Having a good sizable collection of Photoshop brushes is always good for speeding up design work and making cool effects in a snap. In many types of designs, splash effects are used for adding a sense of freshness, energy or relief. They are also used to show creativity e.g. by adding strong colors in a splash effect. However, splash effects are also heavily used in grunge style designs where paint may be randomly scattered over a surface.

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There is a lot of Photoshop brushes available for free online, and we created several collections in earlier posts. If you want to integrate a flower figure on your design or otherwise embellish the background with a decorative vegetation, you can grab some floral brushes. If what you want to create involves heavenly bodies, then moon, stars and planet brushes can be of great use to you. A grunge style design, on the other hand, might need splash effects, and some cool graffiti brushes.

In this article, you will find splash brush sets for Photoshop that you can use whenever necessary. Most of them are free thanks to benevolent artists, who want to make the world a better place for designers. Check these useful collections of Photoshop splash brushes and and add as many as you like to your toolbox!

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Water Splash Brushes by Aura_ID


A collection of awesome water splashes for Photoshop.

Realistic Water Effect Photoshop Brush Sets


A set composed of 18 Photoshop brushes consisting of different water effects such as water splashes and waves.

38 Water Splash Brushes by XResch


A large set of free to use High-Resolution Photoshop / Gimp 2.4+ Brushes.

Splash Brushes by R3V4N


Splash brushes by AveLaska


A pack containing 12 splash brushes.

Ocean Photoshop Brushes by Ideasplayer


A set of 10 ocean brushes for Photoshop. The set includes waves, splashes and water texture. Brush sizes range from 845px to 2288px.

Splash Brushes by Baringa-of-the-Wind


A set of different splash brushes for your artworks and designs.

splash brushes by domino-88


10 Photoshop splash brushes done in water color.

Water II Photoshop Brushes by redheadstock


A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various water shapes. It includes: water reflections (like those on the bottom of a pool), bubbles, lots of falling water (like from a waterfall), foam, some water “shimmers,” tons of splashes, some splash droplets, and a few water textures.

Water Brushes Sampler by FrozenStarRo


This is a selection of 10 brushes from 2 packs of brushes, water and water splashes.

splash Brushes by gfx-elfe


Water Splash Brushes by Photoshop Wonderland


A collection of cool water splash brushes.

Photoshop Splash Brushes No 2 by Grasycho


18 Unique and high resolution splash brushes.

Splashes by Pamba


6 splash brushes which you can use in manipulations or something like that.

Water Splash Brushes by Serkenil


Water Splash Set of 4 Brushes!

Splash Brushes by Alex-Zhang


A set of containing two splash brushes.

First Splash by Barlogpl


A pack of 10 brushes for Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Cool Water Splash Brush Set by RPS Design


Realistic splash brushes by AllPhotoShop Brushes


Realistic Splash brushes for your designs and artworks.

CoolestnoudJ’s Splash Brushes


A pack consisting of different splash brushes for Photoshop.

Water Brushes Vol. 3 by Web Designer Lab


10 very large brushes (1800px and larger): water splashes, ripples, drops, waves. Because of their size, you can use them both for print and web projects.

Splash brushes by HUNtommy


Splash and Crack by Write-Off


The Brush-Pack includes 23 brushes. There are Cracks, scanned Splashes and some paper brushes. The brushes were made in Photoshop CS and Photoshop CS3.

water brush by anaRasha-stock


A beautiful collection of water brushes.

Splash Brush by bellapester


Splish Splash by midnightstouch


28 PS 7 brushes. Some drips, some drops, some ripples, and a fountain or two.

Water Splash Brushes PS SET 1 by FrostBo


9 Water Splash Brushes for Photoshop.

Water Splash Brushes PS SET 2 by FrostBo


7 Brushes Photoshop Water Splash Brushes.

Splash Brush Set 01 by unofficialdear


A set of splash and splatter brushes.

splash brushes by twilightpurelove


6 splash brushes for Photoshop.

Splash by mohaafterdark


21 splash brushes for Photoshop CS 4.

Water Splash Brushes by FuelFireDesire


Paint Splash Brushes – 13 by PerpetualStudios


A Set of Thirteen Paint-Splash Brushes.

Pack7 – Splash Brushes by xyunaxfantasiesx


The pack contains 7 splash brushes.

SPLASH BRUSH v1 by TakafumiKojima


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