I am sure you heard the crazy stories about people raising thousands of dollars or even millions online to support an innovative project or cause they believe in. What makes this possible is crowdfunding websites, allowing anyone to promote a project or idea and have people support it financially. Crowdfunding has become a popular way of establishing startup funds for individuals with a great idea, but no money to take action.

However, crowdfunding is not just an “ask and you’ll receive” process. You need to have a something exceptional, a clear goal and excellent communication skills to entice people to support your cause. One way to do this is to create a well organized website for your target support group to see your crowdfunding project.

Fundify is a fresh crowdfunding theme for WordPress that will make it a breeze to set up your own crowdfunding website. It is one of the first WordPress themes in this category but we see more hitting the market just now.

Some of the main features of this theme includes front end campaign submission form, embeddable project widget, split payments between site admin and campaign author, support for PayPal standard payments, responsive design, XML dummy content, full localization and customization, custom widgets page templates, 20+ payment gateway and support for the payment plugins.

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Fundify offers a clean and modern design for the homepage. It uses a large, full width image tile compilation with images from the crowdfunding projects that are currently active. Below this visitors find a filterable project listing.


The lower part of the homepage shows the most recent and active crowdfunding projects.


The footer is widgeted and offers a cool design. You can add your own copyright message, links to recent posts and campaigns.


Fundify has several built in page templates to quickly build your crowdfunding website. They have included a Start a Campaign page which includes a pre made form to let users register their own crowdfunding campaign.


The actual campaign page includes an overview, updates, comments and the main backers of the project. It also shows the current amount of funds contributed, and a Contribute Now button for new visitors of the site to contribute to the project.


The blog page uses a conventional content with right sidebar for its layout. You can neatly add content, videos and images to the blog post. Each post includes the date of posting and other meta data including the comments.


The contact page is well designed and also maintains the full width graphics found on the homepage. The theme uses jetpack plugin for the contact form by default but you can also use your preferred plugin.


Users can also sign, there is an included sign in form that uses a lightbox effect upon clicking.


Fundify is a very unique WordPress theme. This is actually the first theme I have seen that’s built for crowdfunding projects. It has all the needed elements for a crowdfunding website and it’s a good base to start with. You can check out all the features of this theme here.

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Author : Lars Vraa


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