In this review, we will take a closer look at WP Catalogue plugin. It’s a product showcase plugin designed to make custom and stylish product catalog displays on your website.

Running a physical store is not always a walk in the park. Thousands of businesses are watching overhead costs and mark ups go sky high combined with high competition that gives owners lots of headaches. No wonder why many businesses go online to connect with new customers at a reduced cost. A very powerful option is to build a website and display the products in an online catalog.

The e-commerce explosion during the last few years has helped lots of businesses get more options in promoting and selling their products online. Establishing a product catalog is an innovative idea to get customers to choose what they want and shop without having to leave their living room. It is without doubt this convenience that makes online businesses thrive in this day and time.

This growing marked has motivated many web developers to start creating WordPress themes and plugins, such as the WP Catalogue, that incorporate e-commerce features to websites. WP Catalogue is a powerful product display plugin. It will let you create custom product listings on your website with product details and images. This way online shoppers can browse your entire product catalog whenever they visit your site. You should know that WP Catalogue is not a e-commerce plugin. You can’t use it for selling products, but it is perfect for showcasing your products!

The plugin features a simple Settings interface as well as individual pages for entries for Categories and Order items. Customization settings includes number of products per page, pagination, image sizes, grid layout, etc. It uses Drag and Drop Option for easy product order and category classification. It also uses shortcodes for easy embedding of the catalogues onto your web pages.

Let’s get to know this plugin’s features more.
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After installation, the plugin is integrated within the Dashboard.


WP Catalogue in Dashboard

The plugin has its own Settings Page. From here, you can set row, pagination, image thumbnails, prev/next links and header/footer element settings to further customize your catalog’s look.


WP Catalogue Settings


More Settings

From the Categories Page, you can see all the finished category entries.


Categories List

This page also includes the Add New Categories Setting where you can add new categories for your products to be classified into.


Categories > Add Categories Page (Filled Out)

The Add New Product Editor lets you add descriptive text, a maximum of 3 images for your product for viewing and a custom field for the Product Price.


Add New Product


More Settings

All product entries will be seen under the WP Catalogue Page.


WP Catalogue Page

The Order Page lets you drag and drop items to arrange your categories and product order.


Order Settings

Once the Categories and Products are set, you can use this shortcode to insert the catalogue in place within your page:



Embedding WP Catalogue in a Page using Shortcode

This is is an individual product post will look like on the page.


Sample Product Post within Page with Descriptive Text and Images

This is what the Catalog will look like with all other product entries on a static page on your site.


Sample Product Page using WP Catalogue

Doing business and presenting your products and their details on your website can be simple and attractive, thanks to WP Catalogue plugin. This plugin ensures you have a catalogue that displays your product images and description in an organized and a stylish way. The plugin also allows multiple products to be sorted into  two or more Categories.  Each product has a maximum of 3 other image displays within the post so as to add a front, side and bottom view of some products you may have like gadgets and furniture. Each category can also have a descriptive text so shoppers can easily understand the order of products you have on the site.  Indeed, WP Catalogue Plugin is a must have plugin for aspiring online entrepreneurs out there. Check out this plugin’s other details here. You can also check out live demos of the plugin here and here.

Author : Alex Naz


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