice samples that show how fonts can be used.


Large collection of Designers offering their Fonts for download at typoasis.

10 free fonts that dont suck



Lost and Found

This is a collection of work created by Font Designer that are not actively promoting their work themselves but still they know how to make font!


misprinted type

Small, personal collection of free and commercial (mainly grunge) fonts.


Chank is a font design firm that focuses on selling their in-house fonts, and even making custom fonts for companies that want to own all the rights, but they also offer a selection of their designs for free.

Cal Henderson

Small collection of pixel fonts for both Windows and Apple.


Here you find an ok large collection of Fonts created by Dieter Steffmann. The Fonts are not new but they look good and you should give them a try.

Divide By Zero Fonts

You find a few fonts here that are creative and hand drawn in style


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Not sure if these are worth a visit…

Font connection


Font Heaven

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