A classic problem for web designers is to make a new website design look realistic and real at an early stage in the process where no or little real content is ready. This is a typical situation when designing brand new websites where layout of text and images in the prototype need to give the client a good impression and a feel of the end result.

If you are in the web design industry I’m sure you heard about the term “lorem ipsum” and you probably also used lots of lorem ipsum text (or filler text, dummy text etc. as people may also call it) in your work already. Question is how do you get access to fresh lorem ipsum text with the right length and paragraph structure to fit the design you are working on. Personally I use lorem ipsum text generators and I think there are good online options available making it a simple and quick solution. A good dummy text include features to control text length, add paragraphs, etc. as this makes it simpler and faster to paste the text into the design. Besides helping designers get started with the creative process dummy text also tend to help clients focus on the design itself and not the meaning of the text.

In this article I have listed the lorem ipsum generators I know about. I hope you will leave a comment if I left out your  favorite or if you have experience in this area you want to share with us.

[exec]$filestr = file_get_contents(‘http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/googleadsensebelowmoretag.inc’);echo $filestr;[/exec]


This is a really feature rich lorem ipsum generator capable of generating highly realistic dummy text. I like that it is able to insert links, lists, headers etc. and still create text that looks real. The copy to clipboard makes it simple to grab the text.


Dummy Text Generator

This lorem ipsum generator is extremely simple to use and it includes features for controling the text length and paragraph structure. It also supports adding html tags but there is one feature I think is important for this tool and it is the ability to insert random headings, bold and italic text. This makes it fast to generate really realistic text blocks!


Blind Text Generator

Blind Text Generator is one of my favorites beause if offers all the features I need. It generates dummy text in 10 language styles, allow for us to view the text with a specific width in px, makes it easy to control length and paragraph styles and also have possibilities for adding html paragraph tags and CSS styling to the text.


Generator Lorem Ipsum

Another great lorem ipsum generator but with a few features not found in the Blind Text Generator. There are more languages and the ability to download the generated text as html and plain text. Unfortunately it is not possible to both control length and nubmer of paragraphs at the same time.



This is a cool lorem ipsum generator with pregenerated text. Problem with this is the lack of variance. Still it is useful because there are pregenerated forms, lists etc.


Random Text Generator

Another simple to use lorem ipsum generator but with 16 different languages you can use to generate random text. When using the HTML format it adds headings and paragraphs and it is quite useful. The possibility to control the text output is limited.


[exec]echo get_avatar( get_the_author_email(), ’80’ );[/exec]

Author : Lars Vraa


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