Web forms are used on nearly any website today to allow visitors to e.g. login or submit information of some kind. Collecting emails and other useful information from visitors and potential customers is critical to making business online. Unfortunately, adding a form to a website is an invitation and when using popular platforms like WordPress the risk of being hit by a spammer is simply overwhelming. The popularity of WordPress have made it worth the effort to build automation tools that can submit hordes of unsolicited messages to a standard web form on WordPress. Even though we have great spam fighting services like Akismet to help us filter most spam from standard WordPress forms unwanted messages can slip though. The consequences can be overwhelming and keep us from taking care of the really important messages from our leads and customers. A quite effective way to make it even harder for spammers is to use CHAPCHA services as these make it difficult for spam bots to get through. It is powerful, but at the same time it may prevent real visitors from taking action.

Fortunately, there are several less demanding CHAPCHA services available. Some of these are actually fun and liberating compared to traditional ones. If you are interested in using a fun CHAPCHA like the ones we showcase in this article, you should be aware that they might not be as safe as the more demanding ones. I hope you find what you’re looking for here!

Aggressive online marketers have solutions to get around even great CHAPCHA solutions as they hire cheap outsourced CHAPTCHA filling services where humans work all day just typing in CHAPTCHA responses. Therefore it is not a 100% shield against spammers.
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Sweet Captcha

Sweet Captcha is a free Captcha service putting your users and your website at first priority. You can use this fun visual CAPTCHA plugin if you think CAPTCHA shouldn’t be hard to your visitors.



Captcha plugin allows you to protect your website from spam using math logic which can be used for login, registration, reseting password, comments forms.


Boom Captcha

Boom Captcha protect your website from spams using encrypted text and paired with matching web fonts so user will see the challenge text clearly while the spam programs see the underlying encrypted text. It is a great Captcha solution to prevent spams for comments, login, registration, reseting and password forms.


Gab Captcha 2

Gab Captcha 2 is a simple, easy-to-solve and efficient captcha plugin for fighting spam in WordPress comments. It adds an easy Turing test before each comment form. The Turing test consists of emphasized characters (red by default) that you must type in a text field.


Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress

Akismet is great at detecting spam, but if you get lots of it then you have to trawl through the spam queue in case there are any false positives. This plugin provides a CAPTCHA complement to Akismet. The default CAPTCHA is a simple text-based test. There is also the option to use reCAPTCHA if you want something more robust


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