Photoshop brushes are great for adding specific elements and effect to designs and photos without having to draw them in free hand. Photoshop have several build in default brushes, but if you want to add sparkle effects, you will find them to be rather limited. This is where using some free sparkle brushes could be a great option. There are many different sparkle shapes available so you should be able to find what you need. The sparkle brushes are related to star brushes and lightning effect brushes and would also be ideal for adding e.g. shine to teeth or an eye on a photo.

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In this compilation, we have collected some of the best Photoshop sparkle brush sets available for free. Please review the licenses before you use them specifically if you work on a commercial project.

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Sparkle Brush


For people who need a set of great brushes to add a bit of sparkle to their projects, Sparkle Brush would be a good choice. A variety of brushes is included in this set, which will work wonders in creating twinkly stars in your sky or highlighting your photographs.

Photoshop Sparkle Brush Set


These Photoshop brushes are created in CS2 and total 14 brushes in all.

Sparkle Brushes I


Sparkle Brushes I were made in Photoshop CS4, utilizing altered emitters taken from Particle Illusion 3.0. If you do not have CS4, there are brush images that are included so you could still use the set. Some of the brushes were designed for use on top of another.

Sparkle Brushes


These are Photoshop brushes that were designed for sparkling effects and created in Photoshop 7. Many of the brushes are large so you could use them for high resolution projects.

Sparklies Photoshop Brushes


This is a set that was created for Photoshop Elements 2+, Photoshop 7+ and GIMP 2.2.6+. Sparklies contain 29 brushes, which would allow you to create different glows, sparkles and glitters in your project.

10 Sparkle Brushes


These free sparkle Photoshop brushes are very useful for incorporating a bit of glitter or glow into your texts, image manipulations and others. The set contains various glitters that you can combine to create a perfect design.

Fairy Dust Brushes


Fairy dust brushes is a set that contains 11 brushes created for Paint Shop Pro.

Glowy Swirly PS Brushes


This set contains a number of brushes to create swirly designs around your project.

38 Sparkle Monster Brushes


These are random brushes for adding sparkles in your artwork as well as resized regular stamps that will allow you to create spontaneously sized random stars easily to any image you are working on. The set is created in Photoshop 7.

GIMP Glitter Brushes


This set is composed of sparkle and glitter GIMP brushes of all kinds. Several of the brushes can overlap one another to make as much glitter as you require or want. The set also includes a number of swirly, misty brushes with different designs. Some are heart shaped while others are like snowflakes. There are even glitters in different swirl forms and several explosive and fireworks shape.

Sparkle Brushes 4 for GIMP


This is a set that contains 21 sparking brushes. They were made with Photoshop CS but have been converted to GIMP already. Also included in the set is a Photoshop.abr file and an image pack.

Fairy Dust Brushes


Another set that was made in Photoshop CS2, Fairy Dust Brushes has 7 brushes that can be utilized for creating premade clusters, fairy dust containing single stars and other special effects.

Light Swirl Brushes


This set contains 22 free sparkle Photoshop brushes. The brushes are all originally designed swirls of light with an average size of around 1800 pixels.

Sparkle Brushes 3 for GIMP


This Photoshop brushes pack contains seven sparkle brushes. It also includes GIMP brushes, Photoshop.abr file and an image pack.

Sparkle Stars & Stuff


Paint Shop Pro users can utilize the 9 stars and stuff brushes contained in this set.

Dangling Glows Photoshop & GIMP Brushes


If you are searching for dangling glows to adorn your project, this set might be perfect for you. The set is composed of GIMP and Photoshop brushes that create glows and glitters that look like they are strung together on a string. All of the sparkles look like they are draping or dangling in some ways. The options include circles, curtain shapes, some charms in the shape of a teardrop, flower, heart and butterfly that you can put at the end of a string.

Chic Sparkles


These brushes come in 1200, 600, 300 and 180 pixels with resolution of 360 dpi. The set contains a total of 80 brushes that really glows.

Fantasy Sparkle Abstract


This set is composed of 5 sparkle brushes that were created in Photoshop CS. They work best against dark backgrounds.

Glitter II Brushes


This set of GIMP and Photoshop brushes is composed of different sparkles and glitter design. All of them are of high resolution with 1500 pixels being the average size. The set includes straight and wavy sparkle lines, glitter curtains, different sparkle and glitter clusters, a number of attractive glittery swirls, glittery textures and glitter that is shooting out from a single source. Glitter II brushes also include some sparkle scatter and glitter brushes that would allow you to create your own glitter.

Shine and Sparkle Brush


A Set of sparkle brushes that will make your image art shine.

Ryrax’s Sparkle-Shiny Brushes Sparkle Brushes 4 for GIMP


This is set was created with Photoshop CS 2. It is an old method of creating brushes but you could still use the set for your fancy.

Sparkling Stars Brush PS


A set that is composed of a dozen sparkling star brushes created for Photoshop. This set has 1000 gray scale and PCX scale.

Mixed Sparkle Effect Brushes Set


This is a Photoshop brush set that contains 67 brushes that will allow you to make sparkles of different shapes and sizes.

Starlight Brushes


A set of sparkle brushes that is compatible with PS7+.

Let’s talk about how to use sparkle photoshop brushes

If you are going to implement various elements to each image in Photoshop, always create a new layer to make it easier for you to edit your work. How dark each brushstroke would be is determined by the opacity, which has a slide control that will allow you to set it from 0 to 100.

Select the brush size that you will use by choosing from the pull down menu. You also have to select the kind of stroke you are going to use. The style can be selected from the Mode menu. Most people use “normal”.

Free sparkle Photoshop brushes could be used in the same way you use glow brushes, lens flare brushes or other kinds of light brushes. You may also combine different brushes to create stunning effects.

However, although there are plenty of sparkle Brushes on the internet that were created for Photoshop, bear in mind that these were all made by graphic designers and a lot of effort went into their completion. Before you download any sparkle brush file, always look for the terms of use first. Many of them are licensed for personal and commercial use. However, a large number of Photoshop brushes should be for personal use only. Thus, you should understand the terms of the creator before using any sparkle brush.

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