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WordPress is probably the easiest and most popular solution for building and maintaining a website or blog. Although WordPress was first intended to be a tool for bloggers, it is now widely used for business websites, online portfolios and even e-commerce solution. WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS) and it is highly extendable. The huge community around WordPress ensures a constant flow of new high quality themes and plugins and this makes WordPress a great option for building your next website.

For most existing WordPress users, one of the worst fears is to lose all the precious data in the WordPress database. Whether the incident is caused by a hacker, accident or server errors, there is nothing worse than loosing all your content and configurations with no way to recover it.

To avoid the catastrophe, you have the option to install a WordPress backup plugin or use a backup service. This will help you ensure that you put copies of your website safely to a remote location on a day-to-day basis. Keep in mind that backups must be automatic and that the ability to store backups on a remote location is very important. The worst-case scenario webmasters can face is a hardware / disk failure on the server taking both the website and all the backups into the digital graveyard. Some plugins include full restore capabilities and this will help you get back online again faster. This could also be relevant for restoring your WordPress website on a new hosting account if your old host is part of the problem.

I have collected 15 of the best backup plugins for WordPress below to help you quickly get an overview of the available solutions.

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BackWPup wordpress backup plugin

BackWPup is a highly effective wordpress backup plugin. It permits one to do WP backup of database as well files and store them to a folder, FTP Server, Amazon S3, Google Storage, Microsoft Azure, RackSpaceCloud, Dropbox, SugarSync. You can even send a log or backup to your Email. XML Export, optimization, check/repair are other additional amazing features.

BackupBuddy – MORE INFO

BackupBuddy is a premium WordPress backup plugin. It is capable of backing up your entire WP blog with just a few clicks. This includes database, plugin, themes, widgets and files. You can opt to store your backup to an FTP server or email. Backup Buddy receives all kinds of praises except for one aspect and that is the limited upgrade access, which expires after a year.

BackUpWordpress Plugin – MORE INFO

BackUpWordpress Plugin

BackUpWordpress Plugin is one of the best WordPress backup plugin for its simplicity and ability to save database and files on your preferred schedule once a day. There is no setup required and it works using only low memory “shared host” environment. You can opt to send the backup file to your email and ignore files and folders.

WP Dolly Pro – MORE INFO

WP Dolly Pro wordpress backup plugin

WP Dolly Pro is often compared with another popular premium WordPress backup, which is BackupBuddy. The comparison comes down to price and ease of use. WP Dolly is geared towards newbies while back up buddy is more for the advanced bloggers. Manual and scheduled backups, cloning feature, repair and optimization are the standout features. It’s also far less expensive than back up buddy. It’s certainly one of the best wordpress backup plugin.

Online Backup For WordPress – MORE INFO

Online Backup For WordPress plugin

Looking for a free wordpress backup? Check out this one from Backup Technology. It allows one to backup 50 MB database on the company’s secure servers. Although it is a free plugin, there are obvious drawbacks as it only backups database and not files. It also doesn’t possess any advantage over the built in DB Manager plugin.


WP-DB Manager wordpress backup plugin

WP-DB Manager is one of the best and most popular wordpress backup for its scheduled automatic capability. One can backup his database via email or server backup. Apart from the automatic scheduling, one can also manually save the database, optimize which database to save, repair, delete or restore. Only one thing is lacking, it isn’t capable of backing up the entire WP blog rather it only backups your database.

WP Time Machine – MORE INFO


This WordPress backup plugin generates archives of your WP data, uploads and files in WP content and stores them to free online storages such as Dropbox, Amazon S3 or your FTP host. You will be the one to choose among these online storages. An instruction for smooth recovery is included as well as a shell script, which can aid you in recovering automatically.

myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin & Service – MORE INFO

myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin & Service

myRepono is an online wp backup service. With this wordpress backup plugin, you’ll be able to backup not only your WP site files but also MySQL database tables through a web-based management system. Just like backupbuddy plugin, it can save all your WordPress website along with posts, template, user data, comments and plugin files.

VaultPress – MORE INFO

VaultPress wordpress backup plugin

VaultPress is the official backup wordpress by Automattic, the makers of WordPress. This enables you to backup your content in real time. Restoring your site is also automatic, with a simple click of a button. This amazing wordpress backup plugin also scans your site and server on a daily basis and alert you when there’s a security threat.

XCloner –Backup and Restore – MORE INFO

XCloner –Backup and Restore wordpress backup plugin

Xcloner is a wp backup and restore plugin in one. It is made for PHP/Mysql sites and can work as a native plugin for both WordPress and Joomla!. It can backup wordpress database and files. And because it uses Open Source standards, you are sure that your backups are restored in various ways. You can restore by using their Xcloner.php script.

WordPress EZ Backup – MORE INFO

WordPress EZ Backup plugin

One of the easiest to use backup buddy is the WordPress EZ Backup. This wordpress backup plugin creates archives of your WP site and database. There is a live log file of your backup procedure and an interactive Help and Auto Settings. It has several robust features along with its super easy backup creation.

Backupify – MORE INFO


Backupify is a cloud data service. They are a backup buddy for numerous platforms such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter and more. Although they offer extensive services from simple to complex data, their wordpress backup plugin is not very comprehensive. They only offer to backup your WP database and not your files.

Backup Scheduler – MORE INFO

Backup Scheduler wordpress plugin

This wordpress backup lets you choose which folders to save and how many times you want the backup process to run. The backup can be sent to a local website, your personal email or an FTP support. It is compatible with Multisite installation too so you can backup all your WP blog sites.

Code Guard – MORE INFO

CodeGuard wordpress backup plugin

Code Guard is one of the best wordpress backup plugin because it’s secure, automatic and perceptive. Apart from the automatic daily backups, you get notified for any new addition or removal of files on your website. This proves to be useful in knowing if your site has been compromised. User error is also not a problem because there is a one-click undo power.

Pressbackup – MORE INFO

Pressbackup wordpress backup plugin

For easy backup, restoration and migration of your WP site. As a free backup wordpress, you can also use it with your Amazon S3, Dropbox and any local folder. If you want more advanced backup features, you can buy the Pressbackup Pro/Express. The free version lets you manually download or upload backup files.

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