HTML5 is not a new phenomenon any more, but it is still far from a finished standard. It is like everyone is talking about the exciting new features and possibilities the standard brings to web developers; and for a reason! In this context, we have decided to bring an article about HTML5 infographics to help you learn more about HTML5 and its impact. I’m sure you will also find some HTML5 tools useful for the learning process, and if you are going to build a website check out the awesome HTML5 website templates available.

Everything moves at high speed in the web design industry and it is necessary to keep yourself to be well informed and up to date with developments. Therefore, I hope these infographics will be helpful and bring you, your employees or your clients ideas, inspiration and an overview of HTML5.

Below you will find 12 awesome infographics that visualize facts about HTML5. Feel free to add your comments below and share this post with your friends.
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History of HTML5


The development of HTML5 can be traced in this infographic. The illustration starts in 2004, when WHATWG or Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group was formed.

HTML5: Past, Present and The Future


This infographic has a clean and simple design and it contains a lot of interesting information about HTML5.

HTML5: Hype Vs. Reality?


This infographic ask a very hot question: How does HTML5 stack up to Flash for development?

The history of HTML5


This infographic start its journey back in the 80s before HTML. It takes you by the hand and walk you through the important steps of HTML development.

Making the Case for HTML5


This infographic has interesting information about HTML5. For example HTML5 is being used by almost 50% of developers, and is projected to grow to 80% within the next 3 years.



This HTML5 infographic is a simple primer that can be used as a educational reference. Its original source is not available anymore.

Reaching the Next Level


This is a HTML 5 infographic that illustrates the capabilities of mobile web browsers.

HTML5: Why Developers Need It


This infographic shows a number of fascinating data and states that web developers can must use HTML 5.

HTML 5 vs Flash


This infographic illustrates how Flash and HTML 5 can coexist. By using the unique advantages provided by each technology, people can have an option in creating beautiful websites.

An HTML5 infographic, animated with HTML5


This is a creative infographic that summarizes the need-to-know facts about HTML5 and brings them to life with animation produced using HTML5.

HTML5 Vs. Flash Games


This infographic also deal with the question about whether HTML5 or Flash is in the lead.

What does HTML5 do?


This infographic illustrates the key features of HTML 5, which is predicted to be the next web programming standard.

The Evolution of the Web


An increasing universe of interlinked web apps and pages composed of interactive content, photos and videos make up the web today. This is not a infographic like the above. It is a visualization that illustrates the interaction of web browsers and technologies that make it possible but are not seen by the average user.

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