In this article tripwire magazine provides a Photoshop Mega Toolbox with all you can wish for in Tutorials, Textures, Patterns, Brushes, Actions, Cheat Sheets etc.

The article has been spit up in 8 sections to make sure you immediately find what you’re looking for.

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Photoshop is capable of doing some of the most cool tricks possible with digital imaging. On the other hand Photoshop is not that easy to use and Tutorials is a great way to short-cut the long way to the perfect design. Using high quality material when working in Photoshop really makes it easier to quickly reach the desired goal. Applying just the right Pattern or Texture may really make the difference you need.


This article gives you access to all you need in the following categories:

Photoshop Effects and Tutorials

The 33 best photoshop tutorials of April 2009 is rellay becomming a significant tuts cetral with 300+ tutorials linked and you should consider browsing one of the compilations ex. April 2009…. the-first-four-photoshop-tutorials

The First Four Photoshop Tutorials You Should Do

So, you just got photoshop, messed arround for a bit and now you want to build some useful skils. Everyone tells you to go out and do tutorials, but where do you start? This ultra refined list gives you a good grounding to let you get the most out of more advanced tutorials right from the start, and builds a quick, effective skillset that you will eventually come to use without realising it, and keep using for the rest of your photoshop career.

30 Ultra High-end Photoshop Tutorials

Ever drooled over the artwork created by Photoshop masters like Nik Ainley and Greg Martin? Drool no longer, because with the help of these 30 tutorials you can create high-end digital artworks and effects to rival any Photoshop legend.

50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever Beginners

Before you can create Photoshop masterworks, you need to learn the basics. Even the most complex digital artworks are built on a foundation of simple actions. These 50 tutorials are aimed at the clever beginner who wants to master Photoshop from the roots.

50 Dirty, Filthy Grunge Photoshop Effects

The grunge movement in design combines rips, tears, decay, smears and scratches to form a dark and gritty result. Here we’ve collected fifty of the best ever Photoshop grunge tutorials for your enjoyment and education.

40 Cool Beauty Amplifying Photoshop Effects

Beauty retouching is one of the most sought-after skills in Photoshop arts today. The techniques here are used not only on magazine covers, but in advertising campaigns, digital artwork and professional photography. Here are 40 excellent tutorials to help you add this skill to your arsenal.

The 30 Best Photoshop Tutorials Of February 2009

The very best tutorials showcased at during the month of february!

28 Digital Photo-Makeover Tutorials In Photoshop

Change your digital photos from ordinary to extraordinary with these collection of photo editing and photo effects tutorials. And never keep a lame photo again. photo-effect-and-photo-editing

35 Green and Earthy Photoshop Effects

With the mainstreaming of environmental concerns, ‘Green’ design is booming. People want ‘Green’ websites, ‘Green’ branding and ‘Green’ advertisements. With so much demand, it’s important for designers to capitalize on this new trend. Here are 35 eco-friendly and awesome Photoshop effects to get you started! 35-green-and-earthy-photoshop

50 Creative Photoshop Text Effects

Learn how to soak your text in bubbles, splatter it with blood, turn it to glass, then to ice, melt it into water, grow it into grass, cut it from metal and riddle it with bullets. These 50 incredible Photoshop effects will create text that explodes from the page (or the screen).

14 Incredible Digital Painting Tutorials

Today, we have a collection of 14 absolutely astounding digital painting tutorials. These tutorials will help you become a master digital artist. dragon

15 Tutorials For Recreating Authentic Photo Effect

Photoshop effects usually bring up thoughts of vibrant swirling lines and abstract pieces of stunning artwork, not to mention the not so cool Photoshop filters that have been the cause of eye-wrenching design choices for years. There are, however a range of effects that not only look great, but stay true to the traditional photographic techniques the effects originally evolved from. Here are 15 tutorials for recreating authentic photo effects such as Lomo photography, HDR and Cross Processing digitally in Adobe Photoshop. 15-tutorials-for-recreating-authentic

27 Best Photoshop Web Layout Design Tutorials – Part 2

For beginner web designers – design tutorials really help to understand the basic knowledge about web design!, Here is a collection of 27 layout design tutorials that will help you with designing a decent looking website. Some of them are really good!

70+ PhotoshopTutorials For Web Designers

Today I collected 70+ photoshop tutorials destined to those who want to learn how to realize web layouts, buttons, headers and more. Good work! 70-photoshop-tutorials-for-web

20 Insane Comic-book Style Photoshop Effects

Comic books and graphic novels combine two things every designer aspires to meld: real meaning and pure, unadulterated eye candy. Here we introduce 20 of the best ever tuts on using Photoshop to create stunning comic-book style art.

18 of the Best Photoshop Videos Online

Photoshop’s all about the visuals, so it’s no surprise that it makes for some good videos. Today PSDTUTS is launching it’s video addition to the sidebar and video channel at Vimeo, so what better time to take a look at some of the great PSD Videos around the web! But be warned, surfing these video sites is a great way to kill your productivity! 18-of-the-best-photoshop-videos

22 Photoshop Videos To Turn You Into An Expert

22 Photoshop videos to turn you into an expert, a great selection of video tutorials which will teach you the ends and outs of Photoshop. You will also learn a range of different techniques to expand your knowledge within adobe Photoshop, if you’re a beginner or already an expert there’s the perfect video for you to learn from.


80+ Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Photoshop can do some real magic when it comes to Text Effects. In this article tripwire magazine provides a list of more than 80 Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials that you can use to create Unique Logos, Posters, Post Cards…you name it.

The Best Graffiti Photoshop Tutorials: 15+

In this post, I have a surprising list for graffiti lovers! The best Photoshop tutorials for creating and implementing graffiti. Creative designers and artists across the real world use graffiti as a form of art to express their message and showcase their work. After reading following tuts, you can do it too! of course in Photoshop World! photoshop-tutorials-graffiti


Created by Fabio Sasso, where he shows us some neat tricks and techniques while playing with photoshop.


35 Photoshop Tutorials For Realistic Results

Photoshop tutorials for realistic illustrations and realistic photo touch-ups.


All of the Best Photoshop Tutorials Around the World saved in One Place.


40+ Tutorials On Photoshop Website Design And PSD

This article provides you with 40+ high quality Photoshop tutorials that you just have to investigate. Further this article provides you with tutorials surfacing the secrets you need for converting your Photoshop designs into web pages that you can publish on the Internet.

40 Spine-chilling Horror Photoshop Effects

It’s that special time of year where we revel all things dark and creepy. To celebrate, we’ve collected 40 Photoshop techniques and effects to help you add a splash of macabre to your work. From twisted horror faces to ghosts, damned souls and zombies, you’ll find it all here.

20 Great Text Effect Tutorials For Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most versatile pieces of software out there. With a few simple clicks you can create amazing effects. Here’s a collection of some beautiful text effects you can create with photoshop. 20-great-text-effect-tutorials

20 Beautiful Photoshop Montage Tutorials

Photomontage is a technique widely used by graphic designers and consists of cutting and joining multiple photographs in order to create a unique image, using graphic applications such as Photoshop. The idea here is to create the illusion that all of the photo elements are parts of the same photo. In this article, we’ll look at 20 beautiful Photoshop montage tutorials that teach you step by step how to create these amazing photo composites.

25 Stunning Photoshop Fire & Explosion Tutorials

Here are 25 stunning fire & explosion Photoshop tutorials which describe the steps well, have beautiful outputs & shows that such effects are not that difficult to create. Making-of-Fire-Dragon

50 Spectacular 3D Photoshop Tutorials

Today I will propose a series of photoshop tutorials that will enable you to have the right depth of fields and thickness to your images, and to realize objects and texts in 3D style. 50-spectacular-3d-photoshop

100 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Be

40 Beautiful Grunge Photoshop Tutorials

In this collection, we present to you 40 excellent, high-quality grunge Photoshop tutorials. So fire up Photoshop and get ready to get your hands… dirty!


Free Photoshop Video tutorials +20 sites

Since designers and who want to work with graphical software, prefer to use video tutorials to learn visually, better and more effective. Well, look at these sites and their descriptions and then introduce them to your friends and coworkers and if you would like,

Photoshop Cheat Sheets

Essential Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

As a Web Designer I know the value of keyboard/mouse shortcut key in every design industry software. Photoshop being the most popular graphic/web design software is used by millions of Designers around the world and these people always look for the help to improve their selves. I think Keyboard Shortcuts can really helps to build up working speed using them in your workflow.


Photoshop Textures

36 Cool free Textures

Jasen Robillard has selected 36 great textures on Flickr, all with Creative Commons licenses and created a reference mosaic with the chosen textures.


11 Free Hi-Res Watercolor Textures

I created a total of 11 various watercolor textures. Once you see the set you will notice the variety of colors and techniques I used. If you guys like these, I’ll be happy to create some more later on down the road. Free for commercial and personal use.

Awesome Textures For Art And Web Design

Texture is the most important in art design, web layout, because it’s your background, the background is cool, your design is professional. It’s a small collection of some textures i thought they are the most awesome and maybe helpful for you. All of them are free, you can download all without purchasing. If you know any else, please make an addition. awesome-textures-for-art

50+ High Resolution Textures, Tutorials and Resources


29 Most Useful Texture Packs of 2008


99 Free Canvas, Paper, Paint, and Metal Textures


19 Free Hi-Res Burnt Paper Textures

High resolution 1600 x 1135px a good size to play with and add to your designs

50 Free Rusted Metal Texture Backgrounds

We’ve compiled a list of 50 free rust metal texture backgrounds that will really look great on your websites, blogs, Twitter backgrounds or even wallpapers. 50-free-rusted-metal

200+ High Quality Free Paper Textures To Grab

A compilation of 200+ High Quality Paper Textures to Grab for FREE

200+ Ultimate Free High Quality Wood Textures

A showcase of 200+ Ultimate Free High Quality Wood Textures

50+ Textures For Your Design Appetite And Lot More

Web designer’s love textures. They use texture in their websites, banner, graphic design and more.I love a good textured background webpage. It reflects what the website is about. Enjoy these texture’s. Most of these texture are free for personal use.

Photoshop Patterns

500+ Free Seamless Patterns For Web And Print Design

Seamless patterns are very useful as design elements, especially as background for websites. Adding a bright and interesting seamless pattern as background is a great way to lift the look of a website without much effort.Here are more than 500 seamless tilable patterns that you can use for your web projects or even as background for making scrapbooks, invitation cards, and many more. 500-Free-Seamless-Patterns

498 Photoshop Background Patterns, and so much more


50 Free Photoshop Pattern Sets




Most popular Photoshop Patterns on DeviantArt


Photoshop Brushes

The 8 Best Sources For Free Photoshop Brushes

Today, we have a list of the 8 best sources for free Photoshop brushes. These sites feature the largest quantity of high quality brushes, from watercolor brushes to abstract lighting brushes. the-8-best-sources-for-free-photoshop-brushes

350+ Retro And Vintage Photoshop Brushes

A collection of excellent brushes for easily creating retro and vintage designs.

Freebies : Natural Grunge Texture Pack 1

A set of 15 high resolution natural grunge textures free for both personal and commercial use. freebies-natural-grunge

Brush Portfolio – Free Photoshop Brushes

Brush Portfolio offers free, high quality Photoshop brushes for download. We are working to build the best collection of free Photoshop brushes on the Internet. The site is updated every week with new, custom Photoshop brushes for download so be sure to check us out.

70 Hand Drawing Style Resources, Brushes, Textures

Massive hand-drawn style related resource roundup to give You opportunity to create really unique web site design and really stand out of crowd. 70-hand-drawing-style-resources-brushes

850+ Super Cool Tech Brushes For Photoshop

A list of 850+ Super Cool Tech Brushes for Photoshop for FREE

50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets To Exalt Your Works

Daily updated brush gallery on

20 High Resolution Photoshop Lens Flare Brushes

Download this set of 20 high resolution lens flare brushes for Photoshop.

The Best Of Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

The use of watercolor effect remains to be a hot trend in web design. Designers use either watercolor textures or watercolor Photoshop brushes to create depth and a more artistic look and feel to their site. I also personally like this effect because it is not too distracting and loud and a bit easy to pull off. Watercolor-Photoshop-Brushes

40+ Free Vector Graphics And Photoshop Brushes For Commercial use

most design freebies are under “Creative Commons License” but a good amount of them do allow commercial use, so I decided to create a list of free vector’s and brushes from both Q sites and from around the web that allow commercial use.

34 Super Cool Photoshop Brushes

For creative folks who just can’t get enough of Photoshop Brushes, here’s a little something for you. It took me some effort to step on the brakes and put an end to this list so I do hope you enjoy downloading and using these fantastic brushes made by talented people online. If you know of a photoshop brush you think should be a part of the list, feel free to contribute! 34-super-cool-photoshop-brushes

20+ Awesome Light Effect And Abstract Photoshop Brushes

Download the 23 best light effect and abstract brushes totally free. Time to get Photoshopping! 20-awesome-light-effect

Shape Up Your Designs With These 30 Sets of Geometric Photoshop Brushes

Are you tired of using custom shapes in Photoshop? I sometimes do. For one, they look too plain and old. How about using something else that allows you to add effects on your shapes? Shape-Up-Your-Designs-30-brushes

250 Hi Res Splatter, Spray, & Watercolor Photoshop Brushes


10 Awesome Photoshop Brush Sets

some of the awesome ten Photoshop brush sets

500+ Space Brushes for Photoshop

A collection of the best brushes for creating space scenes. This includes brushes for stars, planets, moon, galaxies, nebulae, and more.


10 skull Brushes


Oriental Photoshop Brushes

This is a collection of oriental Photoshop brushes & vector images for more mysterious designs. The collection includes Chinese dragons, Japanese, Chinese & Arabic texts, people, houses, mosques & various figures.


1000 Great Photoshop free brushes by PaulW


50 Insanely Weird but Awesome Photoshop Brushes

Paint splatters, floral flourishes, grunge worn patches: we love ‘em, but we’ve seen them all before. Here we’ve compiled 50 free Photoshop brushes that are unique, different, and in many cases, down-right strange. In fact, these misfit brushes are united by only one thing: awesomeness. 50-insanely-weird-but-awesome

Photoshop Actions

60 Photoshop Actions For Photo Touch-Ups And Enha

This is a roundup of useful Photoshop actions for designers and photographers who want to save time and create better results with photo touch-ups and enhancements. photoshop-actions-touchups

Photoshop Downloadable .PSD Files

71+ Free PSD Resourcs

Today, we have a list of 71+ free Photoshop resources for designers. There are some great stock images here, and some layered PSD files that are just perfect for designers to learn how high quality resources are made.

30+ Free Quality PSD Files To Download

Most Designers share their Creative design stuffs to others for free. so that others can learn from their works, At sometimes these collection will become marvelous time saver 30-free-quality-psd

45+ Free Design Template And PSD Files

Here is useful graphic design files like business card, credit card, icon, document, sticky note, dvd cover, cd cover templates and more for better designing. 45-free-design-template

10 Excellent Sources For Free PSDs

Here is a list of 10 awesome sites that have free PSDs available to download, where you can search for what you’re looking for and download it. PsGalaxy

20 More Free PSD Templates To Use And Learn From

One of the best way to improve one’s Photoshop skills is by examining the source files or the Photoshop files made by experts in Photoshop. Just by looking at the layers of a raw Photoshop file, we are able to know the steps taken by the author to come up with a particular effect.In this roundup, I am going to list some amazing and very useful Photoshop templates that you can download for free. Be very creative and try to come up with your own version of these templates.

Photoshop Tips, Inspiration and Tools

40 Brilliant Mid + Hi-Res Wallpapers for Photoshop Lovers

If you love Photoshop, you need a desktop wallpaper that demonstrates your allegiance to killer digital art. Something that inspires you every time you look at it, to be better, more skillful, work harder. You will find that here.

Graphic Design Supreme: The World Of 100

A fantastic poster series of experimental infographics about the world if it were a village of 100 people. Pure graphic design delight – clean vectors, crisp colors and minimalist typography to get the point across all the more powerfully.

33 High Resolution And Eye-Catching Spring Desktop

Here I present to You 33 beautiful spring related wallpapers which I hope will become handy, when You’re struggling with lack of new ideas. Enjoy! 33-high-resolution-spring

15 Photoshop Tips/Tricks (I Bet) You Don’t Know

A collection of 15 useful Photoshop tips/tricks to speed up your productivity and creativity in Photoshop. 15-useful-photoshop-tips

10 Inspiring Sites To Gain Photoshop Inspiration

It’s time to pull out the creativity and realize our own creations. Where does inspiration come from?, Anywhere: a film, a videogame, a skateboard, a site… Having said that I will propose 10 amazing sites that will certainly provide good ideas where you can start from.

3 Ways To Make Extra-Money With Photoshop

Today I’d like to talk about 3 chances to make extra money base on time availability and own photoshop competence. 3-ways-to-make-extra-money

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