Compared to working together face2face with a whiteboard or a wall of yellow PostIT labels few online collaboration tools stand a chance. For creative people it is all about brainstorming ideas fast and effectively using visual models. Most traditional and popular tools for collaboration are great for sharing documents, leaving messages and comments but they are just not working well as a virtual whiteboard. is a new HTML5 based tool offering cool drag-n-drop of rich media files, links, and documents onto a shared online drawing board. For the individual it is great for collecting ideas and organize them in a visual way. For teams of e.g. designers working together remotely it makes brainstorming on idea possible and possibly a good experience. offers a new way to collect and share ideas in real-time and it is pretty cool and worth trying out. It is in some areas similar to Prezi but I would say it is less presentation and more about collecting, sharing and working with web content in teams.

HTML5 is the fifth generation of the well known mark-up language HTML which goes all the way back to the 90’s. This new generation brings powerful features to the table and despite that is is still a “work-in-process” it is already become a core technology for web development. Thousands of websites and HTML5 based website templates have seen daylight and I think it is only the beginning. Enjoy this article.

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mural-playing supports a wide range of formats for integrating content into the boards. It is possible to upload images, videos, PDFs, docs etc. or just paste links from Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and other web pages. This draws on similarities with pinboards on Pinteret but is more loose and allow user to be more creative with regards to how boards are organized. It is also possible to add stickers, spaces, comments, text, shapes etc. making it great for forming simple illustrations and storytelling. Further it is possible to have both public and private boards in case you want to keep your ideas secret for some time. Inviting others to a board is fast and as simple as setting a board password and sharing an url. is free so why not give it a try… maybe you just want to plan your next vacation on 😉


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Author : Lars Vraa


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