The iPad stand is just one of the long line of accessories for Apple tablets, and it is specially designed to facilitate ease of use. While iPad cases provide protection for your tablet when it is in use, or on the go, iPad stands are useful when you want to have a hands-free experience while enjoying music and videos on your tablet. Also, it is ideal when you want to expose the beauty of your iPad for aesthetic purposes. Further, you will find a unusual iPad stand useful in situations where you want to watch videos while you are lying on the bed, up on stage delivering a speech, or when you want to use your iPad on your lap for some reasons.

Basically this article showcases a number of stands with different designs, materials and features for your Apple tablet. Most of these are specially suited to meet common usage scenarios, from hands-free display of the device on a flat surface and many more.

If you need to know more about these items, please visit their source pages and get to know the little details. Also, since this is a shortlist, there is a possibility that there are still others which we have not included in this showcase. Please feel free to add them below. You are also welcome to share your thoughts about this beautiful lineup of iPad stands.

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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.

Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad


Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 is an exceedingly travel-friendly tablet computer stand designed for use with nearly all new lightweight tablet computers such as the Apple iPad and others. A quality user-friendly stand is an essential tablet accessory for enhancing your mobile computing experience. The desktop stand frees up your hands so you can watch movies, read an eBook or recipe, surf the web, conduct a presentation, view photos, read displayed sheet music, or conduct any other activity that would benefit from a foldable easel type of stand.

elago P2 Stand (Silver) for iPad and Tablet PC


P2 Stand  Organizes your desk and enables full access to your iPad features easily. Elago P2 Mobile Stand’s stylish design is adaptable with a variety of hard cases.



PadFoot clips to the corner of your iPad and will securely stand it upright in both landscape and portrait mode. It’s great for viewing movies, clips and slideshows, for use with a wireless keyboard, for making FaceTime calls, as well as for use in (shop) displays and presentations. PadFoot is so small that it will easily slip into many protective pouches, right beside your iPad.

Halter Foldable Rotating Metal Desk Stand


This iPad stand allows for the top and bottom hinge to articulate frontwards and backwards a full 180°, plus a complete 360° swivel capability. It also features 4 adjustable corner clamps to allow using the iPad even with your protective plastic coverings still on the iPad. Also, the bottom of the stand is padded so it wont scratch the surface of your device while using this stand.; Additionally this stand is fold-able so it can be stored neatly without having a bulky item tagging along when you travel.

K&M Stands 19710 iPad Stand Holder


This iPad holder is ideal for musicians and those who use iPad during lectures. It can easily be attached to a microphone stand so you can adjust it to the level you are comfortable with. The microphone stand is not included.

BookArc Vertical Laptop Stand for iPad


BookArc for iPad gives you a choice of four different positions. In “work mode,” iPad sits at a 75-degree reclined angle in both portrait and landscape positions, and provides access to the home button. In “storage mode” iPad sits upright in both portrait and landscape positions, perfect for charging and using your iPad as a stylish photo frame. No matter what position you’re in, you always have access to the charging port.

Belkin Flip Blade Stand


Use your iPad anywhere with the stand that transforms from small and portable to safe and supportive at the push of a button.  It is capable of holding your iPad in either landscape or portrait view. Made in of durable material it provides a firm base for your device that won’t weigh down your bag or backpack. It is compatible with Apple iPad, iPhone, Kindle, eReader, Samsung Galaxy, Tablet, Smartphone, and iPod for wide-ranging compatibility. Also you can enjoy a hands-free access for easy use on the go.

Merkury Innovations 360 Rotating Stand for iPad 2


Enjoy your iPad 2 in portrait or landscape mode; rotates to accommodate any viewing position.

Universal Tablet Stand for iPad, Kindle, and Tablet PC


Universal tablet stand for iPad is a reliable that you can use when you are on the go. It features a foldable framework so it will fit easily on your bag. You can manipulate it in different angles so you use it in any way you like. It features a soft padded grips on bottom to prevent sliding, as well as padded grips where iPad rests.

Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand for Tablets


The Belkin Chef Stand is an ideal accessory for chefs who keep recipes on their tablet device. Designed for use in home kitchens, this stand fits neatly on your countertop and allows for several viewing orientations so it’s easy to watch your favorite cooking channel or any other show while you’re in the kitchen. It also comes with a magnetic-tipped stylus, which lets you use your tablet’s touchscreen even when your hands are messy.

PRIZM 2-Piece Aluminum Stand


PRIZM 2 is a stylish and high quality aluminum stand for iPad designed especially to perfectly hold your device. It comes  with unique color options and can easily be disassembled for your convenience.

Thought Out Stabile 2.0 iPad 3g Stand


Made from solid steel, this USA made iPad stand is an artistic structure that is stable in every twist of the word. At 2-1/4 pounds and an extremely low and user focused center of gravity, this second generation Stabile 2.0 has the stability that other iPad stands will not duplicate. For your daily use this iPad stand has Thought Out characteristics like split back cable management, anti slip and non-skid feet and quality protective padding where your iPad rest. Use without or with a case or skin in portrait or landscape, and look cool doing it.

FlipStands – New, Compact Multi-Adjustable Stand


Multi-adjustable, compact portable folding stand for all iPads, Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 and all other Tablets. Perfect for the Office Desk, Conference Room, Airline Snack Table, Kitchen Counter, Kitchen Table or Home Office. Fits in Tote, Back Pack, Brief Case or Slip Case. A very sleek, professional looking product that looks great anywhere. This is the most versatile stand on the market today!

Targus Mini Stand


The Targus Basic iPad stand features dual angle rests for optimal viewing in landscape or portrait positions. Small and sturdy, this stand is made from hard, durable acrylic to provide a solid resting place for your iPad. Its economical price and simple design make it easy to have multiple stands anywhere around the home or office.

Compass Portable Stand for iPad


Compass is a stylish, compact folding stand that works as an easel and a typing stand with all iPad models. As an easel, Compass beautifully displays iPad in both portrait and landscape modes. To transform Compass into a typing stand, simply flip down the secondary leg and this super portable stand sits at a perfect angle for comfortable typing on the iPad onscreen keyboard.

Griffin A-Frame for iPad and iPad 2


Griffin A-Frame for iPad holds the device upright in landscape portrait views, or at a lower, wrist-friendly angle. It has a non-slip cushioned cradle that accommodates griffin flexible hard-shell cases many others. Also the cradle uses a cut-out to accommodate use of a docksync cable.

dzdock 1.2 One Stand


Our universal stand works with iPad2, iPad, iPhone, iPod, SmartPhones, Kindle , nook and Tablet PCs. There is no reason to fish wires through a hole anymore, simply connect your device and slide it into our dock. Use your device with or without a skin, in portrait or landscape mode. Designed to be hands down the best way to conference call. Custom fit for the iPad, allows you to adjust the viewing angle.

Adjustable Skadoosh stand


The Skadoosh Stand’s innovative design combines portability, stability, versatility and good looks. A hinged arm flips out for stability and folds neatly under the base for compact travel. A simple push-button lock holds your iPad at just about any angle, making it the ideal iPad stand for FaceTime. So what we’re trying to say is…the Skadoosh Stand is the perfect accessory to Stand your iPad.

iPad Floor Stand: SwingHolder


The SwingHolder makes your iPad truly useful in the gym, in bed, or while performing on stage. Drift off to sleep knowing your iPad won’t fall to the floor. Use the SwingHolder while exercising since it doesn’t vibrate with your treadmill, rower, or cycle. Use it in the studio or on stage, with the confidence you can adjust it to exactly where you need. Made in the USA out of recycled plastic and steel.

Electrostand –iPad Stand for the iPad 1, 2, 3


Electrostand is the ultimate iPad stand, giving users unprecedented control and hands-free functionality to enhance the iPad experience. By providing a simpler alternative for viewing photos, videos, presentations with a group of people, or just sitting back and enjoying a movie, Electrostand revolutionizes the way you use your iPad. USB Charger The built-in USB charger allows you to connect your iPad and have it charge as you work, surf, and play.

Faucet Stand


This stand is composed of polycarbonate plastic with ABS faucet parts, the stands take the appearance of an old-fashioned faucet from which water is streaming into a small puddle. the pieces are produced in clear, blue, black, and white.



Love your iPad but hate that you can’t comfortably use it while lounging on your couch or lying in bed? Problem solved. The Quirky Cradle is a portable, lightweight lap desk for your Apple iPad.

Joby GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2


Become a yoga master and stretch the limits on comfortable iPad positions with Gorillamobile Yogi for iPad 2. With limber yet sturdy legs, Yogi can twist and bend to stabilize your iPad 2 on any uneven surface or wrap around fixtures—from your lap to your kitchen cabinets. The modular clip design allows you to easily change from portrait to landscape orientation, or remove the legs to slip the lightweight case in your bag.

Silver HARD METAL Durable/Portable 2-way Stand


This stand has a special compass like design for holding your tablet in style. It is easy to use and it can handle different sizes of tablets.

COSMOS Black Universal Adjustable Stand


This stand is features an adjustable design for different view angle in portrait or landscape mode. You can adjust it easily by turning the knobs on each side of the stand. It is also compatible with with iPad, iPad 2, Xoom, Playbook, Galaxy Tab or other 7 – 10 inch tablets.

Neewer Compass Adjustable Stand


This stand features a compass like design for holding your iPad or other tablet PCs for your reading. You can adjust its height to comfort you to have the best viewing point for your tablet. You can also choose between two different angles : upright for viewing, lower tilting angle for typing.

Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad


Ready to elevate your listening experience? This made-for-iPad stand turns your tablet into a hands-free music, movie and charging station. Plus, it’s easy to move around the house so you can listen to music while you cook or watch movies in bed—all in room-filling stereo sound.

JBL On Beat Loudspeaker Dock


This JBL dock delivers realistic, high-output sound from any Apple iOS device. A universal connector firmly docks iPad, iPod and iPhone devices and lets you rotate iPod and iPhone screens to portrait or landscape orientation for the best video display. The JBL OnBeat docking station features dual Phoenix full-range transducers with computer-optimized DSP equalization for a richly detailed 360-degree soundstage, an IR remote puts you in full control of system functions and music navigation from across the room, and an AC power supply keeps your devices charged when docked.

LUXA2 H4 Holder


LUXA2 H4 is an iPad holder made of solid aluminum with a sleek and chic design tailor-made for the Apple iPad.

Rocketfish – Apple iPad Stand


This stand fits Apple iPad and multiple sleeves. It has an interchangeable rubber pads for wide-ranging compatibility and a rotating design for hands-free use.

TrippNT 50991 Universal iPad Stand


Universal iPad Stand offers ergonomic comfort and hands free enjoyment of the iPad or tablet. Use on desktops, bench top or counter at a 58 or 68 degree viewing angle in either portrait or landscape orientation. Crystal clear acrylic construction provides a sturdy contemporary design. Features include holes to feed cables for charging, speaker slots which amplify sound and use with most tablet cases and covers.

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