Case modding is about building a PC with a custom design and trust me… some go really far to have the most awesome looking case!

A computer case  is the enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer. A computer case is sometimes incorrectly referred to metonymously as a CPU or hard drive referring to components housed within the case.

CPU was a more common term in the earlier days of home computers, when peripherals other than the motherboard were usually housed in their own separate cases. Cases are usually constructed from steel or aluminium. Plastic is sometimes used, and other materials such as wood and even Lego blocks have appeared in home-built cases.

Computer cases can come in many different sizes and it allows for different styles of case modding. The size and shape of a computer case is usually determined by the form factor of the motherboard, since it is the largest component of most computers. But what exactly comes in your mind when you think about a PC?

Almost for all of us, PC’s are still that boring and mundane combination of Monitor, CPU and Keyboard. But that doesn’t limit our creativity in anyway. Have you ever dreamed of having a beautifully designed computer? or thinking about customizing your own rig to have a different look or feel when you sit down in front of it?

In this article, I have compiled some creative and innovative PC case modding designs to give you an idea of how to innovate, and that may just inspire you into modifying or building your own rig.
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Case Modding Examples for Inspiration

1. Dark-Bade


2. Lian Li PC-A01 case modding

Lian Li PC-A01

3. Galactica


4. Danger Den Case

Danger Den Case

5. Wheel Case Modding

Wheel Case Mod

6. Atomwood


7. Need for speed case modding

Need for speed

8. IBM Styled

IBM Styled

9. Media Mac

Media Mac

10. Benny Venus

Benny Venus

11. SubsCover Custom

SubsCover Custom

12. Case Front

Case Front

13. Traditional Way case modding

Traditional Way

14. Growing Plants

Growing Plants

15. Pink Computer Case

Pink Computer Case

16. Recycle Bin case modding

Recycle Bin

17. Burning Red Hot

Burning Red Hot

18. The Radiator

The Radiator

19. WMD


20. Russian Wall-E Case

Russian Wall-E Case Mod

21. Lian Li V1200

Lian Li V1200

22. Phenom


23. Wooden Touchscreen Terminal

Wooden Touchscreen Terminal

24. Engine Case Mod with V8 power

Engine Case Mod with V8 power

25. Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear Bomb

26. Alien House

Alien House

27. Wild Racer

Wild Racer

28. Lian Li PC343

Lian Li PC343

29. Skull


30. Lian Li V350B

Lian Li V350B

31. True Elegance

True Elegance

32. Open it up

Open it up

33. The Green Station

The Green Station

34. I am Gizmo

I am Gizmo

35. The Robot

The Robot

36. Big Aquarium

Big Aquarium

37. TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter

38. Heineken PC

Heineken PC

39. Coffin PC

Coffin PC

40. Toaster


41. Toilet PC Case mod

Toilet PC Case mod

42. Wii PC

Wii PC

43. The Maid PC

The Maid PC

44. Retro Zenith

Retro Zenith

45. Puffy Pillow

Puffy Pillow PC

46. Digitalcamo


47. Steampunk Design

Steampunk Design

48. Double Sided

Double Sided

49. Million Dollar Pc

Million Dollar Pc

50. The Demon

The Demon

51. Redwood 8000 HTPC

Redwood 8000 HTPC

52. Cooler master scout

Cooler master scout

53. Sinus


54. Sangaku Japanese case

Sangaku Japanese case

55. Gramaphone PC

Gramaphone PC

56. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

57. Liquid Control

Liquid Control

58. Voltammeter


59. Mass Destruction

60. The Other Planet

The Other Planet

61. The SUN


62. Logical Balls

Logical Balls

63. Bottle CPU

Bottle CPU

64. The HULK


65. Custom PC

Custom PC

66. Soap USA Vehicles

Soap USA Vehicles

67. New Case Wood

New Case Wood

68. Wolfenstein PC

Wolfenstein PC

69. The EA Stadium

The EA Stadium

70. The Oven

The Oven


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Author : Dustin Betonio




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