Kinetic typography is the art of expressing by means of animated text. Literally, the term means moving text. It is done by manipulating and dynamically displaying text on a screen in a way that will help you express an emotion, a message or an idea eloquently.

The technique of kinetic typography has become more popular in recent years. Graphic designers that are skilled in After Effects have, at their disposal, infinite potential in making words and letters move in wonderful ways. This can be very powerful e.g. for corporate adverts. The essence of kinetic typography though is in capturing the ambiance of the subject through the addition of subtle alterations.

Below, I have compiled a list of 20 kinetic typography examples to give you some food for thought. They will show you how you can express your ideas through typography and perhaps give you an idea on how to superbly present your own products or services. Please feel free to share your thoughts on kinetic typography with us through the comments. You may also share this post with friends, so that they too can marvel at the potentials of kinetic typography.
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Renault – Tough – MORE INFO

Shop Vac – MORE INFO

Full Metal Jacket – “Who said that!?” – MORE INFO

Hello Hola Hallo Bonjour Ciao Ola – MORE INFO

Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” – MORE INFO

Sherlock Holmes – MORE INFO

Make it better – MORE INFO

Wedding Crashers – “I’ve got the perfect girl for you” – MORE INFO

The Edge – MORE INFO

Wouldn’t it be Nice – MORE INFO

Alphabet – MORE INFO


The King’s Speech – “My dear, dear man” – MORE INFO

Elbow Grease – Habitat Promo – MORE INFO

The Hush Sound – Lions Roar – MORE INFO

Kinetic Typography – MORE INFO

Conan O’Brien – MORE INFO

Kid President Peptalk – MORE INFO

Alphagames – MORE INFO

Husbands – Dream – MORE INFO

Author : Alex Naz


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