Metal texture can transform an otherwise dull design into a sleek and classy webpage.

This is especially true if you put some creativity and proper blending in order to create a unique and attractive website.  Because of its versatility, metallic textures are often used by web and graphic designers in their work.

These metallic textures may come from different patterns and color. It may appear shiny, rusty or grungy in steel, or it may appear glittery in gold and silver. For its design, it may be riveted, corrugated, or can be in the form of a mesh. There are so many possibilities under which a metal texture would appear.


Because we, in Tripwire Magazine, always want to help you out, we decided to give you a sizable collection of extreme metal textures for your designs. These textures come from different artists who willingly gave away their work to help others. We therefore want to extend our thanks to these people for their noble gesture of good will.

If you are looking for a good looking metal texture for your project, this article can definitely help you. It also pays to have this bookmarked or saved for future use.

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Metal Floor 2 – Seamless

Metal Grip Texture Stock

Metal Floor

Seamless metal plate

Seamless Floor Special

Metal Fence texture

Metal seamless texture 6

Metallic Grid Texture

Scales metal seamless texture

Metal Pattern

Texture Metal Seamless

Metal Texture

Holey Grate

Metal texture 2

Worn metal

Metal texture 1

ULV Metal plate

Texture Metal

Foil 1

Black Metal Texture

Even more Metal Textures

Thanks for looking to the end of this massive Extreme Metal Texture Collection.

If you have anything in mind, or if you anything to add, please don’t hesitate to write a comment. It is also recommended that you share this article to your friends. Who knows they are also looking for a pattern that they can use in their work. It is not easy to look around for things so making this textures handy is always a good practice. We hope that this article can help you where it matters. Happy viewing!

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Author : Sonny Day


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