Sound effects or audio effects are artificially created or enhanced sounds, or sound processes used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performance, animation, video games, music, or other media. In many cases people don’t pay much attention to sounds effects but still they may have a significant effect on emotions and impressions.

Take Me To 100.000+ Sound Effects

It has become increasingly popular to produce videos for sales pages, opt-in pages, blog posts etc. and using high quality sound effects for these productions may improve their ability to catch visitors attention better and maintain it. In fact low budget videos may feel a lot more professional if the sound part rocks.  For this article I have found 35 websites where you can download free and premium sound effects for your video productions.

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Sounds Effect Download Websites

1. The Recordist

The Recordist, Sound Effect Download

The Recordist presents a collection of free sound effects in MP3 format. These sound effects are from The Recordist Private Collection library and the “Special Edition”. The MP3 stereo versions are high quality 16-bit / 44.1kHz-128K data rate compressed. For the full length versions you may purchase the SoundBox. This is a great Sound Effect Download site.

2. SFX Source

SFX Source Sound Effect Download

In SFX Source you’ll find cutting-edge and imaginative sound samples crafted with passionate expertise for use in all levels of production, from professional to amateur, for use in Film, TV, Games, and New Media. A need to chec out Sound Effect Download site.

3. Soungle


Soungle is a free Sound Effect Download site, developed by Southern Codes, for finding all kind of sound FX and musical instruments samples on our mega online library. As different from most of similar sites, Soungle is NOT a Web search engine. It only searches in our growing monster database.

4. Sounddogs


Great Sound Effect Download site since 1997.

5. Stock Music Boutique

Stock Music Boutique, Sound Effect Download

Explore the library of high quality royalty-free production music. All tracks have full music clearance ready for instant buy out. Find a track you like and use it forever at no extra cost.

6. Flash Kit

Flash kit

Flash Kit has an ever growing list of shareware and freeware Sound Effect Download. It provides a powerful searching, excellent organisation and easy real time previews make this the most advanced Sound FX download site on the net! mp3 and flashtrak versions of all effects as well!

7. Sound-Effect

Sound Effect Download

Search for, preview and download royalty free sound effects for immediate use in your multimedia project. These high quality royalty free sound effects are hand-picked from only the best sound designers.

8. SoundSnap


Soundsnap is the best Sound Effect Download platform to find and share free sound effects and loops- legally. It is a collection of original sounds made or recorded by its users, and not songs or sound FX found on commercial libraries or sample CD’s.

9. FindSounds

Find Sounds is a free Sound Effect Download site for finding sound effects and musical instrument samples on the Web. It is a Web search engine, like Google and AltaVista, but with a focus on sounds. It provides powerful features, yet is simple and easy to use, and suitable for all ages.

10. A1 Free Sound Effects

A1 free sounds

A1 Free Sound Effects wants to provide the internet with our Free Sound Effects that you can download to your computer and use for church, school, home or for any non-profit project. Commercial Sounds Available.

11. Partners In Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme provide free resources, help and advice to amateur and professional multimedia producers, film makers, musicians and students in their search for music, sound effects and audio tools to complete their projects inexpensively and quickly.

12. Soundrangers


Soundrangers specializes in generating state-of-the-art royalty free sound effects and music for interactive media, such as virtual user-interfaces, games, online entertainment, web sites and communication devices.

13. Soundboard

SoundBoard puts all your audio clips, as well as millions from other users in one, easy to manage location. Its mission is to invite everyone to help us create a central site for audio clips in a format that anyone with a connection and a browser can enjoy

14. FreeSound.Org

freeSound project

The Freesound Sound Effect Download Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, … released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. The Freesound Project provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a “sounds-like” type of browsing and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license.

15. Pac DV

Pac D

PacDV allows you to use the sound effects on their web site free of charge in your video, film, audio and multimedia productions

16. Nature Sounds

nature Sounds

Nature includes free online samples and as well as full-length (usually CD-length or longer!) downloads of quality nature sound mp3s. Some are mixed and edited field recordings, others are free of intervention.



A very simple Sound Effect Download page which displays all the downloadable sound effects on its main page with a well-arranged list.

18. Brandens


Brandens has a large collection of sound f/x here in a few categories.

19. Alc Ljudprod


Alc Ljudprod have assembled their sound effects in MP3 format and they are free to download and use.

20. Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

Over 280 animal sounds available for free download. You can even read the provided description to know better about the particular animal sound.

21. Cool Wavs

Cool Wavs

Cool wavs is the Sound Effect Download place where you can look for some cool, funny, sexy wavs.

22. Boogie Jack

Boogie Jack

Funny, weird, annoying…you’ll find all kinds of sound effects at Boogie Jack.

23. AutoSpeak


AutoSpeak Library of Sounds features the sounds of race cars, dragsters, motorcycles and other auto-related sounds.

24. Special Operations


Special Operations offers free military sound effects for explosion sounds, battle sounds, machine gun sounds, rifle sounds, shortgun sounds, artillery sounds and others.

25. Little Music Club

Little Music Club where you will find SERIOUS BIG sfx wavs that “rocks”and some other useful music links. For copyright purposes you should contact their respective owners by checking the properties section of each file where applicable

26. Stoutman’s Sounds

Stoutmans Sound

Sounds of all kinds for your listening and downloading pleasure! Stoutman’s Sounds is going to be putting up more sounds as time permits.

27. Free Audio Clips

Free Audio Clips is loaded with tons of wav, midi and au files for your listening and downloading pleasure!
Select a category on the right and easily find what you’re looking for. Or, use the quick “audio clip keyword search” to search through the database for that special sound clip!

28. Movie Sound Clips

Movie Sound Clips

More sound effects categories are currently being worked on Movie Sound Clips. That includes more updates for the current categories, especially weapon sound effects, as well as new object sound effects, answering machine messages and lots more.

29. TalkingWav

Talking wav offers thousands of free wav sound files to download, including answering machine messages, cartoon, comedy, music, movie and tv wav sounds, all fully categorized with descriptions. Plus loads of free mobile cell phone ringtones and videos.

30. Amazing Sounds

Amazing Sounds

Amazing sounds is where you will find all kinds of WAV files. Their database has more than 1.000 WAV Sounds for you to download, FREE!! Their content is made basically for multimedia developers or creators that want to use these files; so you won’t find a lot of movie, serial, or other sounds here

31. Wav Surfer

wav Surfer

Wav surfer provides free sound effects in wav files for movies, animals, musical, television and misc.

32. Free Sound Effects Collections

Music For Video

Music for video provides different categories of sound effects and music clips. You can download and use these sounds for free on your video/multimedia productions. The sounds in this part of the website are mainly dedicated to people involved in video production , video montage ,multimedia projects and etc.

33. Sounds & Noise

Sound Page21

Sounds & Noise provides free sound effects for animal sounds, human sounds, trains, planes and automobiles, weapons, horns, bells and whistles, sound of nature and household sounds

34. A1 Prank Calls

Prank Calls

A1 Prank Calls – The best free sounds, April Fools’ prank items and the funniest prank call humor.

35. 3dmm Studio

3dmm studio

To help you in your quest for better sounds, 3dmm Studio has compiled and categorised several sound packs. Rubin’s ’3dmm Sound’ packs require you to import the .3mm file into your movie, where-as the packs complied by Will Cheyney are standard zips with categorised .wav files.

36. jewelbeat


This Sound Effect Download site has over 500+ free sound effects and musical effects. Yes free.
Also over 300+ free royalty free music. All that is needed is a direct link to give credit.


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