40+ Responsive Tumblr Themes – Tumblr Candy For Mobile Visitors

With a responsive Tumblr theme your tumblog, will serve both desktop and mobile visitors equally well and you are sure to stand out. If you are not sure what responsive web design looks like, I recommend you check out this collection of great responsive websites for...

30+ Sets Of Free Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds may look like a really bad and unfocused photograph. However, many web designers use blur effects on website backgrounds to simulate depth and give the content extra focus. When used right the effect is really strong and we often see it used on...

40+ Great Responsive Drupal Themes

With responsive Drupal themes, you can turn the popular open source Drupal CMS into a mobile friendly website builder. It is important to take the needs of mobile visitors serious, since their number oinly go up and up. One of the strongest web site trends right now...

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