If you have not been making any significant initiatives to improve your typing speed, maybe you have experienced its negative impact on your productivity ? As compared to “hunt and peck” method of typing, or the one in which the typist has to find and hit each key individually, “touch-typing” is much more productive.

Basically, the “touch-typing” technique involves keeping the eyes on the source copy at all times. This means the typist does not look at the keyboard at all; instead he memorizes the keys and designates certain areas of the keyboard to be manned by each finger on his hands. This is highly beneficial because, this organized system saves a lot of time and free your brain and your eyes the hassle of processing visual information from the keyboard. Luckily, even if you are a “hunt and peck” kind of a typist, there is still hope as you can still improve your typing speed if you are determined to learn.

To help you improve your typing speed, we have decided to share some useful tools along this line – i.e.| online apps to improve your typing speed. As you will find, these apps contain some speed tests to monitor your progress, tutorials, illustrations and many more. Enjoy.

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Typing Test


Typing Test is a great starting point in building up your typing speed. It measures your typing speed and accuracy in recreating the text given. You can also find some resources and tutorials to help you become a better typist.

Keybr is a flash-based web app that provides you with a system on how you can improve your typing speed. It contains some tips, proper placement of fingers, as well as exercises where you can choose a specific language.  You can choose from three basic lessons that start with a certain number of keys on the keyboard, and then, as you progress through the lessons, more keys are introduced to the mix to make things a little tougher. As an added bonus, the software keeps track of all your mistakes and your words–per–minute (wpm) — and even creates graphs of your day–by–day performance.



TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. TypingWeb includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification.

TypeFaster Typing Tutor


This free typing tutor teaches you how to touch-type. Once you can touch-type you will not need to look at the keyboard to find the letters you want to type. The program comes in three versions: Standard, Accessible and Spanish. Use the menu on the left to navigate to the version you are interested in.

Rapid Typing


Rapid typing has an attractive interface that can encourage you to improve your typing skill. It also explains the concepts and gives out some tips. You can also gain advantage to a Rapid Typing Tutor which is designed to teach adults and kids to use their computer keyboard more efficiently than ever.



PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor for Qwerty – US standard 101 keyboard and Dvorak keyboard – the US alternative ANSI standard keyboard. It’s typing tutor offers: free online typing lessons for QWERTY and Dvorak; typing practice where one can enter and practice own text; various practice stories used in a form of typing tests; and typing games.



TypeRacer, allows people to race each-other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. It is the first multiplayer typing game on the web. Since launching in March, 2008, millions of people from all over the globe have completed tons of races on, improving their typing speed by as much as 50 words-per-minute.

Pat or JK


Pat or JK measures your typing speed, and provides visualization on how fast you type each key.



Since 2001, Sense-lang has been providing a free, very unique and user-friendly typing course. Its touch typing tutorials will guide you through locating and memorizing the letters on your keyboard. It also has a touch typing tutorial for locating and memorizing the alpha numeric keypad.

Type Online.Co.Uk


Type Online offers a structured touch typing course for motivated individuals looking to develop their keyboard skills. Also, it has a free resource to aid supervised keyboarding education in schools, companies, and organizations.

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Author : Sonny Day


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