Everyone use search engines to find what they are looking for online. Social media and bookmarking sites also gain momentum but trust me optimizing your pages for the right keywords is still critical to get free and well converting traffic from mainly Google.

We have covered the technique of doing effective keyword analysis earlier and if you have not seen this article I strongly recommend you check it out. Another useful and powerful angle of keyword research is using keyword trend tools to check what the world is searching for and look at it from a time line perspective.

This may not only give you “here and now” opportunities to jump on keywords that are jumping into the sky right now but also to watch for more stable development in the keywords you consider to rank for. Apart from Google trend (the most popular tools around) there are other options you should not to compare keyword trends.

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1. Google Trends

Google is the largest search engine by far and this also makes trend analysis on their data powerful and reliable. The Google Trends tool can be used to check and compare keyword trends on internet.

There are many other options like hot trends, compare keywords, visual representation of trends is available in google trends which make this tool very interesting.  keyword or topic popularity on particular demographic regions, languages and , time lines are also available.

Try Google trends

2. Google Insights

Google Insights for Search analyses a portion of worldwide Google web searches from all Google domains to compute the number of searches that have been done for the terms that you’ve entered, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. You can choose to see data for select Google properties, including Web search, Images, Product search and News search (certain properties aren’t currently available in all countries/territories).

Try Google Insights

3. Yahoo clues

Yahoo Clues only shows results based on yahoo search engines and not from other search engine results and if used right it can be useful to boost yahoo organic traffic. The tools have many interesting features like Top Trends, Trend Analysis which offers many features and ways to analyze the search trend data.

Try Yahoo clues

4. Trendistic

Another way to find out what people around the world is interested in is to analyze twitter trends. Basically this is about what topics or keywords users are tweeting about and how they are trending now. They Trendistic tool is a great option for this and it provides a clean graphical representations. You can also embedded those graph [see below] in your blog using embedded chart option.

Try Trendistic

5. social mention

Trend data is aggregated from numerous sources to provide insight into what is being mentioned on the web

Try social mention

6. Addic-to-matic

Yet another way to figure out fast what is trending is to use tools like  Addic-to-matic. It is basically a mashup of news taken from authority sites and based on a topic you choose.

Try Addic to matic

7. BlogPulse

BlogPulse works like a typical search engine, except that it is tuned to search only on blog data. Trends on what is going on in the blog sphere can be quite useful.

Try Blogpulse

What tools do you use for staying tunes on what is going on online?

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