Geeks are special breed of individuals who are responsible for the creation of many useful things known to man.

From conceptualization, design, building, maintenance and improvement of computer hardware, to the invention of software that will perform varied tasks, geeks are always the ones behind these areas of technology. For laymen, the works of geeks are downright unintelligible.

Geeks write in codes, and speak in a language full of technical terms, that cannot be understood by those who are uninitiated. Needless to say, geekness is a lifestyle. Almost all geeks have this kind of life distinct from any other.

So, if you are a geek and you are proud of it, why not set yourself apart from the rest? One of the ways to do it is by wearing cool and creative geeky t-shirts that will reinforce other people’s impression about you being a unique kind of individual as you are. That is, the kind of man or woman they can run to when they experience any trouble about computers, web and technology. Also, the kind of person who have helped shaped the world in your own geeky ways.

Here, you can find geeky t-shirts with designs and slogans that creatively portrays what the lives of geeks are all about. Also, most of these items have a touch of hilarity so these are great shirts to make other people smile. Check these out and enjoy!

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I’m Here Because You Broke Something

I’m Here Because You Broke Something T-shirt

BODY tag T-Shirt

Open shirt. Insert body. Sometimes simpler is better. No need for funny one-liners or obscure and geeky references here. Just a simple homage to the markup language that makes the web go ’round. Charcoal grey 100% cotton heavyweight t-shirt with <BODY> printed on the front and </BODY> on the back in white ink.

No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer T-shirt

This design is professionally screen printed on a short sleeve t-shirt.

Refill Required Shirt

You absentmindedly reach for your coffee cup and notice it’s way lighter than it should be. As you tip it skyward, you realize that your human fuel is at a catastrophically low level. You’re running on fumes! Your body is awash with panic. Can you get a refill that will propel you across the Excel finish line before the dreaded jitters, shakes, and headaches set in? Or will your engine stop in mid-keystroke?

Work Tech Support T-shirt

Anyone who thinks “the customer is always right” never worked in Tech Support.

T-Qualizer t-shirt

The display glows and changes on the t-shirt with any ambient sound or music! Battery operated (4 AAA batteries not included) with a battery pack that fits in a small interior pocket inside of the shirt. Very cool shirt to wear to a concert or anywhere there is noise!

Try Another Hole Tee

Encourage your users to self-service with this friendly suggestion. Or wear it to a bar for the double entendre value. This shirt proves you’re geeky and funny. No better combination, in our not-so-humble opinions.

Power Button T-shirt

Power Button T-shirt

You Read My Shirt

You read my shirt, please don’t try to talk to me about it. Don’t try to shake my hand or get to know me. I don’t like people, I don’t think there is any reason why I would want to speak with you. Stay away , I’ve had enough social interaction today.

Bathroom Blogger

Bathroom Blogger Funny T-Shirt

G33K T-shirt

Stylish geek t-shirt.

Geek inside

Geek inside, shirt.

No-One Reads Your Stupid Tweets

No-One Reads Your Stupid Tweets

Programmer with Screwdriver T-shirt

The only thing more dangerous than a programmer with a screwdriver is a hardware designer with the root password.

Gaming Lifestyle t-shirt

Drool marks and blood-shot eyes along with slowly decomposing junk food are hallmarks of a late night gaming session too good to stop, until you pass out that is.

Alpha Geek T-shirt

Let everyone know you’re the Alpha Geek wearing this funny T-shirt. Funny T-shirt for your favorite geek gift.

I write Poetry

I write poetry in Cobol.

Check out my Blog

Wear this cool shirt inviting people to check out your blog.

Flash me

Flash me flash drive design tee shirt

Don’t like it t-shirts

Features a thumbs down Facebook inspired shirt.

I Know HTML Shirts

Another twist on the meaning of HTML.

Geek Gift Shirts

Geeks fueled by chocolate

Software, Hardware T-shirt

A shirt with double meaning that figuratively likens yourself to your pc.

Do I Look Like t-shirt

Do I Look Like the Help Desk? Tee Shirts.

Eat, Sleep, Code

eat sleep code (html) tee shirts.


Geek – the Binary LifeStyle T Shirts.

Please Wait…

Please wait sarcasm still loading tee shirt

Gamer Inside Tee

Shirt for online gaming fanatics.

I See Dead Pixels Tshirt

I see dead pixels.

I’m building a Startup! Tees

An ideal shirt for a web entrepreneur geek.

Single Male Looking for a Wi-Fi

Hilarious shirt taunting ladies about what you are looking for.

Scientist by Day Deadly Ninja by Night Tee Shirts

This shirt effectively informs the world the other side of your geekness.

END WAR T-shirts

Opening and closing HMTL tag inspired shirt.

Mouse Potato Club Tshirt

A funny organizational shirt of die-hard mouse lover geeks.


Geek Tech Computer T-Shirt.

Will Code For Food Men’s Shirt

Wear this and make everybody smile as you are willing to write codes just for a morsel of food.

Facebook – Math Geeks (infinity) Tshirts

Here’s a math wiz shirt for analytical geeks.

Shift Happens T-Shirt

Well, shift always happens in the workplace of geeks.

I’m sorry our software is perfect

I’m sorry our software is perfect. The problem must be you.

TV Color Bars Basic T-Shirt

TV color bars is a classic reminder of the geek’s attention to colors on their job.

Closet Geek

And there is such a thing as a closet geek.

Follow Me – I know the way t-shirt

Here’s a Twitter inspired shirt for lady geeks.

My First Time White T-Shirt

My first time. It’s all there on a spacious 1.2MB floppy disk.

Computer Nerd Geek Tee

A must for every computer nerd.

SOURCE CODE Geek Dark T-Shirt

I want to change the world but they won’t give me the source code.

Network Security White T-Shirt Geek

Network Security. The few, the proud, the paranoid.

Facebook T-Shirt

Facebook. Let your fingers to the stalking.

No One Cares ABout Your Blog

No One Cares ABout Your Blog T-Shirt.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

Wear this cool shirt and display the current wi-fi signal strength to yourself and everyone around you with this stylish Wi-Fi Detector Shirt. The glowing bars on the front of the shirt dynamically change as the surrounding wi-fi signal strength fluctuates. Finally you can get the attention you deserve as others bow to you as their reverential wi-fi god, while geeky chicks swoon at your presence.

Software Engineer White T-Shirt

Talk is cheap. Show me the code

8-Bit Continue Screen Geek T-Shirt

Never say die. This flashback to classic video game determination will broadcast how you roll.

Funny HTML Geek Black V-Neck T-Shirt

Black v-neck t-shirt with White design. Fruit of the Loom V-Neck T-Shirt, 165gsm. The fabric has been preshrunk to ensure reduced shrinkage and includes a taped neck and twin needle stitching for neatness and strength.

Windows Error Message White T-Shirt

windows-error-message t-shirt
Windows are known for their bugs. Show your support with this great Windows error message that tells people not to stare at your error message.

SQL Query Geek Dark T-Shirt

A cool SQL query geek for hard core coders.

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