Cool photoshop effects and tutorials teaching the secret tricks required to create them yourself are always good to have around when ideas pop up. In fact good tutorials help can you to create things in Photoshop most people would not believe possible and this without being an expert. Of course knowledge and experience with Photoshop makes it a lot easier and faster to achieve stunning results but with plenty of practice and patience it is possible. By going through a some cool Photoshop tutorials step by step you learn and may apply the techniques to your own ideas and creations.

In this post I have collected and categorized 100 really cool Photoshop effects with reference images making it super easy for you to find the tutorial you need. In previous post in tripwire magazine you also Photoshop water effect, Photoshop smoke effects and much more.

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Cool Photoshop Effects Index

Top 20 Cool Photoshop Text Effect:

With Photoshop text effects you can turn simple flat typography into amazing art.

1. 3d text effect

3d text effect

2. Quality Styles (Gold, Chrome, Glass and more)


This is a pack of 16 quality styles for Photoshop. Use the gold, chrome, stone, copper, metal styles and all the others for your web or print work!

by GraphicRiver (premium Photoshop Add-on )

3. Blooded Mafia Text

Blooded Mafia Text
4. Bubble Text effect

Bubble Text effect
5. Dimensions – 3D Generator Action

Dimensions - 3D Generator Action

The Photoshop Action ‘Dimensions’, helps you to generate whatever you want (text, image, shape, etc,) in 3D

by GraphicRiver (premium Photoshop Add-on )

6. Colorful Light Burst text effect

Colorful Light Burst text effect
7. Fire text effect

fire text effect
8. Ghostly blur text effect

Ghostly Blur Text Effect
9. Glass effect

Glass effect
10. Gloomy text effect

Gloomy Text Effect
11. Glossy Emblem Text Effects

Glossy Emblem Text Effects
12. Gold Ornamental Text

Gold Ornamental Text
13. Vintage Letterpress


22 actions make it simple to create that vintage wood type letterpress look. Simply select the layer and hit play! Complete with 11 different textures and 2 sizes of each. Great for print or web! Works on ALL layer types (text, vector & raster).

by GraphicRiver (premium Photoshop Add-on)

14. Jelly Fish Delight

Jelly Fish Delight
15. Retro Text Effect

Retro Text Effect
16. Spray Paint Text

Spray Paint Text

17. Steam Powered text effect

Steam Powered text effect
18. Transparent Glass text effect

Transparent Glass text effect
19. Pressed – Letterpress Photoshop Styles

Pressed - Letterpress Photoshop Styles

Save time by using pre-built great looking styles in Photoshop! This is a set of 5 letterpress Photoshop styles – they will make your text look as though it’s been pressed into any color background. With each of the 5 primary styles, there are 3 styles based on your text size: Small, Medium or Large. In all there are 15 styles.

by GraphicRiver (premium Photoshop Add-on )

20. Leather text effect

Leather text effect

Top 20 Background Effects:

21. Abstract artsy background

Abstract artsy background
22. Abstract Kaleidoscope effect

Abstract Kaleidoscope effect
23. Magical rainbow color flame

Magical rainbow flame background
24. Signature movement background

Signature movement background
25. Chroma Wallpaper

Chroma Wallpaper
26. Colored Bars background

Colored Bars background
27. Swirl effect

Swirl effect
28. Futuristic Tech Background

Futuristic Tech Background
29. Grunge background

Grunge background
30. Edge transfer effect

Edge transfer effect
31. Digital Art Piece

Digital Art Piece
32. Mac-type-background

33. Stainless steel background

Stainless steel background
34. Retro Grid Background

Retro Grid Background
35. Seamless Background

Seamless Background
36. Smolding gold

smolding gold
37. Magic light streak

Magic light streak
38. Urban Art Background

Urban Art Background
39. Valentine Day Background

Valentine Day Background
40. Rusty Surface

Rusty Surface

Top 20 Lighting Effects:

41. Awesome lighting effect

awesome lighting effect
42. Dusty light

dusty light
43. Energy and Light Effects

Energy and Light Effects
44. Expressive lighting effect

Expressive lighting effect
45. Glowing effect

Glowing effect
46. IES Lighting Effects

IES Lighting Effects
47. Intense Lighting Effect

Intense Lighting Effect
48. Inverting effect

Inverting effect
49. Lighting FX effect

Lighting FX effect
50. Mysterious Lightning

Mysterious Lightning
51. Euphoric abstract haze

Euphoric abstract haze
52. Powerball Effect

Powerball Effect
53. Professional Lighting Effects

Professional Lighting Effects
54. Interplay light streaks

Interplay light streaks
55. Sparkling Effect

Sparkling Effect
56. Magic Night

Magic Night
57. Cool Neon Effects

Cool Neon Effect
58. Energy Spheres

Energy Spheres
59. Rocking Silhouette

Rocking Silhouette
60. Speeding car with lighting

Speeding car with lighting

Top 20 General Photoshop Effects:

61. Sin city effect

Sin city effect
62. Scanner darkly effect

scanner darkly effect
63. Avatar Movie Effect

Avatar Movie Effect
64. Cinematic portrait effect

Cinematic portrait effect
65. Distorting Effect

Distorting Effect
66. Dreamy photo effect

Dreamy photo effect
67. Dynamic effect

Dynamic effect
68. Ferocious skull effect

Ferocious skull effect
69. Gritty Effect

Gritty Effect
70. Grungy effect

Grungy effect
71. Halftone Effect

Halftone Effect
72. Illustrative effect

Illustrative effect
73. Smoke effect

Smoke effect
74. Soft Focus Lens Effect

Soft Focus Lens Effect
75. Vector based portrait effect

Vector based portrait effect
76. Vintage effect

Vintage effect
77. Water dropping effect

Water dropping effect
78. Watercolor Painting Effect

Watercolor Painting Effect
79. X-ray effect

80. Eclipse effect

Eclipse effect

Top 20 Photo Manipulation Effects

Photo manipulation Photoshop effects are at the heart of what Photoshop should be used for. It is truly amazing what can be done when you know how to do it.

81. Ripping And Tearing Poster Effect

Ripping And Tearing Poster Effect
82. Surreal Desert Scene

Surreal Desert Scene
83. Deathly Photo Manipulation

Deathly Photo Manipulation
84. Dynamic photo manipulation effect

Dynamic photo manipulation effect
85. Flying Land Illustration

Flying Land Illustration
86. Aircraft manipulation

Aircraft manipulation
87. Garden on face

Garden on face
88. Magic of Violin

Magic Of Violin
89. Night Photo Manipulation

Night Photo Manipulation
90. Mythical Encounter Manipulation

Mythical Encounter
91. Color Combustion

Color Combustion
92. Sci-Fi Urban City Scene

Sci-Fi Urban City Scene
93. Slow Motion Bullet Effect

Slow Motion Bullet Effect
94. Smoking Bird Composition

Smoking Bird Composition
95. Surreal Ancient Egypt Scene

Surreal Ancient Egypt Scene
96. Modern Ruins

Modern Ruins
97. Wave Explosion Effect

Wave Explosion Effect
98. Epic Fantasy Scene

Epic Fantasy Scene
99. Eye Manipulation

Eye Manipulation
100. Flaming Photo Manipulation

Flaming Photo Manipulation


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