As a followup on yesterdays article providing tips and infograpic graphics to get started creating your own inforgraphics, I have collected a set of special infographics all build around maps as a key element. This is mainly to provide more inspiration and ideas for how data can be presented in a clever way but also because infographic maps are often really cool.

As you probalbly know infographics have been used more and more recently to deliver complex and detailed data in a very interactive and easy to consume way. Today information graphics surround us in all kinds of media, e.g. in printed magazines, in advertising but certainly also online. Events like Olympics 2012 of course have been analysed from all angles and described in various cool Olympics infographics. It can be both fun and a great way to get an overview and learn about new areas. However for marketing people infographics help delivering a clear message effectively and allow for certain aspects to be highlighted…

One of the typical use cases of infographics is to present demographic data and here map illustrations tend to be really useful. For this article I have found excellent examples of infographical maps for you inspiration. Keep in mind that some infographics are very long and therefore have been cut over here. Follow the links to see the full graphics. Enjoy!
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Trembling Giants

trembling giants

Map of Online Communities 2

Map of online communities

Facebook User Interaction Map


The Optimization of the Olympic Games

Infographic: A Map Of America’s 1,000 Breweries

US Bank Closures

Swine flu map of Britain

How the World Uses Social Network

A guide to buying your own island

Digital Dump


Banking on the World Bank

Fortifying Foods to Prevent Disease

Top Languages on the Internet

Who’s Buying That?

Submarine Cable Map

Word Map of Social Network

Where the jobs have been Hiding

Reservations Census

National Debt

Oil Imports to the USA

Die Hard


Richest World Leaders

Cyber Stalking: the dangers of over sharing information

The Best Beer in America

Action Sheet: Clearing the Air

A Graphical History of the U.S. Flag

Social Professionals

The World’s Resources by Country

Which Countries Are Making the Most Progress on the Millennium Development Goals    

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Author : Lars Vraa


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