There are tons of tools available online that can turn an image into a cartoon drawing.

Some are good and some are bad and you may play around with them to see if one of them can create the right effect. However it is also possible to do it in Photoshop and it is very easy and only takes 2 minutes. For the effect to be really good however you need images that have a good amount of variation. To illustrate this I have picked an image where the hair, the stubble and the sunglasses are perfect for the cartoon transformation.

This technique can be very useful for making fun with your kids, changing your gravatar image to something that is you, but still isn’t too personal, making graphics for website designs that need a cartoon-ish look and feel and where you can’t afford a professional cartoonist etc.[exec]$filestr = file_get_contents(‘’);echo $filestr;[/exec]


Check out me favorite Photoshop cartoon tools here

We have also added a short step by step tutorial here:

Step 1: Apply the filter Artic>Poster Edges as shown below. Play with the settings to get it right for your image.

Step 2: Adjust the Brightness & Contrast with the values: Brightness Value: 15 Contrast: 35. Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast

Step 3: Apply filter Artic>Cutout

This is it… it is that simple.

As you can see below the exact same process can be used on items…like e.g a car and some environment.

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