As a serious and passionate photographer, it is crucial to have your images showcased to as many interested people as possible – and it should of course be in a delicious way that emphasizes image quality and expression.

There are many blogs and websites about photography and many of them are very talented to create stunning presentations that maintains and builds relationships with visitors. It is therefore crucial to your success that you know the possibilities to improve your own photography blog.

In this article I will introduce you to some good tips as we like to help you get ahead in the queue and get more visitors to view your photos.
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1# Picture of the day

Great websites such as National Geographic has found a good way to highlight amazing pictures. They have a “Photo of the day” located in their sidebar. It is a good idea to highlight picture, because visitors are likely to click on the featured images and this way they move further into your website.


2# Power up your website with WordPress Gallery plugins

It is a good opportunity to use WordPress to build your website. It is a free content management system that gives you easy access to a beautiful and easily manageable website. The good thing about WordPress is the many useful plugins and WordPress themes build for photography content, including plugins that are designed to display images in an exciting and effective way.


WordPress plugins can be used in many different ways to create slide shows, galleries with different formats, and more. Another good way to integrate a beautiful display of your images is to use one of the pre-designed WordPress photography themes. The themes and plugins for WordPress keep getting better and today you can get themes with drop & drag layout builders and integrated image gallery functionallity.

3# Show Photo Location


Another cool effect is to show “photo location” via Google Maps. By displaying the images origin on a map you will give your pictures a dimension more, and it can be fun for your visitors to search and investigate whether there are more pictures from an interesting area on the map.

One way to include a map of where your images were taken is using Geo tag, a free plugin for WordPress.

4# Photo Rating System

It is essential to involve and retain your visitors to the website, so it will often be a good idea to have a Photo rating system, where your photos can be judged. It gives a good effect because we as people are attracted by things that other people like. It is a form of mental trigger and it works because it gives social proof when your pictures get good ratings. This is an example from National Geograpichs.


5# Use Comments and Feedback Features

Similarly, it is important to have a good dialogue with your visitors and get their feedback. This can be strengthened by having the comment boxes attached to each photo. Also if you write a little about how you prepared and managed to capture the image, it might give rise to comments


6# Easy Access To Share On Social Media

Social media is a good way to get your photos shared among new people. If people like what you do and they want to share it to their friends and colleagues it’s immportant to give them easy access to share your photos on social media. This is an example from deceptivemedia.


7# Try Out Photography Face-Off

Another way to involve your visitors is a Face-Off, where two images are placed opposite each other and competing to be the best. This is an example from dphotographer.


Most people think it’s exciting to see if they have the same taste as others.


8# Collect Your Visitors Email And Send Newsletters

Another very powerful way to many interested visitors is collecting email addresses and sending newsletters that tells about new photos and other relevant updates on your website.


Group Discussion

I hope that you find the above tips useful and that they have inspired you to work with your website. Do you already know these ideas? Are you planning on doing something similar on your website? Do you have other ideas to get better and more contact with your visitors? Please add a comment below.

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Author : Andy


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