Ever wanted to add cool buttons to your WordPress website with just a few clicks? In this review, I will take a look at Max Buttons, a free button generator plugin for WordPress that I believe does a good job.

Websites typically have very specific purposes related to making visitors take some kind of action – like signing up for a newsletter, creating and account or making a purchase. How good a web page is for converting visitors into desired actions is often measured as the conversion rate (number of achieved goals/visits). It often makes a huge difference if you openly ask visitors to take action and make it is easy to do it. Large colorful buttons are known to work and attract attention. However, it can be quite hard to predict what design and text to use. Therefore, skilled webmasters do a lot of testing and a flexible and here an easy to use button generator will make your life easier.

Max Buttons plugin is a free CSS3 button generator that uses shortcodes for easy integration of the created buttons within your website content. The plugin lets you create buttons just by adding a title, descriptive text and a URL. The URL is needed to send your visitors to a website or page you want them to go. It is easy to customize with unlimited colors for both button and text as well as height and width options for the buttons. Additional effects such as box shadow, text shadowing and gradients are included for a dynamic feel for your buttons. Please note that there is a premium version available with more button styles, however, in most cases I think the free plugin will do the job. Let us take a look at the details of this plugin.

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Installation of the plugin takes seconds only to complete. You can search for it inside WordPress plugins or download it here. Once it is installed, the Buttons Tab will appear in the Dashboard Area.


Max Buttons in Dashboard

The Buttons List shows previously created buttons and from here you can easily preview, create more, edit existing and copy the shorcode to use the button.


Max Buttons Page

Creating a new button is done by clicking the Add New button. Here you will be asked to tweak settings for your buttons like button color, text color etc. The Settings are divided into Basics, Text, Color, Container and Advanced Settings. There is a button preview window that always shows you the result. This is pretty cool as it updates immediately and both shows normal and hover state.


Filled out Add New Button Page

text options

Text options for the button


Border settings for the button


Setting the colors for the button

After saving your button’s settings, a shortcode will instantly be generated. You can view the shortcode within that page or get it from the Button List Page.


Getting Button Shortcode

Adding a shortcode is easy. Just copy the shortcode and paste it in the post editor or page editor area.


Inserting a shortcode within a post

The generated button will be visible on your post or page.


Button in Post

MaxButtons plugin is an easy way to make custom buttons for your website. With its simple and easy-to-follow instruction, you can generate a button in less than 5 minutes. Customizing the button is just a click away and you can even add effects to the button itself. The idea of using shortcodes to place the buttons anywhere on your site is very straightforward and lets the beginners enjoy customizing without the headache of code. So, for your website button needs, use Max Buttons. You can read more about the plugin here.

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Author : Lars Vraa


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