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Feast is an intelligent restaurant template with really unique features. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and most importantly – it ads functionality not to be found in any other WordPress theme. The idea about combining online presence over Facebook and a WordPress is not new and in fact most modern and forward looking companies with serious online focus do it. The key part here is to make it work together and look similar and it is not a trivial task. Feast however do it for you in an elegant way. It also includes a system for handling table booking, events, map and directions and much more. Really all a restaurant or café owner could ask for in one package! MyCuisine is another awesome wordpress restaurant theme I have reviewed recently.

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Let’s first check out the restaurant template front page for both Facebook and WordPress. There are 24 color combinations to ensure it fits the need of different organizations without any need for custom coding. Also view the features page here as I have not included everything below. Even better check out the live demo as it talks for itself!

theme front page

And the Facebook fan page look and feel. The good think about this is the many backlinks you get to the main site and the ability to interact closely (the social way) with customers if this is of any interest – e.g. competitions, giveaways, information about events etc.

Facebook fan page look and feel

Restaurant template with advanced custom calendar and event system

Feast comes with a custom calendar with single day, multi day and recurring events. There is a countdown timer widget that catches the eye. Get people to your events.

Advanced custom calendar

Manage bookings from your website

The bookings script just as the calendar is integrated into the theme, and ready to roll. The focus of the script is easy management and proper communication with your guests.

Manage bookings from your website

One of the worst thing that can happen is to have booked a table and not knowing what happens next. For that reason the theme vendor created a complete message system with the bookings manager to keep guests up to date with the status of the booking.

When selected, Feast will send a reminder to guests 48 hours before their booking reminding them of their booking and so assist to decrease your no-shows.

Proper Google Maps integration

This is a restaurant template that provides easy setup and a maptool included to assist you with the setup. Provide Google directions on your site with Maps and streetview maps

Proper Google Maps integration

Page templates for Restaurant sites

The restaurant template comes with handy templates for presenting menus online.

menu page template

And also a template for showing galleries of any kind, could be images of delicious meals, events etc.


Remember to check out the features page here to get an overview of all the features or check out the restaurant template live demo and try to play the customer!

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