Using infographics as medium to communicate complex or just dry facts in an easy to digest way is becoming more and more popular. Not only is the infographic approach an easy and powerful way to give an overview of a data heavy topic it is also extremely easy to share online on social media site such as Pinteret. This way you can get a targeted message out to a large audience in an almost viral way.

Infographics are used to illustrate a wide range of situations and terms ranging from understanding and development of social media, to sum up the facts of mobile users in the world, demographic and so on. Common to those is that they are great at boiling a large amount of information down to a few numbers and illustrations. Often infographics are used to back up an article that addresses a certain subject but it can also stand alone. This is because professionally designed infographics are so well crafted they contain enough information to tell the whole story. Creating a good infographic required several disciplines to meet up in a perfect match. It is required to do detailed research and understand the data well enough to represent them in a simple graphical way. Second, it is important to use good looking design elements and have a creative touch. It is possible to get help on this part and I recommend you check out some  kits for kick-starting the infographic design. Design kits can serve as idea generation and inspiration.

For this article, I have handpicked some of the best social media infographics I could find. They all fits the category social media but each deals with it in different ways. Either you can use them as inspiration on how to create your own infographics, you can use them in your work to substantiate a point or simply to learn facts about social media. Either way I hope you will enjoy this overload of social media facts. If you think I left out any infographics that ought to be on the list do feel free to share it in a comment. Enjoy!
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