The other day I was doing research to find a few great looking hand vector design elements. I realized that there were no useful collections available to help me quickly get an overview of the available items. Therefore, I decided to do the job and help others looking for vectors containing hand and finger illustrations. As I started searching, I realized that there are plenty of material we can grab free, but as always make sure you check the license details before using the files in your commercial work.

If you like vector files, and find yourself using them a lot, make sure to check out the thousands of fully-licensed premium examples found over at Envato Market.

Hand vectors can be used in many ways such as cursors, symbols in icons, on website buttons, in designs where a hand holds a price sign and so on. I am sure you will find the huge collection available here useful and I hope you will share your comments below and take a minute to share the article with you social network.

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X-Ray Hand – MORE INFO


Darkness Illusion shows an x-ray hand vector. This craft was uniquely done to portray an image of a hand being in an x-ray.

Vector Hands – MORE INFO


This deviantart display is full of hands, literally. It showcases the beauty of the simple combination of black and white colors portraying the graceful movement of a crowd’s hands.

Hands Vector Pack – MORE INFO


A hand vector pack that can be applied in works such as cartoony ones or even to anime concepts. The maker of this vector pack allows anyone to freely use his craft in whatever way possible.

Free Vector Hands – MORE INFO


Free vector hands is what they offer. There are tons of hands you can choose from. See it to believe it.

Pointing Hand Vectors – MORE INFO


There is nothing more authoritative and convincing when we speak of the gestures of hands than an illustration of a pointing finger. These vectors features different styles and forms of hands with a single finger pointing at a direction.

Hand Drawn Seamless Hand Vector Patterns – MORE INFO


This design is in a 6-color pattern. This was drawn using free-hand drawing.

Mickey Hand Vector Download – MORE INFO


This is free for download and for personal usage. They feature cute mickey hands vector.

Hands Drawn Pack – MORE INFO


These are cool free hands vector in AI format. They can be used to commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Hand Vectors – MORE INFO


Vecteezy offers a variety of hand designs featuring kids and adults hands. They have vast repository of designs to choose from.

Sign Language “S” Fist Clip Art – MORE INFO


If you are looking for hand signs particularly dealing with sign language, this one is good for you. They have good-looking hands doing the sign language.

Vector Hand Prints – MORE INFO


This site offers vector hand prints whether you are looking for vector hand prints for babies, kids or adults. They have black and white and the colorful hand vector sets.

Hand Drawn Vector- MORE INFO


Their site offers hand drawn vectors. They are compatible with Vector .EPS or Illustrator 8 and Photoshop Brush version 7 and above.



Their site offers free hand vectors. The vector illustrations can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution.

Cursor Hands – MORE INFO


Free vector site features cursor hands drawn in a visual style. There are many designs to choose from like the vector hands showing the peace sign, flipping the birds and others.

Black Hand Vector- MORE INFO


Use this black hand vector in commercial and non-commercial projects, personal websites and printed work, as long as it’s a part of a larger design.

Vector Hand Items – MORE INFO


This vector design is in Encapsulated PostScript eps ( .eps ) format. These are intended for personal use only. They do not allow using it for profit-oriented activities yet.

Hand Vector Pack – MORE INFO


This is a hand vector package that offers 29 free hand vectors. They also offer tons of other vector designs for free.



Their site displays a fist in a vector art. If you like it, feel free to use it anyway you like.



This is a little extra bit for people who know the basics of using vectors. Basically, this is most of what you would need to figure out the basic shape of a hand.

Hand Claw References for Both Studies and or Stock – MORE INFO


They have claws that were  made out of regular paper together with a paint of black and gold. The hand design is quite animated or cartoonified in a way.

Green Circle Hand Icon- MORE INFO


This hand vector is in Openoffice drawing format. It displays a green circle with a hand icon on it.

Sign Language “Y” Hang Loose Clip Art – MORE INFO


This one features a sign language hand works. You will see the different hand strokes that connotes a certain message.



If you are looking for a neatly designed hand vector, look upon this site. They have different hand vectors in a neatly-designed forms and some of them are even given for no value exchanged.

Screaming Hand – MORE INFO


This art is typically one of its kind. Imaginative! It shows a screaming hand which was inspired by a certain musical band.

Dirty Vector Pack V.7- MORE INFO


Dirty vector pack seems not so dirty at all. It still look nice because the shading proportion of the hands are quite remarkable.

Hands Free Vector Pack – MORE INFO


123 Free Vectors is one of the largest database of free vector art, vector images and some graphics. You can download the Illustrator EPS, AI, JPG, PDF & SVG files from their wide range of collection all for free.

Cool Web Hands Icons – MORE INFO


Cool web hands icon set is what they are to offer. They have the black, white and yellow hands that look like a cursor.

Pack Hands – MORE INFO


Their page showcases hand or hands with arms in motion. Their illustrations looks simple and clean.

Hand Cursor Clipart – MORE INFO


Their website shows a hand cursor clip. The design is in OpenOffice drawing format so it can be used with much easiness to any user.

Hand Palm Clip Art- MORE INFO


This illustration  features a hand-palm side of the hand. There are many different vectors to choose from their database.

Open Give Hand Vector – MORE INFO


Spiderio will give you an open give hand vector in a neat but simple way. Anyone is free to use it.

Raised Fist Clip Art – MORE INFO


This one is a form of a clip art showing a fist that is somewhat on a raising position.

Vector Hands And Arms – MORE INFO


This page shares vectors of of the arms and hands silhouettes. They have full set of most popular hands or arms positions like the arm with two, three fingers and others.

Three Hands Clip Art – MORE INFO


This displays three hands clip art. They mainly feature the brown ones or the dark browns. However, you can always set it to your own ideal color in vector.

Vector Hand Background – MORE INFO


This one is an ideal vector for those who would like to feature a hand or group of hands in their logos.

Red Triangle Hand Icon – MORE INFO


This site somewhat features a signage of “stop” using a red triangle object with a hand on the center. It is good for conveying a message that’s related to stopping.

Pointing Finger Clip Art – MORE INFO


This pointing finger clip looks fairly simple. It looks more of like a cursor from a PC. However, it looks more hip since it can be of different colors. The shape is also more defined.



This web page shows a hand with a pointing forefinger. This is a hand vector that is open for public usability.

Vector Hand Patterns – MORE  INFO


Now, this is ready to download. It is free of charge and is ready to use.

Hand Vector Pack – MORE INFO


It is free for personal and commercial use. This hand vector pack is showcasing a wide array of choices when it comes to hand vector designs.

A Raised Fist Clip Art – MORE INFO


A raised fist clip art is what this is. It is simple. It is neat. You can see and check its classic design.

World and Hands – MORE INFO


The world and the hands are separate from each other.  They can be used separately if you would like them separately or independently from each other. What you need to do is to fix a little bit the images that will be forming the gaps.

Heavy Metal Clip Art- MORE INFO


Heavy metal, as the name impliedly being featured in this page is what it actually looks like. It features a design that is kind of metallic and contemporary.

Fist Outline Lineart Clip Art – MORE INFO


Fist Outline Lineart clip art is a good resource of vector art. You can find different designs from their web page from guns, hands and many more.

Deformed Hand Icon Vector – MORE INFO


Deformed hand icons is what this site offers. They also have free vector hands featured in their page.



Vector.us has cute hand vector arts. They have the hand designs in black, colorful yellow and some others. Visit their site to see.

Skeleton Hand Holding Anatomical Red Heart with Free Tee Design – MORE INFO


This web site guarantees a cool skeleton hand design that is created in vector. It is quite unique, a bit metallic and contemporary.

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Author : Lars Vraa


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