When it comes to business cards you need something that leaves a lasting impression and what better way achieve this than have a plastic business card that will survive the next 1000 years (unless responsibly recycled of course).

Additionally plastic cards provide even more creative opportunities than regular cardboard cards, transparency allowing designers to create optical illusions and the extra durability making multi-purpose cards a reality. Below we have collected are just a few of the amazing plastic cards people have come up to promote their businesses.
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Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass Card

Stick two of these together and you don’t need to worry about new glasses.

Thick Card

Thick Plastic Card

Probably not one you would forget was in your wallet.

Fashion Card

Fashion Card

Manliest business card ever.

2-Sided Transparent Card

Skeleton Card

Famine relief charities business card?

Airfix Style

Airfix Card

If my childhood is anything to go on, I would get halfway through trying to contact them, give up and make my Dad do it.

Scratch Card

Scratch Business Card

I wonder if it just leads to a phone call to a premium rate phone number.

Stationary Card

Stationary Business Card

Oh yes the ability to draw a perfect circle often makes me think of fruit.

Motherboard Card

Motherboard Card

“We process your business needs” – oh dear

X-ray Card

X-Ray Business Card

Not sure this is an image I would want to continually be handing out.

Backstage Pass Card

Backstage Pass Card

“We only provide VIP services”

Comb/Music Card

Musical Comb Card

I’m getting mixed messages about what this business actually does…

Tab Card

Guitar Tab Card

And again.

“Credit” Card

"Credit" Card

Probably a good start if you are having money problems.

Illusion Card

Hidden Text Illusion Card

My only explanation for how this works is magic.

Reality Overlay

Glasses and Moustache Card

Is there one that makes me look like Brad Pitt?

Photography Card

Photo Overlay Card

What do you mean I can’t actually take photos with it!

Tape Card

Cassette Card

What are these again?

USB Cards

USB Card 1

USB Card 2

Just don’t give out the one you have been storing client details on.

Vets Card

Vets X-Ray Card

I really couldn’t say what that animal is.

Violin Card

Violin Style Card

I would love to see a full orchestra of instrument themed business cards.

Card with Filling

Paint Filled Card

I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be paint or blood.

Entertainers Card

Entertainers Plastic Card

This isn’t a car freshener?

Designer Cards

Design Tool Card 1

Design Tool Card 2

I wonder if these are more of a cheat card than a neat design.

Stationary Card 2

"Helix" Stationary Card

Oddly this is a Helix the consultants and not Helix the stationary maker.

Animated Card

Rotating Illusion Card

Where can I buy this (in action)

Octopus Bottle Opener

Octopus Bottle Opener

A traumatised octopus is certainly one way to be memorable.

Moustache Card

Moustache Card

I moustache you a question about your services.

Shoe Horn

Shoe Horn Card

Is that supposed to look like a face?

Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Card

I guess that’s a yes.

Recycled Travel Card

Recycled Travel Business Card

Just don’t stick it on your credit card and then give it away.

Credit Card

Fake Credit Card

I can easily imagine spending 10 minutes to withdraw cash with this before realizing my mistake.

So that ends our list of the most unique plastic business cards on the planet. Are there any imaginative plastic cards missing from our set? Please let us know in the comments!

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Author : Matt Payne


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