Framing an image is often the icing on the cake as it completes the overall impression and in some cases even adds an artistic touch to the image.

However, sometimes you want to alter miner details on the photo before you frame it. Luckily this is durable with the right photo manipulation tutorials at hand.

Though there are a great number of different techniques and Photoshop brushes you can use to spice up your design the most classic use is still to just add a frame to your original photo and enjoy it as it was meant to look.

In this post I have found a large portion of awesome Photoshop frame brushes. There are many different styles to choose from and there should be one for you as well. I hope you will share this post with you friends on Facebook or Twitter, and if you want to add a comment please feel free to do so. Enjoy!
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Retro Frames – MORE INFO


this is a set containing hand drawn retro frames.

Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a set of  8 brushes in one it is in an .abr file, good for at least Photoshop 7 & higher.

Lacy Frames – MORE INFO


This set contains 7 lacy frames brushes for Photoshop CS and higher.

Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


 Frames Photoshop Brushes – MORE INFO


 Cute Valentine Frames Brushes for Photoshop – MORE INFO


Cute Valentine frames brushes saved in abr file format that you can load into your Photoshop. Set of lovely valentine frames brushes to create beautiful design in your love themed design projects. These Valentine frame brushes consist of four different frames design with arrangements of heart that you can use in creating Valentine’s day greeting cards.

Photoshop Brushes old frame picture  – MORE INFO


Set of 15 Photoshop CS3 brushes for make the older border picture.



This set contains 1 brush perfect for Photoshop 7.

Floral Frame Brushes 6 – MORE INFO


 Grunge Frame Brushes and Vectors – MORE INFO


GRUNGE FRAMES vector and Photoshop brush pack

Ornate Frame Photoshop Brushes – MORE INFO


The set contains around 14 ORNATE FRAMES , This is a Lite edition which means that it is created on a art board 600 x 600 px . Pretty useful while making your next web project. Very detailed these were created with The brush set with few strokes! . Shows the power of using a good brush set.

Photoshop Frame Set 03 – MORE INFO


This is a set that contains 6 frames made for Photoshop.

Floral Frame PS Brushes – MORE INFO


This set of Photoshop brushes is composed of high-resolution clip art images of floral frames. The designs of these brushes are highly detailed that even a single brush would suffice as a greeting card design. All you need to do is add your special text to personalize your card and then send it to your friends and loved ones. These brushes are also useful for designing gift tags, post cards, e-cards or even website headers and banners.

Frame Photoshop Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a set of brushes  made in Photoshop 6.0 and they are compatible with the higher versions of Photoshop (7.0, CS, CS2).

Gothic Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


the Gothic frame brushes were made in Photoshop 7.0. They will work in the higher versions of Photoshop.

Photo Borders – MORE INFO


In this set you can get one 8″x10″ .png 300dpi photo border and one 5″x7″ .png 300dpi photo border for Photoshop.

Watercolor Corner – MORE INFO


These brushes feature 8 very large corner brushes ranging from 1700-2500 pixels large.

Old Photo Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of brush for Photoshop CS.

Celtic Frame PS Brush – MORE INFO


 8 PS7 Photo and Film Brushes – MORE INFO


this is a set of 8 ps7 of photo and film brushes.

Frames for Photoshop – MORE INFO


This set contains frames brushes for Photoshop.

Bigger Photo Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a set of brush made from Photoshop 7. The sizes varies from 200 to 500 px. They can be used in wallpapers and in other bigger art works.

Flower Frames – MORE INFO


This Brush Pack was made in Photoshop CS. It will work in the higher Photoshop versions.

Celtic Frame PS7 Brushes – MORE INFO


Celtic Frame Photoshop 7 Brushes. these are a set of large brushes created in Photoshop 7.

Twirl Frames – MORE INFO


this is a new set containing  of 4 frames and one random brush.

High Res Frames – MORE INFO


This is a pack of 18 high resolution frame brushes, it’s a zip file, and it also contains an image pack, for those of you who don’t use Photoshop. This is a BIG file, just so you know, the brushes are 1500×2000 pixels

Photoshop Frame Set 08 – MORE INFO


This set contains five frames for Photoshop.

Photo Negative Brush Set – MORE INFO


This is a set containing large brushes made in Photoshop CS2.



 New Polaroid Frame – MORE INFO


This set has a much higher resolution (over 4x, actually) – Allowing for you to print or whatnot.
Drop-shadow – includes a dA green border and shadow on a separate layer, allowing for a seamless background.

Grungy And Scratched Photo Frame in Photoshop – MORE INFO


This is a set of grungy and highly attractive old frame with scratches and all to any photo.  The image is copyright Gavin Hoey 2012. You may use this photo frame for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a set of eleven frame brushes for Photoshop.

Letter Frames – MORE INFO


This is a set of brush Pack was made in Photoshop CS. It will work in the higher PS versions.

35 Art Nouveau Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a collection of 35 assorted frames and borders (the preview only has a small sampling). There’s a good mix of simple ones and fancier looking ones. They’re all pretty large ranging from around 1300 pixels to around 2300.

Vintage Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


This set is made from Free Royalty Free Vector Graphics for Photoshop.

Object Pack Gold Frames – MORE INFO


Textures: 19 Photo Frames – MORE INFO


This set includes 19 picture frames and Polaroid textures in png format. There sized for icon making (100×100), but I can upload bigger versions

Round Frames – MORE INFO


This set contains 9 brushes for Photoshop CS and higher.

Fancy Frames – MORE INFO


This is a set containing six brushes plus the image pack.

Comic Strip Starter Frames – MORE INFO


This set contains 15 comic strip starter frames.



 Old Photo Frame Brushes – MORE INFO


Old Photo frame Brushes for Photoshop and CS2.

Pencil Frames I- MORE INFO


These brushes were tested in Photoshop CS3. It also has a PSD file included for those with other versions/apps. This set consists of 12 pencil brushes, some frames and borders.

Photoshop Frame Set 07 – MORE INFO


This is a set of five frames made for Photoshop.

Art Frames – MORE INFO


This is a set of Photoshop CS and brushes.

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