Are you aware that the features making WordPress so popular for bloggers actually may be quite useful as a CMS for anyone building a website, e.g. a news portal (using a WordPress theme for news websites)?

Actually WordPress is silently serving a lot of websites that have nothing to do with blogging at all and I think the number will be growing dramatically in the near future. Regardless if you’re a passionate blogger writing about subjects you’re interested in or if you have a company selling services or products, publishing content online is all about interaction with other people.

The blogging tsunami that have hit us over the last couple of years has significantly changed the way a lot of people seek and publish information on-line and more importantly how people interact and share opinions and ideas. Information can be produced by anyone and people have used this opportunity!

There are millions of bloggers today and their busy lifestyle demands good tools for publishing; it must be easy, simple, fast, accessible and make it easy for their reader to contribute and communicate. WordPress is the top platform and it offers everything a blogger or webmaster needs and more.

On top of that it is completely free and there are thousands of extensions and simple WordPress themes produced by the enormous community supporting WordPress. Further WordPress is known to be highly optimized for search engines and may make a difference in the amount of traffic you get from this channel.

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One of the main reasons I would highly recommend considering WordPress for building traditional non-blog websites is that it has been build from scratch with the purpose of making content publishing easy and it’s popularity / dominance in the blogging sphere is proof that it has succeeded. With cool WordPress themes I believe WordPress is also excellent for boosting interaction with readers/customers and other companies and blogs that write about your organization. When it comes to look and feel and being able to design a professional and appealing website WordPress is also superior. First of all there are thousands of free and premium themes available out there. OK most of the gallery WordPress themes are not directly aimed at traditional websites but typically it is quite simple to redesign a blogging theme into a non-blogging version. Also if you’re not up for the challenge yourself the WordPress community is huge and there is plenty of help to get at reasonable prizes even for build an online shop you can find great WordPress e-commerce themes. Many business owners also use business WordPress themes for their corporate website. Lets look at some examples of great websites powered by WordPress. Drop a comment if you are aware of a website that I should add!


  • Examples of Websites powered by WordPress
  • Examples of Low Cost Premium WordPress Themes

Examples of Websites powered by WordPress

Archer Group


Creative WordPress website with a cool portfolio theme style front page.

LEAD Enter next level


Cool example of one page dark WordPress website with scrolling background!



I Love Typography

Simple and clean WordPress blog website look and feel.


One of the most well know tech blogs ever and a massive high traffic site!


Carolina Roller Girls

Adobe Blogs

Smashing Magazine




Design Shack

Grain Edit

Webdesigner Depot



Digo Brands



Creative Spaces

Cubicle Ninjas

Knowledge Screen

Radium Labs


Fergus Neilson

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Author : Lars Vraa


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