Blurred backgrounds may look like a really bad and unfocused photograph.

However, many web designers use blur effects on website backgrounds to simulate depth and give the content extra focus. When used right the effect is really strong and we often see it used on photography websites and online portfolios where creative people show off their skills and creations.

Check out this collection of photo website templates for inspiration. The blurred background trend may not be at a peak just now and is a direct contrast to the very popular use of minimalistic and flat design in both website and mobile apps. Still it is worth considering is you want to stand out and be recognized as a creative individual or agency.

You may look for free blurred backgrounds as a start and trust me there are plenty of them available online. You may also want to check out this article on how to blur the background in a photograph yourself. The article gives you 4 recipes to get it done right.

If you like high-quality backgrounds, head over to Envato Market, and browse thousands of fully licensed goodies!

In this article, I have collected more than 30 sets of useful blurred background photographs that I hope you will find good use for in your creative projects.[exec]$filestr = file_get_contents(‘’);echo $filestr;[/exec]

12 Blurred Backgrounds – MORE INFO


Here are 12 more Blurred Backgrounds to use for your website or app. Since everyone like this so much the last time I figured I’d make some more for you guys. This includes a Photoshop PSD like always and each layer is a vector smart object and can be scaled to any size if needed (even larger than 1600×1200). It also includes a folder with all 12 Backgrounds in JPEG format just like the last time.

25 Free High Resolution Blurred Backgrounds – MORE INFO


This package of blurred backgrounds consists of 25 high-resolution images (4000px x 3000px). The images were created from real photos taken in nature, so beautiful and natural colors in our images were achieved . You can download these images for free and use them for any purpose, without restrictions. Package contains one PSD and 6 JPEGs.

Dribbble Backgrounds – MORE INFO


Includes: Aurora, Desert Kiss, Elixir, Glass Pane, Rocky and Meadow. Licensed under the ‘Gray Area’ license.

Blurrry – MORE INFO


Handy Collection of Free Vibrant Blurred Backgrounds.

Thanks for 100 – MORE INFO


4 free Blurred Background jpg files with 3000x2500px 150dpi sizes. Free to use.

Glonely – MORE INFO


Cool, blurry background in 5 Resolutions: Full HD, Widescreen, Fullscreen, iPhone, iPhone 4
and iPad.

10 Large Blurred Backgrounds – MORE INFO


10 pack large 1600×1200 blurred graphic backgrounds. Perfect for social profiles like Dribble and Twitter, or your next web project.

10 Free Blurred Backgrounds – MORE INFO


10 Vibrant colored blurred backgrounds.

10 Backgrounds “Biscarrosse” – MORE INFO


10 Scenery blurred retina ready backgrounds.

Free Ultimate Blurred Background Pack – MORE INFO


This free resource contains 20 soft blurred background textures. These images are great for web use, or as a product display. The patterns are beautiful and abstract. The download also includes a PSD file containing all of the images in separate layers so that you can edit the reflection layer, adjust blending modes, or invert the color tones.

9 free high resolution blurred backgrounds – MORE INFO


9 free blurred backgrounds. Includes PSD size 3000px x 2250px, 9 JPG files size 3000px x 2250px  and 9 JPG files size 400px x 300px for Dribbble players.



This package contains a free .psd of 26 blurred backgrounds, including the original image they were blurred from. Used a mixture of lens and gaussion blurs to achieve a natural and real feel to the images. Feel free to use them for personal or commercial use without any restrictions.

15 Soft Backgrounds – MORE INFO


15 Backgrounds in Soft Gradients with ready-to-use .jpg files.

Dribbble Backgrounds – MORE INFO


These set of Dribbble Backgrounds were made with brushes.

13 High-Resolution Blur Backgrounds – MORE INFO


Here’s a set of 13 high resolution blur backgrounds that you can use to display your designs, UI elements, apps, websites, headings, etc. You can even use them as your desktop, laptop or mobile phone wallpapers. These are JPEG images on a large canvas of 2560×1600 pixels.

Candy Blur Abstract HD – MORE INFO


Blur style wallpaper made with Photoshop CS5 Extended.

10 (Free) Blurred Backgrounds – MORE INFO


10 Free Blurred Backgrounds from all Natural Events like Northern Lights, Sandstorm, Clouds and more.

10 Blurred Backgrounds – MORE INFO


Here is a collection for blurred backgrounds. High Resolution 1920 x 1200 backgrounds to present your design, product, portfolio etc.

Sintonia – MORE INFO


Blurred Backgrounds in 6 resolutions: 1920×1080, 1920×1200, 2560×1440 and 2560×1600 for PC and  1024×1024 (iPad) and 640×960 (iPhone 4)sizes for your phone and tablet.

10 Free Backgrounds – MORE INFO


All backgrounds have a nice blurred look to them and each layer is a vector smart object so they can be scaled to any size if needed. This comes in PSD format so that you can save it to any size and format if needed, as well as all 10 backgrounds in JPEG format, so you can quickly implement it into your site or whatever you need it for. These backgrounds are also perfect for Dribbble! The size for this is 1600×1200 pixels.

Free Dark Blurred Background – MORE INFO


4 Free dark and burred jpg files in 3000x2500px 150dpi size.

20 Free Hi-Res Backgrounds – MORE INFO


20 Hi-Res Blurred Backgrounds in 4500 x 3000 sizes. You’ll never have to worry about dimensions with these backgrounds, just scale it down to what you need.

Blurrry 2 – MORE INFO


20 piece blurry background pack.

Take IT High – MORE INFO


Enter the VIP room of your imagination with Take IT High wallpaper. It’s HQ noise texture self made with 8 colors, 3 resolutions and includes .jpg format

Dribbble Background- MORE INFO


Use these to backgrounds dazzle up your shot.

Large textures: blurred – MORE INFO


Large Textures blurred featuring roses!

Awesome Blurred Backgrounds – MORE INFO


Includes a freebie PSD where you can drop an image in and it will change automatically.

23 free high resolution blurred backgrounds – MORE INFO


23 pack blurred backgrounds you’ll love. Includes PSD size 2660px x 1995px , 23 JPG files size 2660px x 1995px and 23 JPG files size 400px x 300px for Dribbble players.

Free Blurred Backgrounds – MORE INFO


Free download of some high res (2600×1838) blurred backgrounds.

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