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We can confidently say that Facebook is the most popular social media network in the whole world! It attracts billions of Internet users from around the world that upload 300 million photos and comments on and likes 3.2 billion times EVERY day. Thus, Facebook started out as a social network it is now also a platform for business pursuit. Whether it is a small, medium or a giant business, they all trust Facebook to enhance and extend their online successes.

Everybody can have success on Facebook, but you have to put in the effort and time in order to make it happen. If you are about to start up your business Page, there are several things you should take into consideration.

First of all the Page needs to be unique and attractive in such a way that when an Internet visitor comes across your Page, he or she will never want to go elsewhere. Second you should consider connecting your Facebook Page together with your website and your other social media accounts. This can be done effectively with a powerful Facebook plugin. And last but not least try to embed a “call-to-action” incentive thereby luring the Facebook visitors to visit your website.

Aside from the external appeal you should try to encourage visitors to comment on your posts. In this way, the traffic into your page will increase, and every like and comment actually increases your search engine potential.

If you plan to build one of the best Facebook Pages for Business, you need some inspiration. This article serve you with more than 35 effective Facebook Pages for Business to get you started. I also encourage you to about Facebook plugins to ensure you’re up-to-date with the possibilities available.

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Subway is undoubtedly the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world with over 37,800 restaurants in 98 countries as of November last year. With so many competitors booming around no one can stop them from expanding. No wonder they got over 20 million likes on Facebook and everyone is talking about it. As their first campaign ad says; “Subway, the way a sandwich should be!”

Monster Energy


Monster Energy has a different way to attract their customers. Instead of spending money on ad agencies, TV commercials, billboards, radio spots and the like, they prefer reaching out to the consumers by supporting every possible scene… They back athletes, sponsor concert tours and celebrate with the fans and riders by throwing parties and making the coolest events they can conceptualize. In their Facebook fanpage, they come up with The Monster Energy Cup which is designed around a racing format that will challenge the racers unlike any other supercross event featuring an epic endurance challenge of a three-stage. 30-lap main event.



Levi’s exemplifies the classic American style and effortless cool jeans, clothing and accessories launched in 1873. Yes, Levi’s is already 140 years old and they have been capturing the imagination and loyalty of their people for many generations in more than 110 countries. Levi’s promote an ad campaign on Facebook with an emphasis on sponsored stories aimed at driving the latest phase of its “Go Forth” initiative. It predicts to get 325 million views from people all over the world.



Skittles is famous not only to kids but to people young at heart. This brand of fruit flavored sweets in a hard sugar shells which carry the letter “S” was first made commercially in 1974 by a British company and is now produced and marketed by the Wm Wrigley Jr. company. Their Facebook page is for the greatest fans in the world where they could hangout and meet each other. Here, you can post anything to share an awesome experience but rudeness is not allowed otherwise you’d be taken down by grumpy wrestlers.

Angry Birds


Angry Birds has flooded millions of fans worldwide since it was introduced by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Entertainment which was first released for Apple’s IOS in 2009. The game was patronized by facebook users and video game fanatics due to its addictive gameplay, comical style and low price. It is now one of the most mainstream games, one of the great runaway hits of 2010 and the largest mobile application success the world has ever seen!



PlayStation is one of the pioneers in the video game console innovation was first released by Sony Computer Entertainment 18 years ago. Their second release PlayStation 2 is the best selling home console to date having reached over 150 million units sold. To continue with their success, they have established their official Facebook fan page as a source of information, insights, perspective and opinions on all things pertaining to PlayStation.



Disney was founded in 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney and now established as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television and travel. For so many decades, they have touched the lives of the billions of people around the world with their thousands of great movies that makes impossible things happen, well at least on the big screen or the boob tube.

Texas HoldEm Poker


Texas HoldEm is a kind of poker where each player is dealt two cards down known as hole cards and then five cards are dealt face-up in the center of the table.  Each player shares these center or board cards to make the best five-card hand from the cards in the hole and the cards on the board. For poker fanatics, you can now play with friends or anyone through Facebook and see who has the best poker face or send daily bonus chips to friends or some new buddies.

Fox News


Fox News is widening its horizon. They have a Facebook page that can extend their reach. This is why Fox News is one of the biggest competitors of the World’s famous and biggest news program: CNN. With their Facebook company page, they can be as competitive as ever. Aside from the daily news posting, this page is a platform wherein the usual viewers of this news channel can interact and share their opinion.

Red Bull


Red Bull had not stop from just becoming an energy drink. It has widen its business perspective. Today, with the up and coming Facebook business pages, Red Bull wants to compete. In their company facebook page, internet users can see the current promos and happenings within the company. It also has the expected advertisements to allure the users into drinking this energy-boosting delight.



BMW is one of the most popular vehicular brand. It’s the car for the billionaires But despite its worldwide popularity, the company never stops from competing—its facebook page is their proof for that. Their page has the things a car-owner-wanna-be should see and know. Brand new models are all posted. Other known BMW products are also posted. People can also interact with other BMW-enthusiasts.



Windows is not stopping from winning customers over. Billions of people are using the Window applications—way more than its competitors. But despite their sure win in the business battle field, Windows managed to have a Facebook business page. In this page, people can see the newest offering of the software firm. It also has the other things which they offer to the public.

Volkswagen USA


Volkswagen has been in the car business since time memorial. And although their popularity has exceeded its founder’s expectation, the Volkswagen companies around the globe are still competing for supremacy. Volkswagen USA, for example, has also conquered the Facebook world in order to grab some potential customers. And with their incredible Facebook business page design, they will surely attract a lot of new customers.



Star Bucks is clearly the most famous coffee shop in the whole world. Aside from serving the finest coffee in town, they are also now serving the minds of internet users around the globe. With their facebook business page, Star Bucks is now reaching out to more and more customers. Beside using the page to post “mood images” they use it to promote one of their other online medias – Pinterest!



Sony is one of the most innovative electronic and gadget company. And with their facebook page, they are about to climb the top ground sooner than anybody expected in the electronic world. The page is very helpful in their business. They use this platform not only to give information or allure new prospective customers, but to really close the deal—the communication activity within the page helps the company in fulfilling that goal.



Porsche is another multi-billion vehicular brand. It has the most innovative and game-changing car design. But their centuries of successes did not stop them from competing. Today, they have Facebook page wherein people can see new models and interact with other Porsche aficionado. What’s fascinating is the Facebook business page design of this company. Its main picture is very enticing. It showcases what Porsche is all about with 5 million likes.



We all know that Adidas is one of the most multifaceted shoe brand in the world. It has been the most commercialized brand among athletes. But they are now extending their grapes. Fashionably speaking, Adidas has been the dress of the young generation. Thus, it is very reasonable that it has a Facebook business page. There, stylish customers can see the newest and the coolest designs of shoes, jackets and shirts.

The New York Times


The New York Times is one of the most respectable news authority world wide. Having a Facebook business page shows that they are here to win the worldwide news readers. Internet users can have a glimpse of the daily happenings in the Big Apple and around the globe. They can also interact with other news readers, share ideas and opinions.

Coca Cola


Coca Cola is not stopping from conquering the world. They have entered all kinds of strategies in order to win over the hearts of all the consumers. They also conquered the social media networking by having a Facebook business page. If visit it, you’ll first notise its incredible layout and design. Of course, the red theme is there. But what’s fascinating is how the images are edited and laid out.



Walmart have proven that they are not just big in the retail business they are also quite large on Facebook. With more than 26 million Fans on their Page they have succeeded in making a Page that you need to pay attention to. One of the things you can learn from this Page is how they interact with the Fans. It is quite impressive how many shares and likes their posts get – which is a study worth!



People magazine is one of the most exciting celebrity magazine on the planet. Especially their global reach is exiting. They are coming out of the print media; and now they are also conquering the Internet. People.com is the magazine’s Facebook business page. Their Facebook business page design is very alluring. They put pictures of celebrities in their main image.



Oreo’s Facebook business page design is very light and welcoming. It can attract not only kids but actually every kids at heart. Well, in their profile picture, there written: Oreo 100th Birthday – Celebrate the Kid Inside. Truly, this page is dedicated to anyone. And because they are celebrating their 100th birthday, the company is using this page to post the birthdays of their loyal consumers.



McDonald’s is known for its extensive scope. They are not only a chain of fastfood restaurants but a full grown foundation. They have so many pursuits—providing food is just their forefront. You can see their diversity in their Facebook business page. Their profile picture says a lot about that multiplicity: There’s a picture of a woman and beside her is a caption saying, “I don’t just grow potatoes. I grow potatoes that make McDonald’s fries.



NBA is a worldwide phenomenon. Literary,everyone knows about it—even non sport fans have heard of it! Now, NBA also entered the social media and clever enough they uses their Page to present facts and news from the NBA making it a Page you want to follow if your are a true NBA fan.

Travel Channel


Travel Channel is making a name in the TV program industry. For people that love traveling their Facebook Page is absolutely worth a visit. Their “Daily escape” takes the Fans to beautiful places allover the world and makes you longer for more. This is a great example of how beautifully a TV program and a Facebook Page can compliment each other.

Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut is one of the most exhilarating pizza joints in the whole world. People around the globe is loving their version of a classic pizza recipe. Now, with their Facebook business page, they are about to conquer even the World Wide Web. Well, their page is an eye-catcher indeed with the well-known red theme. The designs of the photos will make the users crave for more pizzas.

MTV India


MTV is the most popular music video channel in the whole world. Today, they have branches nationwide. One of the most enthusiastic about their craft is MTV India. Their Facebook business page is a living proof of that. When you go there you’ll witness the various artistic perspective of Indian people.



One of the most favorite snack, Pringles has been excelling in the business point of view. Their Facebook page is a living proof of that. If their aim was to reach more people they have succeeded. With more than 22 million Fans this Page is worth looking into not only do they have a lot of fans they also have the largest number og subscribers among Facebook business pages.



Nescafe has been in the business world for centuries now. They have been providing the most loved coffee in the whole wide world. Their Page is designed to bring people together and gives their fans a place to share favorite Nescafe moments.



Burberry is making its name in the fashion industry. Their brand is coping with phenomenal products such as Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. And just like other well-known brands Burberry uses their Facebook Page to promote new trends and products making it a source of inspiration for their millions of Facebook Fans.

Paramount Pictures


Paramount Pictures is known for its phenomenal and top-grossing movies such as Mission Impossible and Paranormal Activity sagas. Profitably speaking, they are making more money than any film company. Today, they have an added strategy in order to get more viewers and DVD buyers: Facebook business page. Well, this marketing plan is paying off—more and more people are liking and subscribing this page.

Toyota USA


Toyota is one of the most popular car manufacturer and distributor. Their USA branch is the most aggressive—marketing-wise. Their Facebook business page is a living proof of that. Because of this, more and more people are being informed about their innovative car ideas. With this page, they are about to make known that they are not just for truck-making but deserving for the whole car industry.



Playboy is not just a men’s magazine it is a well known brands worldwide. Throughout years Playboy has attracted readers throughout the globe and now it seems as if the bunny also does well online! The Playboy Facebook business page has impressive 7.9 million fans making this a Page that with its sexy and exciting postings surely understands how to capture the eyes and hearts of men around the world.

Avon Products


Avon is the brand for women. But they are more than that. They want to be known as one of the most successful businesses in the whole world. They also want to be tagged as the most reliable provider of business opportunities for those who want to earn more money. To be true to these, their Facebook business page is being used for recruitment and all.

Budweiser UK


Budweiser’s Facebook business page is an statement of their success. Without it, they are still the no. 1 beer brand in the whole world. Still, they went and created this page for their customers. They want to be part of their loyal and faithful consumers’ lives, even in their Facebook worlds.



Lamborghini is a billion-dollar car brand—you are one of the richest if you have one. With their Facebook Page they make it possible for every man to own a bit of the Lamborghini dream them self. This Page shares events, news and facts about the cars and gives you the insights of how it must be owning a Lamborghini of your own.

Victoria’s Secret


From interacting videos of beautiful and sexy models, exciting polls, up-and-coming models introduction to enticing advertisements, every Internet users will love the Facebook business page of Victoria’s Secret. Being one of the most exquisite feminine brands, they are even more extending their global reach with their exhilarating Facebook page.



Facebook is doing what they preach. With their own business page in their own domain, businesses around the globe will surely be enticed to have Facebook business pages of their own. Well, the success of their very own page is a proof that every firm should try having a fan page.

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