Flash is a very versatile and mature technology used in a number of ways including game development.

This however creating a game using can be a challenge for beginners. This is partly because flash can be quite hard to learn and master. On the other hand typically people knowledgeable with flash, finds it to be a very effective and rewarding tool, not only in making beautiful and entertaining games but also for web design and development. What is amazing about flash is its ability to present superior visual effects that integrates graphic motion, videos and sound.

To give you an idea how flash games are created, we are giving you this roundup consisting of a large flash game tutorial collection. Each flash game tutorial discusses the making of a complete game with its source codes and other essential guides. Use them to learn the process, tip and tricks and get started creating some games yourself by following these flash game tutorials.

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We hope that you will find this article useful in improving your knowledge in developing flash games.
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1. Create a Flash Racing Game

This flash game tutorial will teach you how to create a flash racing game in easy step by step procedure.

2. Create a Flash Ball Game with Visual from Above Tutorial

Create a Flash ball game with a visual from above and some decent graphics. It covers two types of gameplay: one with the ball that runs on a static stage, and one with a fixed ball with a scrolling stage. The aim of the game is for you to take your ball to the exit of each level avoiding any kind of traps.

3. Make Your Own Custom Minesweeper Game

Learn how to make a variant of the very popular Minesweeper. This will also give you a very clear idea on how to go about creating games in Flash.

4. How to Create a Random Wheel Game

This flash game tutorial will teach you how to make an exciting wheel game in an easy step by step process.

5. How to Create a Catapult Game

This tutorial explains step-by-step how to create a catapult game with a launching arm, trampolines, and fans. The tutorial assumes knowledge is how to create movie clips, how to draw, and basic actionscript. The rest will be explained.

6. Complete Flash Pool Game with Highscore flash game tutorial

This is an easy to follow guide on how to make a good and complete pool game with loading, splash, gameplay, game over, and highscore table.

7. Create a survival horror game in Flash tutorial- Part 1

Learn how to create the engine for a survival horror game with a very dark, claustrophobic ambient.

8. AS3 Character Movement: Helicopter Games

In this flash game tutorial you will learn how to make a helicopter that flies in any direction you want using the arrow keys.

9. Build a Mini Golf Game

This flash game tutorial will show you how to create nice Mini Golf Game with ActionScript 3.0. You will work with Event Handlers, Functions and also the Timer Object which is a really cool feature in AS3.

10. Creating a Flash Lite Game Tutorial

This flash game tutorial will teach you how to create a Flash Lite game playable on the Flash Lite Player version 1.1 – one of the earliest versions and most restricted, but the most widely spread version as well. This basic game could be created without using the advanced features provided in later versions. Adopting Flash Lite 1.1 will guarantee that the game will be compatible with the largest possible number of Flash Lite powered devices. This game is a very basic arcade game, the player merely collects the objects before they reach the ground. If he fails to collect three objects then the game ends. It will use very simple ActionScript concepts such as variables and conditionals. You really do not need to know much else.

11. Balloon Shooter

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a flash game (Balloon Shooter). It is a shooting game where player / user have to shoot the flying balloons and gain the points. There are orange colored balloons, which gives player / user extra bonus points. Player / user get 1-minute time to play this game, within this period he / she need to shoot as many as balloons he / she can. For every missed balloon, separate score is maintained.

12. Learn How to Make a Hangman Game

Hangman is a popular game which can be coded using a few symbols and a short amount of code. The object of the game is to reveal a word by guessing the letters of the word one by one. The player loses by guessing 5 incorrect letters. A random answer is selected at the start of each game.

13. A strange way to move the player with Flash

Learn the strange way to move the player with Flash in this tutorial

14. How to Create a Chicken and Eggs Game

This article is a tutorial which explains how to create a Chicken and Eggs game using Flash CS3.

15. Tutorial about the making of GuessNext

Learn how to make Guessnext, a simple card game with highscores. The aim of the game is very simple: from a deck of 52 cards, you have to guess if each card is higher or lower than the previous one.

16. Basedefender

The objective of this game is to defend the tnt beneath the grass by blowing up any incoming airplanes and the bombs they drop. If a bomb hits the grass, it will leave an impact crater. The game is lost when a bomb travels all of the way to the tnt. The airplanes appear progressively faster, as do the bombs they drop. A point is scored each time an airplane or a bomb is shot.

17. Creating a Vertical Shooter

In this flash game tutorial, you will create a game using our super hero Pawel to kill dragons that are coming from one side of the screen. You will be provided with an FLA with all of the graphics you will need, but you will need to place the graphics in the right spot. This tutorial is more of an explanation of the code with some design work as opposed to a fully-featured tutorial covering every aspect of a vertical shooter.

18. Playing Around with Elastic Collisions

In this flash game tutorial you will create a game where the objective is to prevent other objects from colliding with your cursor. You will not use Flash’s built-in hitTestObject() methods; instead you will write your own collision detection routines.

19. Create a 3D Sliding Puzzle Game in Flex with Actionscript 3.0 and Away  3D

In this tutorial we are going to build up a simple sliding puzzle. Puzzle images are dynamically loaded and sliced so you can easily use your own images if you like.

20. Build a Physics-Based Platformer in Under an Hour

In this tutorial, you will learn to make a physics-based platform game in the quickest way possible with the World Construction Kit.

21. Artificial Intelligence Series – Part 1: Path Finding

This tutorial is the first of three which discuss how to give some Artificial Intelligence (AI) to games and apps you create. In this first tutorial we are going to learn about path finding, where you can click a point, then another point and the AI will figure out a shortest possible path to get between them. You can use the drop-down list to select the AI algorithm to use. You might think that this sounds just too hard, but it is actually pretty simple! This tutorial will explain two key aspects of the AI in games and then create a cool game using what you will learn.

22. Deploy a Tank on a Mission in an Isometric War Zone

In this flash game tutorial you are going to create a little tank moving application. The core of this particular tutorial is to make a tank aim at the the mouse pointer and drive towards a mouse click.

23. Make an RPG-Style Text System for Your Next Game

In this tutorial we’ll be creating a text system similar to what you see in a lot of role-playing games. Our class will dynamically display an icon for the characters as they speak, and will type each block of text letter by letter.

24. Build an Intelligent Tic-Tac-Toe Game with AS3

“Tic-Tac-Toe, that’s boring!” you might think. In this tutorial I will show you that building a Tic-Tac-Toe game is anything but boring. It’s the ideal game to create when you would like to learn ActionScript 3.0. While building it you’ll learn a great deal about functions and event listeners, you will see how easy it is to customize the graphics of a game and you will even learn how to program Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

25. Conquer the Universe With ActionScript 3.0 and the Flixel Game Engine: Part 1

The Flixel game engine is an opensource ActionScript 3.0 framework written by Adam Atomic. Its aim is to take the donkey work out of building AS3 games, leaving you with all the fun stuff and saving heaps of time! In this, the first in a series of two screencasts, Shane Johnson takes you through the basics of Flixel, explaining how to build an awesome shoot ‘em up game from scratch.

26. Build Your Own OOP Connect 4 Game

OOP can make development faster, and your applications run faster. This tutorial will demonstrate how to build an ActionScript Connect 4 game, using an organized OOP approach.

27. Create a 3D Bowling Game with JiglibFlash and Papervision 3D

Here you will examine a way of using one of the more popular 3D engines, JiglibFlash, in conjunction with the prominent 3D engine Papervision3D to create a bowling game.

28. AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Firing Weapons with Delays

So you need to create a weapon, maybe a laser, and you want your character to fire the weapon. At the same time, you want a nice delay between firing each round instead of a crazy Gatling gun effect. Well this Flash tutorial is for you. We’re going to learn to make our Spaceship fire lasers with a nice timeout between each fire.

29. Make a Flash game like Flash Element Tower Defense – Part 1

The concept in this game is simple: there is a road, and some minions walking that road. You have to kill all minions before they reach the end of the road. You can build several facilities to kill minions and earn money to upgrade weapons as the minions get stronger and faster. This first part of the tutorial, covers the minion walking. It’s a very complex task, that will require almost 30 lines!

30. Shooting Objects Flash Tutorial

This flash game tutorial will show you how to shoot missiles at objects in flash games. This tutorial is a continuation of the Basic Space Shooting Game Tutorial, where we’ll be making it possible to destroy asteroids with the missiles.

31. Creation of a game like String Avoider tutorial

A really interesting “avoidance game” that was made in those days is String Avoider. The author of this “More than 1 million views” game in Newgrounds explains it in 12 words: “Avoid colliding with walls and guide your string through each unique level”. And that’s it. The aim of the game is guiding your string through some levels without touching the walls.

32. AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Using Frame Labels and Art Tweening

If you like using MovieClips to animate your artwork in flash then this is a great method for doing it. Not only for Flash Games but for any project in which you have an object that needs to undergo different animations based on conditions. However, this will work perfectly for our Flash Game. So in this series you are going to make our Stinger Ship EXPLODE when it gets hit by a bullet.

33. Create a flash artillery game – step 1

This flash game tutorial will teach you how to create a flash artillery game that shoot cannon balls like it do in the real thing.

34. Create a flash artillery game – step 2

This tutorial is a continuation of the first Flash artillery game tutorial found here. It will teach you how to add some details to make the game more interactive.

35. Create a flash game like Security – part 1

This flash game tutorial will teach you how to create a simple flash game wherein you will navigate through levels by using the arrow keys avoiding security traps and guards.

36. Create a Flash Game like Nano War

This tutorial will help you create a Flash game that resembles Nano War.

37. Creating a Platform Game

Platform games are an increasing popular form of game for online gaming. This tutorial will help you on your way to creating your own by deconstructing a very simple game.

38. Creating a Virtual Joystick for Touch Devices

A lot of Tablet Computers and Touch Screen devices have emerged, and it’s time to create games that have virtual joystick support on the screen for easier gameplay. Read on and discover how you can create a virtual joystick for your games on touch enabled devices.

39. Build a Minesweeper Game Within 200 Lines of Code

Minesweeper game consists of a group of squares where each square represents a region. Each region either contains a mine or not. Your mission is to reveal (or “open”) all the mine-free regions and mark the ones that contain mines. You open the region by left-clicking it, and mark a region by shift-clicking. The key for determining whether a certain region contains a mine or not is that for every 3×3 grid (9 regions) of squares, the number written on the region in the center represents the number of mines in the 8 other surrounding regions.

40. AS3 Character Movement: Asteroids Style 360 Degree Movement

One of the most important has got to be 360 movement based on rotation. It is called everything from 360 degree movement, rotational movement, directional movement, to asteroid style movement. Anyway you want to look at it, it’s a movement style that dates back to arcade games and is definitely a usable option in today’s flash game industry. This is what you will learn in this flash game tutorial.

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