It is no surprise that technology websites attract millions of readers every day.

We all depend on technology, and we love new inventions that can make our life easier or more fun. The list of popular high quality websites writing about all kinds of technology is huge. Therefore, if you want your technology website on top of the list, you will need to consider carefully how to stand out from the crowd. You will need a unique design and features, relevant and up-to-date content, social media integration and user friendly navigation among other influential factors.

A lot of prominent websites use WordPress as the publishing platform because of its powerful features, ease of use and flexibility. You will be able to find a strong magazine template for your technology website and add more useful features like image sliders, featured posts, rating systems, social media integration and much more. WordPress themes and plugins can be found for free in the WordPress directory, but you can also get paid ones with premium features, recurring updates and exclusive support.

Whether you use WordPress or not it is always a good idea to spy on top websites in your niche. This will help you get inspiration and insights about what will work best for your own website. To make it easy for you to find valuable inspiration, we have listed 40 serious technology websites below. We have compiled them in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Please let us know what you think by writing a comment in the comment section. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to share this resource with your friends.

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AllThingsDigital – MORE INFO


AllThingsDigital is a technology blog hub of the prestigious and respectable Wall Street Journal. With this innovative and advanced technology website the whole world is provided with various news and opinions about the recent happenings in the technology industry.

Anand Tech – MORE INFO


Anand Tech is one of those technology websites that provide the hardcore analysis of the current things regarding hardware. If you are a technology aficionado, you will surely love this website since it covers various matters about motherboards, mobile, CPUs and many more.

Android Apps – MORE INFO


One of the top technology websites, Android Apps is a tech page that focuses on Androids. It was produced after Google announced and launched the Android platform. This site will provide you with news and reviews about the latest Android applications.

Apple Insider – MORE INFO


Apple Insider spotlights on everything concerning the most successful technology company, Apple. It gives reviews and news regarding the prices of the various Apple products. It also provides the buyers guide to all the accessories and technologies of Apple.

Ars Technica – MORE INFO


Ars Technica is a technology website that hosts computer fanatics. It provides news about games, science and technology. It is one of the best technology websites which is known for being linked several times by various news sites and technology websites.



Bits is a respectable and well-known technology website. It is considered as an online provider of reliable news about the current happenings in the tech industry. What makes it well-loved by so many enthusiasts is its intelligent articles and very timely topics.

Boy Genius – MORE INFO


The Boy Genius technology website gives breaking news regarding new gadgets. It also provides info leaks and insider reports about the said topic—this is before the various technology companies release them to the public. – MORE INFO is one of those top technology websites that provides stable news and even rumors about dawning technologies. It is the counterpart of Engadget in the technology reporting because of its tremendous business writing style.

Computer World – MORE INFO


Computer World is one of the oldest in the tech industry. But their being old did not stop them from becoming one of the top leading source of news and information about technology, primarily written for IT influencers.

TechCrunch – MORE INFO


CrunchGear is a Techcrunch’s technology website that continues on competing with Engadget in terms of exclusive and fresh news regarding gaming hardware, cell phones, computers, software and other technology-related matters.

Digital Trends – MORE INFO


Digital Trends is a technology website that has become one of the most trusted sites that gives readers opportunities to rediscover the technology industry. It gives readers sneak peeks, tech editorials, reviews and news about trending products.

Digitimes – MORE INFO


Digitimes is a pretty good source of technology topics for Asians. Although most of its features covers various Asian tech manufacturers, still, it is considered as advance since most of them are not yet discovered by American readers and the rest of the world, for that matter.

Download Squad – MORE INFO


Download Squad is where you can find the most fresh news and reviews about downloadable Ma, Windows, Linus and mobile applications. They have the most well-versed technology writers that can provide worthwhile innovative readings.

Droid Life – MORE INFO


Droid Life is another best technology website that touches on Android matters. If you visit this site you will find some of the most interesting Android platforms such as phones, applications, videos and a variety of tech reviews.

Electronista – MORE INFO


Electronista is a reliable and respectable member of Macintosh News Network. This technology website continues to give technology enthusiasts the very fresh news about gadgets, DV, mobile phones, GPS, and even digital photography.

Engadget – MORE INFO


Engadget is the one of the most well-known technology websites. Well, they deserve the fame since they are always setting the standard of providing breaking tech news. What’s good with their site is that their postings are always updated.

Gadgetell – MORE INFO


Gadgetell is one of those top technology websites that posts up to 20 news every day. Sometimes, this number reaches 30 posts especially during heavy days. Their news circulate around the various gadgets available in the market nowadays.



GigaOm is a technology website that provides in-depth analization of topics about broadband, VOIP, mobile phone applications and other related technology matters. This is the official tech site of Om Malik.

Gizmodo – MORE INFO


Gizmodo – Crunchgear’s closest rival continues to offer gadget reviews and breaking news on new gizmos and cutting-edge consumer electronics. While Gizmodo and Crunchgear offer much the same topics, their style of writing, staff, and voices are distinctively different.

Google Mobile Blog – MORE INFO


Google Mobile Blog is a technology website known for posting the most latest news regarding the various Android platforms, tablets, and Google applications. If you have an Android phone and you are a fan of Google, then this should be your RSS feed.



14U is a tech page that covers the freshest portable devices, notebooks, home entertainment, tablets, and other innovative gadgets. What’s good with 14U is that it gives the reader the current deals from Amazon and other huge US sellers and retailers.

Intomobile – MORE INFO


Intomobile is like a 24/7 shop. Every second, every minute, their posts are always updated and the always provide the breaking news about mobile and gadget-related topics. Because of this, Intomobile is becoming a the worldwide technology news provider.

Inside Facebook – MORE INFO


Inside Facebook is a technology site that focuses on Facebook news. What’s good with this is that they update their news everyday. Their writers are indeed technology savvy—you can notice it in their daily posting.

Lifehacker – MORE INFO


Lifehacker is one of those best technology websites which has become world’s favorite. A lot of people are visiting this site everyday. It has tips, techniques, and various “how-to” which are technology-related.

Mashable – MORE INFO


Mashable is a tech site that provides news about the various technology topics. Most particularly, it provides analysis and worldwide news about Web 2.0 applications and startups. It also provides feature tech gadgets and several reviews of innovative technology.



PCWorld is the online arm of the famous magazine with the same name. It gives the fastest access to some of the most reliable and authoritative reviews of gadgets, various technology product information, varied software and downladables.

Pocket-Lint – MORE INFO


Pocket-Lint is a great technology website that gives tech news. It is also a some kind of one-stop shop for electronic gadgets. You can also read some professional commentaries, watch some helpful videos.

ReadWriteWeb – MORE INFO


ReadWriteWeb is Mashable’s finest competitor. In some instances, they are edge to edge in the rivalry scene. They have several exclusive technology topics. They also provide some mobile hacks and software updates.

Redmond Pie – MORE INFO


Redmond Pie is not a pie website but a techbology webpage that covers the most exclusive and latest IOS and mobile hacks. It also provide several articles about Zune, Windows, Xbox, and Office.

Search Engine Land – MORE INFO


Search Engine Land is a technology website about the different topics about search engine such as SEO and SE marketing.It provides various news and reviews about some of the most known search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing.

SAI: Silicon Alley Insider – MORE INFO


Silicon Alley Insider is a member of the Business Insider network. Thus, you will read some of the most latest and updated news and reviews about some of the most important technology gadgets nowadays.

Slashgear – MORE INFO


Slashgear is a technology site that gives the most cutting edge gear and gizmos of our times. You will read the latest and the more innovative topics about digital trends. What’s good about this site is that their posts are very informative,distinctive an fresh.

Tapbots – MORE INFO


This is specifically designed for your iPhone and iPod touch. Tapbots are basically utility robots created by Paul Haddad and Mark Jardine. The applications are user-friendly and fun to use.

Tea Round – MORE INFO


Who makes the tea? Tea Round decides it for you. This application has ranked number 1 in productivity and number 65 in overall application store.

Techrunch – MORE INFO


Techrunch is a worldwide tech site that belongs to the top 3 major technology news website (of course, the other two is Engadget and Mashable). It is the finest source of everything about startups, social networking matters, and Web 2.0.

Techdirt – MORE INFO


Techdirt is a tech page that gives the up-to-date commentaries and discussions about technology-related topics with business and marketing taste. Though the name says “dirt”, its contents are very helpful to all technology savvy.

Technologizer – MORE INFO


Technologizer is a technology website that gives news and reviews about tech-related topics. What’s good with this site is that their contents have personal touches which entertains users and readers well.

TheNextWeb – MORE INFO


TheNextWeb is indeed the next big thing. Its content is very promising. The page’s potential lies in giving the latest news and the most reliable tech news from a worldwide perspective. Most of their writers come from Asia, Australia, Middle East, North and South America.

TheRegister – MORE INFO


TheRegister is the best source of the latest news about the technology industry, most especially in the United Kingdom. Because of its innovative posting, its one of the best competitors of those major technology websites.

Slashdot – MORE INFO


Slashdot is a tech site that posts a wide variety of articles about the up-and-coming tech news around the World Wide Web. But aside from this, it is well known for providing reliable and updated information about Open Source Industry and Linux.

Unwired View – MORE INFO


Unwired View is a technology website that provides the freshest insights about the wireless industry. It gives articles that discuss and review various mobile phones, new gadgets, applications and accessories.

Venturebeat – MORE INFO


Venturebeat is a technology website that direct tackles about private tech companies. Its topics are worldwide. You can read and learn about various innovative topics, from startups for Silicon Valley to VC-related reviews and news.

Versions – MORE INFO


This is one of the best technology websites that gives a clear-cut approach to work with Subversion on your Mac. It makes them a lot easier even if you are a neophyte. You can track changes to your files and stay up to date.

Viximo – MORE INFO


VIximo takes your game to a higher level. You can access over 170 million users with a portfolio of more than a dozen social sites. This provides a huge opportunity for game developers and social networks.

Zendesk – MORE INFO


Zendesk is very instinctive and it works through multiple social media networks. This help desk software makes processes very simple which covers customer service and technical support whether small or big business.

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