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Due to the increasing use of  API’s for vector based maps  and application programming interfaces, vector maps have proven to be particularly useful in all kinds of projects. Regardless if, you are a graphic designer, a web designer, or a software developer you might need a high quality vector map. However, free vector maps can be quite hard to find. The fact is that most vector maps require a purchase.

If you like vector files, and find yourself using them a lot, make sure to check out the thousands of fully-licensed premium examples found over at Envato Market.

You also have the option to make your own world map vector. This method is fun and creative, but it will probably take a lot of precious time. Fortunately, free world map vector designs are considered practical and time saving. Therefore, if you are looking for a world map vector and like to save time due to a good number of deadlines to meet, check out our list of the coolest free world map vector designs. Maps have become very popular in web design and mobile apps and help putting conetent into a location context really well.  For smart web designers it is a possibility to use map and navigation PSD files for the pixel perfect designs or even jump directly into implementation with some WordPress travel themes. Check this collection of themes for inspiration.

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La Cartoteca World Map Vector – MORE INFO

la cartoteca world map vector

This vector map that is available in EPS and SVG formats is one of the favorites among designers as it is based on Natural Earth and the CIA World FactBook Data. It is free with ordered and labeled layers that are even editable.

Vector Tech Map – MORE INFO

vector tech world map

This free vector world map submitted by Chadlonius works great for backgrounds and illustrations. He is a traditional vector artist that specializes in web and print design. This vector map can be used in commercial purposes for as long as the user gives credits to the creator.

Vector World Map Version 2.2 (2009) – MORE INFO

world map vector

This vector map may be a bit old but it has been updated and is still one of the useful and concise political free world maps today. Countries can be selected.

Vectorial World Map – MORE INFO

Vectorial World Map

This is another flat world map vector that is similar to the previous one we have listed, but comes in a more colorful pattern and Adobe Illustrator Format. This is a free open source map vector that is free for private use.

Dezignus Vector World Map – MORE INFO

Dezignus world map vector

This vector map is quite useful and it is not only for free personal use, but the designer allow users to use the map even for commercial purposes.

MacDaddy World Map Vector – MORE INFO

macdaddy world map vector

This free world map is one of the free vector maps with a lot of downloads over the recent years. It gives users a simple map vector yet detailed and accurate along with some lovely colors.

World Continents Map Vector – MORE INFO

world continents map vector

This is a free world map vector of the continents of the world. It shows the whole world along with the different continents making it perfect for just about any world map project.

Siah Design Nine Vector Globes – MORE INFO

siah design nine vector globes world map

With Siah Design’s latest launch of a set of free vector globe consisting of nine globes, users can freely use it either for personal or commercial purposes but they cannot be resold or sub-licensed.

Ancient world map in vector – MORE INFO

ancient map

This is another free world map by Dezignus but this time featuring the old style look.

Photoshop Shapes: World Map – MORE INFO

photoshop shapes world map vector

This is flat world map is one of the most useful ones out there with updated UK, Australia, and USA shapes with SVG versions that both designers and students can use in their projects.

Vector Open Stock 4-Color World Map – MORE INFO

vector open stock 4-color world map

This is a free vector world map that comes in four colors/patters. Anybody can use this map vector for as long as they give the credit back to the creator when republishing it.

Wikipedia Equirectangular World Map – MORE INFO

wikipedia equirectangular world map

Given that Wikipedia is a public domain, this equirectangular world map vector can be used by anyone free of charge. This is available in SVG format and comes in two different sizes.

Stylish 9 Vector World Map – MORE INFO

stylish 9 vector world map

This free world map vector download consists of nine stylish dotted flat world vector maps including the continents North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Vector Map of the World Exquisite – MORE INFO

vector map of the world exquisite

This vector world map can be downloaded for free and used for personal purposes like learning and reference. It features encapsulated postscript or .EPS format and is very detailed and complete.

Oval Digital World Map – MORE INFO

oval digital world map vector

This flat world map can be downloaded for free and has proven to be very useful with fully editable, layered format files that give way for more high-quality artworks either for personal or commercial use.

European World Vector Map – MORE INFO

european world vector map

For some reason, Europe is one of the favorites among the most downloaded free world maps. Whether it is for study or tourist program purposes, here is another great map vector.

004 World Map Vector – MORE INFO

004 world map vector

This is a very simple free vector globe yet it is one type that is frequently downloaded as users can do a whole lot of things using this vector world map.

World Map Silhouette Vector – MORE INFO

wold map silhouette vector

This is a free world map vector that even gives users a few options of how to easily download the silhouette free world map. If users will need a .PNG file, there is no need to download and simply save.

Three Vector Map of the World Plan – MORE INFO

three vector map of the world plan

This is one of the free vector maps that are very concise and updated with all the necessary information a student or a designer will ever need in a flat world map.

World Globe World Map Vector – MORE INFO

world globe map vector

This is an absolutely free vector globe map created by Stock Graphic Designs that is allowed for personal use. It features a world globe vector containing 22 vector maps.

World Map Dotted – MORE INFO

world map dotted vector

This is one of the free vector maps that are free for personal use only. It is created by Antoine Mallet that features an illustrated map of the world in blue dots against a gray fade to black background.

Vector World Map in Boxes – MORE INFO

vector world map in boxes

This is one of the flat world maps that even come in separate boxes for better distinction. It comes in an .esp file format that lets users edit it as they wish for personal use only.

Map of the World – MORE INFO

map of the world

This free world map features the world’s continents in solid color geographic shades, peninsulas, coastlines, and islands. It gives free vector illustration that can be used for various areas.

World Map Icon – MORE INFO

world map icon

With over 87,000 downloads since being posted online, this free vector globe truly gives users a chance to edit and twist it to any way they want to make their projects better.

Editable World Map – MORE INFO

editable world map vector

This is a fully editable map vector that anyone can use in whatever way they want. Downloading is easy and simple and editing can be done using a vector editor.

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