Adobe Illustrator is a pretty powerful tools and it offers some pretty unique features. Worth surfacing is Illustrator’s Paintbrush Tool (B). Illustrator brushes can be applied to paths and strokes and as you probably know they are excellent for creating unique stroked designs in seconds.

Illustrator’s brushes are all vectors and can be completely modified to suit your needs by changing most of their characteristics like e.g stroke width, weight, colors, and more. The power of Illustrator brushes is often underestimated and Illustrator brushes are a lot less around than Photoshop brushes.

If you like Illustrator, make sure to check out the fully-licensed Illustrator addons and brushes found over at Envato Market. 

I have looked all over the web to collect the best Illustrator brush sets for you. So below you will find more than 75 beautiful Illustrator brush sets for improving and speeding you design process! Do you miss some brush sets in the collection? Drop a comment for us and it will be added. (Post has been updated May 17th 2012)

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Border, Ropes, Chains And Decor Brushes

Vector Chains

Ornate Illustrator Brushes

Rope Pattern Brush and Ready-Made Rope Elements

by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

7 Lace Brushes

by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

Wire/Pipe brushes

Dots Illustrator Brushes

Stitch Brushes

by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

Lace Pattern BrushLace Pattern Brush

Postage Stamp Edge BrushPostage Stamp Edge Brush

Certificate BorderCertificate Border

19th Century Deco Borders19th Century Deco Borders

Croatian National Border

Rope Brushes

Realistic Chain Pattern

Rope brushes

Illustrator Brush Sets – Swirl, Floral and Foliage

5 Broken and crumbled leaves brushes

Swirly Curls – Sick Brush Kit

RGB Rainbow Vector Brushes


by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

The Rainbow Brush Kit

The Flower Tree


Swirlly acanthus type leaves

Swirl Rocks Brushes

Illustrator Brush

Teardrop Foliage

Fresh Flower Illustrator Brush set

Kairy Brushes

Free Floral Illustrator Brush

Sick Brusk Kit 2 “Elementals”

28 Free Illustrator Brushes for Making Swooshes and Swirls

FloresBeck Illustrator brush pack

20 Ridiculously Cool Hippy Flowers

Various nature illustrator brush collection

Custom brushes collection

cold colored foliage

Free Illustrator Symbols – Swirly Curls Ornaments

Floral Brush Kit for Illustrator

Yanagi no Illustrator Brushes

Illustrator Wedge Brushe set

Hand drawn, Paint, Ink and Watercolor Brushes

Hand-Drawn, Seamless Patterns

by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

Illustrator Grunge Brushes

Ink Sketch Lines


by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

Urban Squares Illustrator Brushes

Sketchy and Line Art Brushes

230 Free Vector Marker Brushes

AI Custom Drawing Brushes 1

Free Illustrator Brushes: Ink/Watercolor

90+ illustrator Watercolor Brushes

Lineart Illustrator Brush

Smoke Illustrator Brushes

Smoke – illustrator brush pack

Gems, Beads and Pearls Brushes for Illustrator

String of Pearls Layered Brushes Set

by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

Gems & Pearls Scatter Brushes

Beads and Gems

Snowflake and Starburst Brushes

Snowflake Illustrator Brushes

Illustrator Snowflake Scatter Brushes

Abstract Brushes

Starwalt Abstract Illustrator Brushes

Abstract Brushes

Thin Abstract Brushes

Other Illustrator Brush Sets

Zipper Brushes and Sliders


by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

Brick Brush

Warning Tape Pattern Swatches

warning tape

by GraphicRiver (premium brushes)

Pro Water Illustrator Brush

Confetti illustrator brushes

technix brush pack

WOODCUTS: AI flourish pack

Geometric elements – illustrator brush set 1

Various symbols – illustrator brush set 3

Various useful illustrator brush set 2

Filmstrip Brush

Valentines Day Brush Set

Illustrator Brush Tutorials

Create Illustrator Art Brushes

Excellent tutorial showing how to make use of brushes in illustrator to paint a beautiful women character

Vector Eyes Tutorial

This is an advance tutorial, tools used include Pen tool, convert anchor point tool, ellipse tool, eyedropper, gradient tool.
Palettes used include Layers, Brushes, Swatches, Gradients, Pathfinder, Transparency

Illustrator for Loathers

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Making waves of lines

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