Huge Collection of Photoshop Brushes, Patterns, Shapes and Tuts

I have provided large collections of Icon Sets in earlier posts because with really good Icons at hand Designer can save themselves a great deal of time. The same is true for Free Photoshop Brushes, Shapes, Textures and Patterns that are quite essential when creating...

120+ Javascript, Ajax, jQuery Mega Toolbox

In this article tripwire magazine provides a huge Javascript, Ajax and jQuery Toolbox that I hope really really gonna make a difference in your work efficiency. Javascript, Ajax and jQuery is in combination with other Web Technologies like fx. CSS key enablers for...

75+ Photoshop Effects, Brushes, Patterns, Tutorials

In this article tripwire magazine provides a Photoshop Mega Toolbox with all you can wish for in Tutorials, Textures, Patterns, Brushes, Actions, Cheat Sheets etc. The article has been spit up in 8 sections to make sure you imidiately find what you’re looking for.

65+ Hand-picked Free Fonts for Serious Designs

In this article tripwire magazine presents an overview of more than 65 Hand-picked Free Fonts that may be just what you need for your designs. There are thousands of free fonts available and the trick is to uncover the few that can be used for serious design work. The fonts listed in this article have all been hand-picked because they deserve to.

75+ Excellent Free Fonts For Professional Design

In this article tripwire magazine presents an overview of more than 75 excellent free fonts you should consider using for your designs. Not all free Fonts are worth using but the Fonts listed in this article have all been picked out because they are better than the rest.

50 Great Places to Sell Your Designs Online

Whether you’re a professional designer, web-developer, photographer or just doing some design work as a hobby you may be able to earn some money by selling your work online. In this article tripwire magazine present with 50 online services that you should check out if you have created unique designs, taken amazing pictures etc. that you want to allow others to use in return for some money.

20+ Photoshop Tutorials PSD to HTML/CSS, 35+ Online Services

Photoshop is very popular and a very good choice for creating website designs. In this article tripwire magazine provides more than 20 Photoshop Tutorials showing you the tricks you need to convert you designs into HTML and CSS. Even with the best tutorials at hand...

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