In this post, we will take a look at Metro Style Social Widget. It is a free WordPress plugin that will integrate your social networks on your website in a modern and stylish way.

Social networking is an integral part of everybody’s digital life and not surprisingly, social media platforms have millions of visitors every day. People love to share images, stories and news by means of social media channels, and this generates a lot of attractive web traffic.

Website owners are struggling to get their share of this traffic. Today most websites have a social media strategy and thousands of WordPress websites use widgets to integrate social media on their web pages.

It is a good strategy to make it easy for your visitors to share your content and to help them spread the word about your brand, your products or services. On top of that, good social signals will help you build trust and credibility. Therefore, showing your social networking sites on your website is a great idea.

You need effectively show your social networks on your web pages, and if you use a WordPress plugin it is quite easy. In this review, we will take a look at a plugin that simply does that. It allows you to display responsive, eye-catching social media icons in your sidebar area. These icons direct users to your respective social media accounts or give users an easy way to Like or Follow your pages – without leaving your website. Let’s get right into the details of this useful plugin.
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Once installed, the plugin can be found inside the Appearance tab in Dashboard. Access it by clicking on Widgets.


Widgets in Appearance Tab

The plugin can be found inside the Available Widgets Box. From there, you can drag it to the sidebar area of your choice.


Metro Style Icons in Widgets Area

Once it’s in the sidebar area, you can expand its menu to further customize its settings including your account URLs, icons to display and Like/Follow buttons.


Metro Style Expanded Settings

This is how your Widget will show on the sidebar area.


Metro Style Social Widget in Sidebar Area

Metro Style Social Widget plugin is a straightforward and no fluff widget you can use to display your Social Media Networks on your site. Its responsive feature allows resizing abilities when the site is viewed on smaller devices and its simple settings just makes it easy for users to directly add their Social Media account URLs and leave it functioning immediately after input. For more information about this plugin, you can check it out here.

Author : Alex Naz


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