Landing page templates has become a huge advantage for online marketers.

They rely on converting website traffic into sales or sign-ups. It is a fact that a professional landing page is a fantastic tool to get website visitors to take action. It is all about optimizing and an effective landing page will do the job of optimizing your conversions and driving more customers to your business.

This article will show a series of landing page templates that can help you build your own effective landing page on a relatively painless way.

In most cases, a landing page is an one page website page. The visitors are directed to this page after clicking an online advertisement, an email link, a blog post link etc. The secret to landing pages is an effective call to action, good copywriting and a common thread that ties the message well together with the link that has guided the visitors to the landing page. A call to action could be an eloquent “call to” complete a contact form, subscribe to a newsletter, purchase a product or service, sign up for a free trial, or download a document, application, or other file.

It is necessary to consider the process carefully and vividly tell all the benefits of taking action right away. This has to be supported by brilliant design, images, and an eye catching “call to action” buttons.

I think we can agree now that landing pages can directly affect your sales. Therefore, you need to be on top of this. It should be perfect. That is why I believe that pre-designed landing page templates are an excellent choice for many business owners who want to get lots of customers through their website. It can be a tremendous advantage not having to worry about the technical part of having to design and code the landing page. If you are not a web designer yourself, the following templates will certainly be beneficial for you. Enjoy!


Leadpages – High Conversion Templates and Builder – DEMO

leadpages templates

LeadPages is a very powerful Landing Page solution preferred by top online businesses and marketers. It is also my favorite tool for creating landing pages because it is easy to use and it has a build in split test system. You can choose from 80+ awesome templates and even see how well they convert for other users – excellent! The system is not low ticket, but it is worth every penny. It also include LeadBoxes and LeadLinks that will help you catch even more leads.

Kane – Responsive App Landing Page – DEMO

kane landing page template

Kane is a flexible template for mobile app websites with great customization options. You can choose to have video, image or solid background. It comes with two styles and a dark and light version. It’s built with Bootstrap 3 and it’s very easy to customize and use in your project according to your needs.

NRG – Responsive Landing Page – DEMO

nrg business landing page template

NRG business and start-up landing page tempalte is a one page solution that will help you build a good presence on the web. It has a ton of useful feature, responsive design and the structure is very lightweight.

Maverick – Landing Page Template For Apps & Software – DEMO


This flat design landing page template is well suited for promoting applications, software and other kinds of similar products! You can use it with success for any businesses actually. It has a nice One page design, 1170 Grid System, 6 color variations and more.

Pandora Box – Onepage HTML Template – DEMO


Pandora Box is a minimal onepage HTML Template with a creative design well suited for mobile developers. I comes with Responsive layout, Responsive 3D slider, 3 different styles: color, pattern and photo background and much more.

Neue – App Landing Page – DEMO


This app landing page is the freshest addition out there. It comes full of amazing features with even more remarkable support.

Flat Landing – Responsive Product Landing Template – DEMO


This landing page template comes packed with useful features that include silky smooth animation, retina ready responsive design, Entypo icon set, working newsletter form and one page design.

Permatex – Lead Generating Responsive Landing Page – DEMO


This is a landing page template that is perfect for application, company or service websites.

Launchpad – Responsive App Landing Page – DEMO


This is the perfect app template for gaming, app industry, agency, corporate, freelancer, general business or nonprofit showcases.

Off the Shelf – Responsive E-Book Landing Page – DEMO


This is a template that has been created with marketers and eBook authors in mind. It has everything that you might need to get your products noticed fast.

Attraction – Responsive Landing Page – DEMO


This one/multi page landing page is responsive in design. It was created to sell and promote products, events and services.

MyProduct- DEMO


This is a great theme if you are looking for a business template to promote your products and services on the web. The theme design is page base, which makes it a versatile and powerful template.

Nostalgia – Responsive Landing Page – DEMO


This is a HTML landing page with a responsive design. Based on the full screen slider, you can use it for both corporate and personal purposes.

Marketex – The Multipurpose Responsive Showcase – DEMO


This multipurpose landing page includes 3 subpages and based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Fitnex – Responsive HTML Landing Page – DEMO


This landing page is based on Twitter Bootstrap and can be used for a variety of purposes. Fitnex is ideal for showcasing a service or company.

Simplify – Sell your Book / App Landing – DEMO


This landing page is responsive in design and will allow you to sell your book or app in a modern and attractive manner. It is packed with 12 PSD files and premium features.

Reydeo Responsive HTML Landing Page Template – DEMO


Based on the Twitter Boostrap, Reydeo comes with a responsive design. Features include prettyPhoto, W3C valid, PSD files, working subscription form and flex slider.

Eduka Responsive HTML Landing Page Template – DEMO


This responsive landing page is based on the Bootstrap framework. It comes with prettyPhoto, W3c valide, PSD files, flex slider and working subscription form.

Visceral – Premium Multipurpose Landing Page – DEMO


A multipurpose landing page template, Visceral comes with 8 color themes, 5 textures, beautiful footer with Google map, 6 header backgrounds and 4 templates.

Dragness Business & Portfolio Landing Page – DEMO


This is a responsive and super cool template design with a slew of useful features. Dragness comes with 6 custom backgrounds and colors that you can use to your advantage.

Eventcamp – Responsive One Page Marketing Template – DEMO


If you are looking for a responsive, one page template for events promotion, Eventcamp is a great candidate. You can customize it easily and changing template colors only need a single search and replace.

Sweet Date – Premium Landing Page for Lovers – DEMO


This is a clean, modern and unique landing page that is created for but not limited to dating sites. All the things that may need to create the perfect presentation is included.

Sapphire – Responsive Landing Page Template – DEMO


This nice landing page comes with a fully responsive layout. It has 15 color options, touchable contents, filterable responsive gallery with lightbox, Ajax subscription form and other useful features.

Petrichor – Premium Clean Landing Page – DEMO


This clean landing page has 4 templates included, in addition to 6 header backgrounds, light box gallery, 5 textures and 8 color themes.

Landing Soon – DEMO


Landing Soon features tons of features such as a contact form that works right out of the box and image gallery. It also includes a price comparison table, jQuery progress bar, jQuery Twitter feed and Google web fonts.

Conversio – Responsive Social & Dating Landing Page – DEMO


This responsive design is optimized to get high sign up rates and registration to community systems, dating, social networks and collaboration sites.

AppLand – Responsive Bootstrap Parallax App Landing Page – DEMO


If you are getting out for the first time with a killer app, this is the landing page template to do it. It has the punch needed for standing out from the rest easily.

The Flow – Responsive One Page App Template – DEMO


This one page template is a responsive design that was created for software and apps. Features include parallax slider, working contact form, prettyPhoto, flex slider and plenty of other features.

Younic Responsive Landing Page – DEMO


This landing page has responsive features and created for apps and software. Among the features that you will find useful are prettyPhoto, working contact form, Twitter feed and flex slider.

Materia Responsive Fullscreen landing page – DEMO


This is a full screen landing page that is also responsive. Its features include full screen gallery, font face, prettyPhoto, responsive video support, Ajax contact form and countdown product offer.

Bravia Landing Page – DEMO


This landing page can be used for a variety of purposes but is especially suited for brand or business.

Polar – Responsive Apps Landing Page – DEMO


This is a landing page that was created for promoting apps, themes and other products. It comes with support for different tablet and mobile platforms. Polar can be customized easily and comes full of useful elements.

Free Landing Page Templates

RT-Theme free Landing Page – DEMO

RT-themes landing page template

Product Landing Page – DEMO


This free landing page template is a great template for selling digital or tangible products. It includes all the features you need: a contact form, Order button, section for customer testimonials, features section, and a place for product updates.

Dash of Green (free) – DEMO


This is a free landing page template by Socialeers. It is great for getting your visitors to sign up and to get their email address. It has a simple layout and a green and white colour scheme. You can easily showcase a video or image.

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